XXcLusive: Alchemist Says Eminem Working With DJ Khalil

Off the heels of his Grammy performance of “Forever” with Eminem, Lil Wayne, Drake and Travis Barker, XXLMag.com had the chance to chop it up with The Alchemist about Em’s highly anticipated new disc, Relapse 2.

While the disc does not have a release date as of press time, ALC says Em is hard at work in the studio with DJ Khalil. The West Coast beatsmith has had a big year, producing standout joints for Drake (“Fear”), Clipse (“Kinda Like a Big Deal”) and Slaughterhouse (“Cuckoo”).

“Khalil—who I think is like the best producer right now to me—he had been sending records to Em for a while that wasn’t like, they weren’t like clicking in,” Alchemist told XXL. “Em knew he was dope but they haven’t found the right one. And I think they found a couple joints now… the joints they have are crazy. I can’t say 100 percent [that he made the album], but I have heard at least two joints Khalil did and they’re fuckin’ stupid.”

Al, who serves as the Detroit lyricist’s tour DJ, revealed that he has yet to score a beat on Em’s project. “I’m starting to be around Em and the camp more,” he said, “especially finishing these albums. Factor in Em’s sober now, it’s like that’s my man, we chop it up a lot more now…it’s like little by little I’m figuring out what I have to do to create a sound that would be Alchemist/Eminem. I didn’t get it yet.”

One person that Em has been working a lot with is Just Blaze. Al gave XXL insight into their chemistry: “He clicked with Em,” he said. “It was really amazing, too. They really vibed and made some music, beyond like Just just sending him beats, it was nothing like that…I think it’s a perfect meshing of the two…If you could imagine what they could bring to the table at this point, it’s pretty close and maybe a little more.”

In fact, in ALC’s opinion, the whole album is a level above the first Relapse. “He’s doing things lyrically on this album that he hasn’t done before,” he shared. “The punchline game is really back.”

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com as more details become revealed on Relapse 2. —Jesse Gissen

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  • RedBlue

    Cooool,I cant wait! It will be good to hear Em rap over other beats and not just over Dre`s beats.Dre is a monster but now we will see something different.

    • matty21

      yea, really looking forward to something new n different, especially from em…

  • P81

    the whole album is level above the first Relapse. “He’s doing things lyrically on this album that he hasn’t done before,” he shared. “The punchline game is really back.”

    I hope your words hold true.

  • http://www.bboycult.com The $ykotic Don Mac

    I see everybody is moving on, away from Dre…wonder why…

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  • Hussle’s Way

    Its a good thing Em recording with other producers. I aint taking NOTHING from Dre…still the best producer ever, but its time to make some new shit.

  • http://xxlmag.com Ben

    Dre the shit first off, you know he has some hot shit on that album. Second, Blaze and Em is going to be fucking ridiculous, Khalil dope too, sounds very interesting, Em shitted on every rapper’s skills with Relapse 1 and he was just bullshitting.

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  • beaver

    khalil dre just blaze and alchemist..
    oo dis shit gonna be dope as fuckk..
    i cant wait..
    relapse 2..best album dis year i bett..

    alongside da meth ghost and rae album..
    and nas’s distant relatives.

    cant waitt..

  • Esco

    i hope its on some deep shit, none of that stupid shit a whole different approach to production aswell. Just might be what eminem needs.

  • gaddic

    What kind of ignorant statement is that?
    Em has stated in countless interviews he’s going in a very different direction for Relapse 2!

    And even if he does you faggot as* haters will come up with some bullsh*t excuses why it ain’t dope and sh*tted on 90% of the rap game!!!

    I co-sign the leaving Dr. Dre
    Em has to broaden his production sources if he wants to gain longevity in the game
    just a few more solid albums and He will create a catalogue of impressive lyrically skilled rap music
    Relapse 2 better be worth the wait!


    Man…Relapse was tight and REFILL was a step up. Relapse 2 should be extra banging. But…I hope Just Blaze is bringing some heat. If you listen to Eminem/Dre beats….you can hear the beat follow the lyrics. The two go hand and hand. Even on Forever….they had to switch the beat up to match Eminems lyrics. Drake, Kanye, and Wayne all had the same tempo and the tempo changed when Em spit.

    Or…on Hell Breaks Loose with Dre you can hear the beat go along with the chorus…Its Crisp.

    I think Just Blaze is a little choppy….he’s worked with Just about everyone though. It could be a good change for Em. Lets wait and see….

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  • brand-new

    i think it’s great that em is working with different people. at this stage in eminem’s career it’s about time that he finds a new sound. the em/dre is all good, but it’s become to predictable and repetitious. i’m really looking forward to relapse2 even more now. it would probably never happen, but i’d love to hear eminem go in on a dj premier beat!

    • beaver

      i was thinkin da same thing..
      but if u thinkk bout it..
      em and preme wouldn’t really sound right..

      idk dats my opinion

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77/ian

    it would be cool if he worked with the bass brothers again; they had some of the best beats on shady LP.

  • Wallman

    Didn’t really like relapse, not any comeback songs on it, just a one listen really, But im so hyped up about this new one, can’t wait!

  • brand-new

    @beaver i hear what you’re saying, but nobody thought a premier/ludacris collab would have turned out so well,but it did. i can picture eminem doing that m.v.p. beat some justice.


    To each his own I guess, I just dont understand how fans of Em didnt like at least half of relapse there were some decent songs on it, I said it b4 half good half garbage I hope relapse 2 is a heater because I got a feelin it might be. Im hopin for a return to what he does best and thats killin the whole album hopefully even the weaker songs are at least worth bumpin. Definitely hopin there is some responses to Haystak and Canibus on it too.

  • DownSouth

    I’m def looking forward to R2. It’s gonna be interested to hear Em on some new beats. Even tho Canibus still has a problem with him, I’m telling you, it would be so ill for them to join forces because they are 2 of the coldest emcee’s.


  • RaheemBX

    Lmao @ the haters talking shit about the goat. His first three albums are all arguably classic and from a technical standpoint (pen game, flow, overall sound quality) – you can make an argument for either of those three records being better than any other classic album by any other artist. Fuck out of here. Relapse might have lacked the consistency in the pen game in some areas (punchline after brilliant punchline) that his first three albums had but, it was a very well executed concept album. It was very dope and had some very ill songs. The accent that he used on part of it, now disliking that is understandable but some of you are just straight up haters dissing his catalog. Nobody will ever have the run he had from TSSLP up to and including 8 mile. Everything he touched was flames for years. He has made some of the most impacting songs of our generation and all time of any genre. He is also the highest selling artist on the globe in the last ten plus years. Em is the fucking goat. But for some of you haters/racists Relapse 2 can be classic and you’ll still hate on the nigga because thats just what you do. I’m nothing like you.

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  • Steve

    I thought Relapse was good, Refill was okay, but I’m hearing 2 is gonna be better and Hope it is.

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  • http://jurica.com Particia Lutrick

    ako ovo uspe odgriscu sebi kurac

  • chadc77

    i agree , when did haystack put his foot in his mouth ? any how relapse was great , em shit on everyone with his skills , especially on stay wide awake and i cant believe em didnt get much props on that joint , it was fire ,relapse 2 is gonna be a beef album i do believe