Bizzy Bone Not on Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Tour, Says Krayzie

While all five of the original members are on Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s forthcoming reunion disc, UNI5: The World’s Enemy, Bizzy Bone will not be joining his group on tour. recently caught up with Krayzie Bone to speak about his crew member’s absence from the road. “Bizzy [Bone] will not be making any appearances [on the tour], because it’s just him,” he said. “All of our fans know that Bizzy is a complicated person and he needs time to get some things in order.”

BTNH started their tour yesterday (March 24) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They will go on to make over 30 stops throughout the country, with their last show on June 2 at the San Diego House of Blues. Fans can visit Bone’s MySpace page for a full list of dates here.

As of press time UNI5, does not have a confirmed release date. —Willaim Nilly with reporting by Tiffany Hamilton

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  • CBS

    Here we go again. Bizzy the fuckin’ head case of the crew.

    • ricky

      One of the main reasons Bizzy is not gonna be on tour is most likely due to the fact that he has SCHIZOPHRENIA. It seems as if he doesnt say it outside of songs but he clearly admitted it on THE GIFT album, the title track was actually named schizophrenia. Most people with with the illness lose most function in life so the fact that he is still doing his thing is a blessing. Remember in 2005 when he went homeless and lost touch with reality, thats a key symptom of schiz, he had a pyshcotic break. He is doing much better now probably due to antipyshcotic meds which explains the weight gain. I wish him all the blessing in the world, i just wish the public was more aware of his illness. And for 90 percent of you reading this that are unawaer of the illness, google it atleast before making comments. thanks

      • Anonymous

        my niggaz

  • daydeezy

    Bizzy living off that eternall 1999 album… fuk doing shows im straight…lol

  • Sir Dezal

    Come on Bizzy!! U on Dat bullsh*t agin I see..Damn cuz, when u go realize dat it aint all bout u! I know Flesh salty as fu*k! U make Cleveland and (Columbus) niggaz look bad-I support most of ur solo shit, (last two was whack)but damn cuz u must think u MIKE JACKSON JR, 4REAL DON’T U?? u KEEP HAVING Kray & Lay make excuses for u, but fuck dat! When u moved back to C.O. them niggaz musta fucked ur head up or something, either dat or u still smokin dat WATER-if so, maybe u need to hit up Dr. Drew…damn B

  • HU

    The album is set to drop May 4th. I’m getting my St. Louis tickets tomorrow. For those who don’t know “Rebirth”, “I’m Gone”, and “Meet Me in the Sky” have been released as singles so far so google or itunes that shit. Bone is back with good music in this time of unrelenting ignorance.

  • Justice4All

    I think he does Gospel Rap now, maybe not.

  • Justice4All

    I think he does Gospel Rap now, maybe not…

  • Anonymous

    lay off bizzy bone thats my nigga to death fuck yall hater niggas keep it gangsta bizzy, if you aint know its krazie bone cuz other niggas making the issues

  • Don ‘$yk’ McCaine

    These are my dudes but this be that sh*t that’s been holding then back for a minute.

    Tour $ is that $, how you don’t wanna do that?


  • Technique

    I got my ticket, I’m pissed as fuck man.

  • bdogg

    im from mpls… i would’ve been hot if i went to that shit. No Bizzy???? WTF

  • Javi aka Draztec

    It doesn’t look good for Bone Thugs with the tour called the Uni 5 Tour and it’s only 4 of em I’ll admit it. I’m just praying they can pull it together and keep making good music..Bizzy has let the fans down, but die hard fans that love Bone Thug music still loyal enough to buy their albums and go to their concerts regardless who shows up or not. Much love to those fans. Now to Bizzy, Bizzy whatever you going through homie just know God’s with you but it’s only fair if your not going to show up to shows or what have you, at least be considerate to the die hard fans that want an explanation as to why from you. They at least deserve that much. That way maybe we can relate to what you going through and pray for you. That might clear the air and shake the haters off. Take care and God bless. – Javi aka Draztec

  • esco1031

    who gives a fuck…

  • daydeezy

    let me kill it right quick

    ” He Bizzy”

  • mav

    r snoop and krayzie bone kin im lookin at this snoop ad right above and these nigga look like brothers separated at birth nobody cares about bone cleveland niggas dont even respect them i heard them niggas smoke 51s bizzy fiend out lol

  • Daryl Barrett

    im From Mpls Went 2 the Show and “Bone” still Killd it MuthaFuck Sick Bone ahahahaha Get that $$$$ KrazyieFlesh>Wish<

  • Anonymous

    im From Mpls Went 2 the Show and “Bone” still Killd it MuthaFuck Sick Bone ahahahaha Get that $$$$ <KrazyieFlesh>Wish<

  • Daryl

    im From Mpls Went 2 the Show and “Bone” still Killd it MuthaFuck Sick Bone ahahahaha Get that $$$$ >Krazyie<LazyWish<

  • Deveinte

    Being a true Bone Thugs fan from Ohio being one who was excited for the past 10yrs of the possibility of The group “uni5ing” as a whole and being giving that hope that it would become reality feels let down in a “family” like way.. Like a brother would tell another brother he got love for.. Bizzy acting like a dickhead and i don’t believe i’ll support his music n e more.. You only can give somebody so many chances to let you down and for real for real Bizzy let me down for the last time… Its like he don’t give a fuck about those who support his music and help line his pockets wit money so fuck dat nigga. I wish 2pac was alive to tell him he on some hoe shit and i wish other fans would keep it 1 hunnit and admit he on some bitch shit becuz without true honesty he gon continue to be nothin more than a nigga lookin for sympathy and think somebody gon baby his bitch ass… I’m startin’ to dislike dat nigga more than i dislike Bow Wows lame ass.
    DEVEINTE of Dayton, Ohio

  • jtm

    bizzy is again having problems.

    • savagej

      its wish bone man him and bizzy dont get along id rather see bizzy on tour then wish

  • dassassin

    I gree. They should just do the albim by themselves. Hes not help promoting the movement.

  • tai

    in case you all didnt know bizzy been going thru shit forever. he was kidnap as a child and abused. so he still probably dealing with that shit 4real. that kind of shit will fuck u up 4 life. isn’t no getting over that type of shit. so lay off the man at least he did some verses on the album. we all know he is mental probably bipolar or some shit

  • DJ U-Neek

    The New Release Date for Uni-5 The World’s Enemy is May 4th for sure! Checkout

  • kool moe dee

    i want to hear a whole album where each one of the members spits one word at a “thuggish ruggish bone”..krazie says “thuggish” lazie says “ruggish” and wish says “bone” and so on..the whole album every track on it too..that would be some platinum shit right there..i mean it would be insane of somebody to produce but they going their “last days of elvis” phase ,so they might as well experiment with music and drugs..i want to see some hiphop overdoses..

  • NEVA915

    My nigga Bizzy Bone is just tired of fat ass wish bone ridin da train cuz his fuckin cuzin in Krayzie bone. Of course he should be pissed. Theres no way in hell Bizzy can act just like one of the others cuz he aint. Was Michael Jordan just any other player on the team???FUCK NO

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  • Green Tea

    Yea…I just wish the homie the best in whatever he is going through. He gotta deal with his own shit first. A schizophrenic too! It make senses but I would just pray for the homie all those out there, a person with schiz stay in mind troubles 24/7. My potnas Dad shot himself because the voices got angry. It is NO joke. “Demons surround me all the timeeee”. Just listen to his words. He will tell you. Bryon McCane stay leanin on the Lords side. He will always be there for you at the end.