Black Eyed Peas & Young Money Only Rap Acts on Billboard Top 40

One week before the inevitable Grammy push, hip-hop’s presence was severely lacking on the Billboard 200 sales chart, released today (February 3).

The Hope for Haiti Now album, which features tracks from such hip-hop artists as Jay-Z and Wyclef Jean, dropped one slot to No. 2 this week. The benefit compilation, whose proceeds will go to charities to help the earthquake struck Haiti, sold 142,900 units in its second week on the charts. The digital-only release’s overall downloads stand at 313,900, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The Black Eyed Peas managed to hold onto their spot on the top 10, sliding down one slot from No. 9. Fans copped 39,600 copies of The E.N.D. this go-round, bringing the group’s 34-week tally to 1,929,400.

Young Money fell five seats to No. 28 this sales cycle, selling 19,300 copies of their debut. After six weeks on the charts, We Are Young Money has a grand total of 270,400 units sold.

Next week look for Lil Wayne’s Rebirth album to make an impact on the Billboard 200. —Max G

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  • sealsaa

    As foretold in the book of Revelations

  • jtm

    damn i hate the black eye peas and i bet rebirth is only gonna sell 10k

  • beaver

    at most..
    bets bets betss ha

  • AnothaSpicFromLA

    Cash Money/Universal Motown’s Lil Wayne long-awaited rock album, Rebirth, hit yesterday, and looks on track for between 140-150k in first-week sales as he prepares to be imprisoned for a year on gun possession charges. Needless to say, his last album, 2008’s Tha Carter III debuted with one million sales in its first week. He appears on the cover of the current issue of Rolling Stone.

  • Anotha Gangsta

    According to HDD, Rebirth is on track for the 140-150k market. Not to bad for a rock album.

  • Trevor Wilson

    i can’t remember the last time i considered black eyed peas in the rap genre..actually yes i do..before fergie killed them…

  • 619

    Black Eyed Peas is still a “rap” group? Wow, I didn’t realize that hahahahahahahahaha.

  • AZ40

    You mean to tell me jay and em who were like just in the top 10 fell that far that fast?

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    “Black Eyed Peas & Young Money Only Rap Acts on Billboard Top 40″

    No kidding. It’s early February.

    What y’all should be asking is why did the label release Rebirth when they knew homie couldn’t promote it…it’s 2K10…if it was all of that they would have spent millions on promotion…don’t take my word do the knowledge for yourself…

    • jburg

      $yk what’s good homie!!? Man I can’t front I checked out that Rebirth(Got a target gift card for christmas). It really isn’t half bad if you half way like rock music. Got alot of catchy stuff on it. Its not U2 or Pearl Jam or some shit like that but certainly something that can be listened to.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Word is bond I’ma check shortie’s project…believe that…no bias…just want family to think out of the box…I respect that j…1

  • EmCDL

    This is horrible, just horrible.

    By the way, anybody heard that new DJ Green Lantern/Styles P mixtape? I heard that ish is fire but I need some more input…

  • gkid12345

    Wow so 150k is ok for wayne the milli dude but for 50 it wasn’t? 50′s album got way less promo this wayne’s is getting so don’t give me that bull

    • allhiphop>xxlmag

      naw 50 been promoting bisd since curtis came out like 3 years ago
      wayne announced rebirth about a year ago
      and its a “rock” album so sales shouldnt be as high as a rap album
      and 50 was promoting it on a bunch of shows and the rick ross feud and baby by me
      weezy just dropped it even though its been leaked for like 2 months

  • mike

    Dammn. The next rap album to do major impact is the Game’s R.E.D. album. Thats gon be fiire!

    • jburg

      Don’t hold your breath.

  • Tumi

    Xxl stop sayin Black Eyed Peas are a rap group. Didn’t ya’ll c which awards they won at de Grammys? POP, dt’s wat they are POP! Anyway i don’t listen to their shit, it’s interestin dt they became top sellers after Fergie joined them.

    Lil wayne can eat a dick.

  • caino

    Damn the Pea’s sold 39,600 on week 34!! most rap acts would kill for those numbers on week 1 !!!

  • Apollo Moses

    gkid12345 makes a very good point…50 sold 159k and got the gas face, now Lil Wayne drops a rock album we knew was coming out since Tha Carter 3 and does the same numbers after his compilation cd is nowhere near gold…folks are cooling off rap some serious.

  • Gebra

    Everyone hating on the BEP album – listen to it! Seriously, that track Imma Be is the most righteous hiphop track since Rich Boy put out “Drop” a few months back – yeah I said it – BEP’s album is genius, Will.I.Am is a genius with beats – undeniable. Fergie’s a better singer than all the go-to hook girls in hiphop (Keyshia Cole, etc.) and they’re top 40 party rap – they’re not trying to do anything serious.

    What they are serious about is making hits that defy hiphop’s boundaries and have philipino backpackers and 60 yearold Irish moms feeling it – that takes work, dedication and personality.

    You either have rappers who cater to a specific market (whether Jay Electronica or Dorrough – both cater) or you have rappers who are trying to get as many different people to listen to them as possible (BEP – or Ludacris rapping with Justin Beiber). They’re all rappers, they’re all talented at what they do.

    If BEP didn’t have talent, they’d be nowhere – adding Fergie was nothing but good for them.

    If you hate on me for saying this stuff, good luck with your local county mixtape grind!

    PS – go check out Rich Boy’s track “Drop” if you haven’t yet – bonkers!

  • Jon Dog

    “that track Imma Be is the most righteous hiphop track since Rich Boy put out “Drop” a few months back”

    GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!! Yes, BEP have tallent, but they are not a hip hop group. As for Rich Boy, are you serious dude. How can you say anything that guy puts out is “righteous”. I did check out that tune “Drop”, and it did drive me bonkers. I dig Kid Cudi, but not Rich Boy. Just my opinion. Hip hop, to me, are grops like Atmosphere and Cunninlynguists, not Rich Boy and BEP. Again, just MY opinion.

    And, MIXTAPES ARE SHIT. Why pay money to hear a fuckin’ annoying DJ yell on every tune. I waite for the quality of an album. Can’t stand to really hear rappers spit over recycled beats anyway. So, could give a fuck less about a mixtape grind.

  • Gebra

    Jon Dog – thanks for checking out the Rich Boy tune – not your deal, maybe another reader will like it – BEP have more in common with original rap quad of mc’ing, graf, dj’ing and breaking then Atmos and Cunny – esp Atmos – like him a lot but ‘not a hip hop group’ ain’t no way to describe BEP –

    Yep mixtapes are certified double garbage, Cudi is awesome – no idea how he got in there. You gotta good taste in music – but if you don’t open your mind to top 40 lyrics, beats and production, then cynicism becomes stronger then love – just check out the crowds at a BEP and an Atmos show!

    • Jon Dog

      I liked BEP back in the day, and I see how they changed. I guess that’s why I kinda hate on them. The “Drop” song I listened to had Cudi on a verse. And man, I have tried to open my mind on some of this new shit, the top 40 shit, and I just ain’t diggin a lot of it. The Grammy Awards were a joke, and it’s because of shit like that, that I don’t really pay too much attention to “what’s hot”. I like underground shit, Tech N9ne is my Lil’ Wayne. Haha. You know?

  • Kid Pistol

    Yeah, ya’ll should check out Micheal Bolton’s new “rap” album too. Cotdamn get outa hurrr.

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  • lildee

    i who
    nt to be in young money

  • scottfree

    and these are pop artist not rappers, its more like disco