T.I. Produces New Track for B.o.B., Working on Comeback Album

Everyone’s been wondering what T.I.’s been up to since being transferred to a halfway house last December. Well, fellow Atlanta native and recent Grand Hustle signee, B.o.B, aka Bobby Ray, recently gave some insight into Tip’s work release schedule.

“He actually left [jail] and went straight to the studio, apparently,” said B.o.B., in an interview with Rap-Up TV. “We did some stuff for his album, my album and really just got in there to get the vibe… Since he’s been released… he has something to prove now. I feel like he has a deeper fire, his whole approach; he has more motivation.”

According to Bobby Ray, working with Tip has been a learning experience. “T.I. has given me a lot of advice and critique in the stages where I really needed it the most,” he said. “He’s definitely like a mentor to me in terms of going through the christening process of being an artist in this day’s industry.”

In addition to working on his comeback album, Tip has also jumped behind the boards to score a new track for B.o.B. “[T.I., Lil C and I] were all collaborating in the studio with the beat,” the newcomer revealed. “You know, I brought my little guitar over, Tip was on the MPC, Lil C was on the keys and we were just vibed out—rocked out a bit—and we came up with a pretty dope song called ‘Fifth Dimension.’”

The song should be featured on B.o.B.’s debut, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, which was recently pushed up and scheduled for release on April 27. —Anslem Samuel

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  • http://K1ngEljay.com K1ng Eljay

    Tip’s making beats now?

    That’s dope. I didn’t know they taught that in jail…lol… that’s dope tho.

  • Anonymous

    B.O.B is aiight… i wanna hear what their joun together sounds like

  • miseri

    i like B.O.B…. i wanna hear what that joun sounds like

  • The real chris

    ti bout to take the hip hop back in just a matter of time,and thats mean less guccimane.lol.anybody with true since know ti is way better than loony tune rappers
    like guccimane and wacka-flocka-lame aka got shot for my chain.go get them ti

    • matty21

      “in the absence of truth, there will be bullshit” heard dat from -DMX….i like gucci a lot, n i’m feelin dat whole camp: oj a lot, wacka-flocka some tight new shit….but im just sayin, n its comin

  • JamesJones

    T.I. is a faggot. He aint made no gotdamn beat. Prob beat his d**K off on B.o.B’s stomach. T.I. is the biggest fraud since Gayme.

    • EReal

      lmao, you ghey.

      • JJones

        EReal you prob eat baby cocks that why you like T.I. and prob been to jail you like, “…with either jelly or syrup” you pussy @$$ faggot. you prob like light skinned guys too. ahahahahaha!!! fruitcake supporter you are

        • EReal

          lmao, you still ghey.

    • matty21

      geez, thats a lil’ harsh…. mad about something? lol, dats sum hate at its best

      • matty21

        and some gay shit at its best

  • ulukai

    You people should cop T.I.’s first two albums and see the production credits. He has produced whole tracks before. Also the Goodbye My Dear -track too as I remember reading it.

  • jtm

    oh come on b.o.b aren’t you a producer yourself so don’t let that lame ti make beats for your album. he is gonna fuck up your career b.o.b if you work with him.

    • the Change

      I Completely agree B.O.B already can play guitar, makes beats, sing & rap, so why the fuck is T.I. getting to put his hands in the pie, fuck that & damn he signed with Grand Hustle don’t he know that nobody but T.I. Gets play on that label, poor career move, but the track better be dope.

      • allhiphop>xxlmag

        he signed to Grand Hustle cuz his name has letters too, T.I. and B.o.B.!

      • matty21

        aww come onn…dats not true, t.i. really helps n supports his artists…he willin to do anything for them, he wants them to make it big n be able to be themselves as artists…u get a lot of freedom n dats what any artist wants, u gotta admit da freedom thing, they def. get that…n da last thing hes worryin about is his artists out shining him, hes just lookin 2 bring new talent…he has said that he wants his artists to make it bigger then him, thats his goal, n he does whatever to help n promote

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    That’s so dope. That’s hip-hop.


    i’ve seen some vids w/ Tip playing around on the MPC, he can’t be that garbage. plus B.O.B. & Lil C (the nigga who made the Shoulder Lean beat) did it 2gether, i bet that shit is fire… i can’t wait to hear some new shit from T.I.

  • The real chris

    Well i see the hate for ti,its amazing how people dis like the 2nd best rapper in atlanta well hell like the 2nd or 3rd best in the south currently.u fucking gucci and oj and wayne fans sit yal haten bitch ass down.hate ti if u want but damit he still the man.p.s keep listening to wayne bitch ass or soulga boy.stupid idiots give ti his credit.

    • matty21

      try like the 2nd best rapper in the entire game, not just hotlanta…if not the best period…most definately da realest, no debate there, but maybe da best there is overall…

  • hiphopcoconut

    T.i is the man come on now why you gota hate and damn very interesting choice of words eat baby cocks dats wow not surprising from a hater like you JJones just watch tip gonna come back and take over the game resurrect his career and deliver a classic but im sure you will just hate before listening to anything put out like most tip haters


    That’s what it is TIP…

    But on another note, can you ask Jason Geter why the hell 8Ball and MJG, Young Dro, Killer Mike, Bobby Ray, or ANYONE from the label couldn’t drop an album, let alone a single, in your absence? Fuck is that bout???

  • SouthAmbassador

    I don’t know why niggas quick to hate on TIP…he a talented guy, hot headed at times, but he’s always had that talent from the beginning. One of the only MCs that has that magic touch, and whatever he jumps on niggas listen. Justin Timberlake, Rihanna,etc he single handedly made them hip hop. Dont criticize the guys talent bc its there! With that being said I’m anxious to hear B.O.B’s album…being honest I might buy that before I buy Drakes album. B.O.B has no pressure, I have a feeling Drake is going to let alot of ppl down.

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    Good look, B.o.B … i’m def coping your album when it drops, you deserve the $10.99 and some change

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    1st off t.i. has produced several beats. he did a beat on rick ross deeper than rap. 2nd. the other dudes ain’t put no work out because there work ain’t in high demand.

  • The real chris

    Yep hhc they will still haten on tip and thats a damn shame,they will still be listening to clowns and non lyricist like gucci aka cuccimane and a damn wocka-flocka-lame and a damn oj the slowmane.and thats fucked up,but i know ti will no doubt out shine them clowns and help bring hiphop back to life.

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah that b.o.b will no doubt be a classic,so with that said get them dollars out yo pockets and put this in your collection of hot albums.

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  • Ruc

    If he’s usin da MPC den he was only doin a drum pattern wit sum snare n hi hats….Dat’s nothin really. As a producer/singer/rapper/pianist/ n song writer from V.A. (where sum of the greatest producers live) I dnt consider him in da category of a producer. Now if he started playin sounds den dat’s a different story.