Diddy Plans Brooklyn Bash in Honor of B.I.G.’s Death

Well-known Harlemite, rapper and entrepreneur, Diddy is planning to cross the bridge on Tuesday, March 9, for the first time in years to host a party in Brooklyn. The trek is to commemorate the 13th anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G.’s death.

According to the New York Post, the party will take place at The Lab, a club in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn where Biggie grew up.

“We’re trying to make March 9th a national hip-hop holiday,” Diddy told MTV News. “It already is on the low…. It’s a big day. It’s a day to celebrate his life. It’s a day to celebrate the life of the man. We done did the movie, the records. It’s something that, I guess as a label we’re obsessed with: making sure people don’t forget about this man in a positive way. March 9 is Biggie Day… Bump Biggie all day, feel good and positive.”

Diddy says the dress code for the event will be “Biggie-inspired.” —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • AZ40

    this is actually one thing I can support diddy on, national holiday bump biggie all day sounds like a plan

  • Deadly MIME

    I guess its cool. But then ppl wanna make a Tupac day and a Jam Master Jay day, a Soulja Slim day, a Stack Bundles day, Proof day, a Scott La Rock day, MC Trouble day, an Eazy-E day, Big L day, Big Pun day, J. Dilla day, Ol Dirty Bastard day, ya see where I’m going with this?

    • DownSouth

      Lol, that’s funny. I believe they will make a Michael Jackson day (even tho he’s not hip hop) before anybody else.

      DOWN SOUTH!!!

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    And what’s your point? All those dudes are deservant of that! As long as it don’t go to some ish like Soulja Boy day. Hahhahah

  • raazi36

    Sh!it, i bumps Biggie all day as it is, gotta keep him in the rotation! ! !

  • Ghost of 2 Pac

    Don’t get me wrong. It’s sounds great!
    But On the real and real. Everyday is a Hoilday for everybody. Be thankful for being a live.

  • EReal

    The hiphop vulture. Still picking at Big’s dead corpse 13 years later for financial gain. Fuck Outta here Diddy.
    “In Honor” of his death? Wtf kinda shit is that?

    I wish it was Diddy that got shot. Annoying Fag.

    • BK’s Finest

      Co Sign EReal. Word.

      And @ The Lab of all places?? These niggas better have a whole precent sitting outside that bitch.

    • Afi K. James

      You got that right, this is just shameful and horrible, this is the same clown who fucked over bad boy artists and has called rick ross the next notorious b.i.g., what a joke.

      No Wonder hip-hop has gone downhill since biggie and pac died


    • Afi K. James

      Co-Sign, this is the same clown who destroyed bad boy and not to mention called rick ross the next notorious b.i.g., what a joke

      This is how hip-hop has gone downhill

      let b.i.g. rest in peace.

  • the real chris

    Co-sign ghost of 2pac

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  • sway-z

    EREAL, Nigga please, if it wasnt for diddy you wouldnt even know biggie, niggas act like diddy ain’t have a label before big, like he ain’t work with mary j blige on her BEST albums, like he ain’t have craig mack’s ugly ass making hits, like he ain’t convince biggie to make juicy, the song that turned him into a star in the first place, he’s annoying cuz he’s rich and ain’t shy about it, so why not go get you something?

  • DV8

    ““In Honor” of his death? Wtf kinda shit is that?”

    Thats what I was thinking. If this is a must then it should be in honor of B.I.G. period not in honor of his death.

    Besides people be bumpin BIG on March 9th and Tupac on Sept 13th anyway they have been doing it ever since they both past.

  • http://hotmail.com bkstyle718

    LOL word up @ BKs finest

    I drove by The Lab earlier and seen them settin up for the shit…..i just shook my head like goddaaaaaaaaaaaamn


    @sway-z lmao first off hip-HOP off jay’s dick my nigga and im not gonna hate im just gonna state fact first off U R RIGHT if it wasnt 4 diddy biggie would not b as HUGE as he is…

    Now if it wasnt 4 PAC nobody would kno who biggie was remind u and do ur research my nig pac was the one who showed biggie the game and how 2 rap and make money straight up he brought out big 2 his shows and let him bless the mic when niggas would boo the shit out him pac didnt care either way cuz he knew biggie was nice when big was still on that THUG LIFE shit wit pac once he got wit ur bitch ass boy diddy nigga got in his ear and switched sides thats where he went wrong if he stuck wit pac and stayed patient both them cats would still b here but because hip hop is a competitive sport it dont work like that

