B.I.G. Home Videos Cause of $1 Mil Lawsuit

Kaushi Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based company, is suing Faith Evans over private home videos of her late husband, The Notorious B.I.G., that they claim they paid her for, but never received.

According to tmz.com, the lawsuit filed Tuesday (February 23) in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleges that Kaushi agreed to pay Evans $30,000 in exchange for all of the movies to use in a documentary about the beloved MC. Now they are seeking $1 million in damages.

Faith has yet to make an official statement on the suit. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • tempa k

    so they ask for a tape,which is her own personal property, and they don’t recieve something which is her property, and they’re suing her. that don’t make no sense

  • caino

    If they paid her for it and she didnt deliver it makes perfect sense!

  • The real chris

    Hope they work it out.

  • HU

    It’s called breach of contract. If they agreed to exchange tapes for money and the money was delivered, then Faith is obligated to fulfill or the contract or is in breach. Ergo, she legally liable for breaking the law. She thus owes restitution Kaushi.

    I don’t know of Kaushi is a quality filmmaking company, but if so I hope they get the tapes to make the documentary. I just hope it isn’t more hood trash like all those garbage rap documentaries that are already out.

  • latino heat

    didn’t this company know that you don’t give a dope fiend money without receiving the actual product at the same time?

    as B.I.G. himself said, “that god damn credit forget it, you think a crackheads paying you back man forget it”

  • daydeezy

    Especially if she Already cashed the check and you knowwww she cashed the check….lol ladies and gentelmen that is what we call a paper trail, which leads to an End…Do you think they would have made a Mil on the Doc Anyway?

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