BEP & Lil Wayne Trip Down the Charts

With no new hip-hop albums dropping last week, The Billboard 200 contained the usual suspects this go-round.

Falling one spot to No. 4 from last Wednesday (February 24) is the Black Eyed Peas. The pop rap group’s latest CD, The E.N.D., sold an additional 50,100 units in their 38th week on the charts. According to the Nielsen SoundScan,, Fergie and company have a total sales figure of 2,181,400.

Two slots down at No. 6 is rap’s gingerbread man Lil Wayne. After a month on the charts, Rebirth, has managed to amass 361,400 in sales, with 37,600 copies of the disc being sold just last week.

Further down the scale at No. 29 is Weezy protégé’s Young Money. The group’s debut LP, We Are Young Money, racked up 15,100 units this week, which makes their 10- week tally stand at 345,800.

Holding tight in the top 40 is Mr. Madison Square Garden, Jay-Z. The rap giant slipped five spots to No. 37 sales cycle, after pushing 13,500 copies of The Blueprint 3 out of the stores. Hov’s overall sales of BP3 are currently close to 1,645,00.

Next week look for DJ Khaled’s Victory compilation to stir up the charts. —William Nilly

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  • jburg

    How in the fuck are they still selling these records!!! Thats crazy. 38 weeks and they are still in the top 5!!!

  • Gorilla

    good music is universal; so when a group like BEP makes a great cd to all genres, everyone will pay for it.

    • jburg

      Wasn’t bashing them. I bought the CD. Was just saying that its crazy in this market that they are still selling this much almost a whole year after the release date.

      • allhiphop>xxlmag

        weezy did it, 3 million in a year

  • jtm

    can lil gayne go to jail already?

  • Kinsey Del A Mar

    Kinsey Del A Mar Vrs Colum COndon XI

    ITS A TELL ALL !!!



    William “Willy” Nilly. how cute.


    its not fly to wish prison on nobody. ‘cept rapists, serial killers and child molesters.

    on the latter, i wish death.

  • Cchild

    co-sign with

  • 3ancient

    shady trippled that with mmlp, in a year , tired of hearing bout lil greezys sales .

  • EReal

    I’d beat the bricks off Fergie’s muffin. Even though she has that Shrek face.

  • Kingston

    The last paragraph says Jay has sold 1,645,00. They forgot to add a zero.

  • DownSouth

    Pretty soon, BEP will have been on the charts a whole year. I heard a song from Wayne’s al on Pandora, and it was pretty tight. It featured Em on there going tha funk off.


  • The real chris

    Next week look for dj khaled’s victory compilation to stir up the thats fucking harlarious cause i really doubt it.

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