    next diddy did not have his own label yet he was under andre harrell at motown workin on mary j and jodeci and craig mack once he had enough money from them and got his ass fired then he started bad boy and biggie and mack were the first 2 artist diddy really wasnt “diddy” until big died thats were that faggot started eating off of B.I.G. and really caking of course, thats y he’s doing this stupid event cuz he know’s if it wasn’t 4 big niggas would not know who puffy was at the time.
    I say let the man rest in peace and celebrate his life anyway you want 2 (4 all the ppl) as far as diddy and the bad boy camp they should b lucky they made it this far under our noses but soon there time will come and REAL NIGGAZ will rule again….R.I.P NOTORIOUS B.I.G. R.I.P TUPAC SHAKUR

    and i kno u niggas gonna hate cuz its a long ass comment but once again this 4 all the jay stans biggie and jay were not the first ones 2 show u crystal, versace, jewlery, and all the shit they show us now and act like there the trend setters peep the game and learned who the originator was…..1love 1thug 1nation…DJ ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL DAY!!

  • http://xxlmag.com co sign

    co-sign DJ ALL DAY

  • sam sneed

    co-sign DJ ALL DAY..if it wasnt for PAC bringing dude onstage shit would have been mighty different.theres videos where biggie is on stage with him for a few minutes and then its back to PAC..i like biggie.dont get me wrong but history is history.as for the national holiday,shit is retarded.all you do is put down other rappers death.you put his death above all others death.the all died living in the rap game..but i guess biggie’s death was more important than jam master jay’s.nice message diddy.IM SAM SNEED,BITCH!

  • http://XXLmag.com Leroy Love

    I agree, but not Motown, Uptown

  • http://yahoo.com magik!

    this is stupid b.i.g talked about sex drugs and guns . diddy wants to make a party for that instead of spending alot of money of some that is dead he should help the people dat lost there home’s by the earth quake

  • The real chris

    co-sign majik bout diddy because he could be giving money to the hatti foundation,and another thang like it already been posted big already have a special day,and i got love for him but he still way overated.but i hate diddy.

  • sway-z

    @DJ all day, first off, hip-HOP off my dick, it’s Sway-Z, as in, Patrick Swayze, you know, GHOST, as in I’m out,like, SLANG? The same shit niggas been saying since the early 90′s BEFORE Jay ever existed?

    Second, I know the knowledge on Pac and been doing it, and that nigga got nothing to do with this conversation. I’m getting at the niggas talking shit over Puff doing something in honor of Big, like he’s gonna make money off it? What happened to just showing love for somebody you cared about?

    The point is, this nigga made Big a star, not Pac and not nobody else. Even after Pac gave Big some game, he still wasn’t gonna do no song over the fucking juicy fruit beat. That was Puff and without that song, that nigga’s whole career might’ve been different.

    And if you want to be technical, Mack & Big were Puff’s first artist, true, but who was out first with a big single? Craig Mack. Who did Puff have success with beforehand to even qualify for having his own label? Mary J Blige & Jodeci, on their best albums.

    I say all that to say this, niggas need to give him the respect he deserves for putting talented niggas on. It don’t matter if you like him or not, Big ain’t make Puff. And you really think he needed to “cake” off Big? Do the research yourself nigga, you acting like Mase, 112, Total, Faith & Carl Thomas ain’t make no money? Lol niggas is crazy b

  • Bammy

    It’s really gonna be great…….Big Ups…..

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    I dont know man, fuck all this he said she said bullshit and hatin, who cares about all that shit. The point is, is he is being remembered for the impact he had on the game and the tragedy that took his life at a young age and left him with a short career. R.I.P. Big we miss you homie too bad it ended and in such a dumb way. I lived it and loved it back then.

    If you were around and listenin to rap it was hard to ignore the east west beef, but it all came down to some incredible artists making some incredible music even though it was a lot of beef. I enjoyed it and yes mostly rode with the west, but still bumped BIG and a few other great artists from the east. But lookin back on it, it was stupid because it cost the lives of two of my favorite all time rappers two artists we will never get back (maybe the beef played into it maybe it didnt but still it was a part of it in some way shape or form)…..that was the day their music stopped and it was two of the saddest days in hip hop.

    Along with the many other great artists who have passed.

  • what

    Of course Mr. Combs would be celebrating Biggie’s death – it was probably his most profitable venture.

  • Anonymous

    i shoulda never hatin on this guy.

  • Johnonymous

    When does it start???

  • H-DUB

    Diddy this, Diddy that, he should either drop his long awaited “Last Train to Paris” Album, or should leave HipHop….because he is not HipHop

  • Jack Tripper

    “We’re trying to make March 9th a national hip-hop holiday,” Diddy told MTV News. “It already is on the low….”

    Negro please. This nigga Puff is desperate.

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  • Moe Green

    How the fuck you “desperate” and worth over 100 mil? How is he not Hip hop when he had a hand in some of the dopest hip hop records over the past 15 yrs? Niggas act like all he did was shiny suit shit, was this nigga not responsible for classics? Stop the bullshit