B.G Pleads Innocent to Gun Charge

Former Cash Money MC B.G. plead his innocence yesterday (February 11) in Orleans Parish Criminal District Court to a gun charge, he picked up last November.

According to The Times-Picayune, the New Orleans-bred rapper born Christopher Dorsey, was arrested last year along with two other men for allegedly possessing three weapons with loaded magazines and extended clips. In addition, police claim the firearms were stolen.

B.G. just plead guilty last year to a DUI charge. He was ordered to two years probation, yet with his new charge he faces a much more severe penalty.

Ironically G’s former Hot Boys rap partner Lil Wayne recently plead guilty to a gun charge in New York. He is expected to get sentenced and start a one-year jail bid on March 2. —Elan Mancini

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  • N.O. NUCK

    the realest in the game let b.g. go!!

    • k-rob

      why is he the realest? last time i checked he was a crackhead drug addict and how is that real?
      you must be a soft twinki ass nigga to see this fool being the realest.hiphop definition of real is officer mc and a rapper who kisses men on the mouth.smh

      • me

        nigga and who u think is the realest nigga, Jay z? Shut yo bitch ass and stop hatin clown ass skinny jeans nigga

  • stuckfresh

    That was prolly right after he shot V.L Mike!

    • Pharoethegreat

      stuckfresh, ya trippin if you think B.G shot V.L Mike. I dont think he did. Did they fall out or something? I still dont think he would have did that.

      • jamaal

        he aint shot shit that nigga is just a nigga that rap niggas think these rap niggas really killas it’s just music.

  • heartlandG

    K-Rob u sound dumb as fucc “he aint real bc he use to be a cracc head” lol wtf!? fucc outta here wit wtf YOU think is real…NE who that ni99a IS one of the realest. Prolly not tha best rappin but he bring u dat gudda gudda shyt
    -Beef and Ride Music -
    1.Brotha Lynch
    2. B.G.
    3. Webbie
    4. Boosie
    5. Luni Coleone

    • Will E. Will

      hahahahah what a crack head list hahahahaha

  • the real chris

    B.g is a one of the realist of the n.o him and juvi

  • The real chris

    Oh yeah i forgot bout lil boosi,to me he better than wayne

    • $tuckfresh

      Boosie and Wayne???? come on man! Go check Juvenile’s Soulja Rag #8 and tell me if you EVER heard Boosie rap like that! Boosie been my nigga since He was with C-loc but he has no chance against weezy be 4 real w/ yourself! When weezy is not singing he is the Best from the south! Fuck That!

  • matty21

    damn, their gettin everybody… stay on point

  • The real chris

    $tuck fresh dont get me wrong i give wayne his credit but.wayne was better before he started this hip/pop thing he been doing lately, so im a just say boosie not overall better than wayne but currently is.and wayne is not the best in the south luda is

  • DV8

    Guess that HotBoys Reunion was not meant to be. I would love to hear a Juve/ B.G. album though.

  • NotoriousAGC


  • Billy Bill

    The new B.G. and Juve are getting slept. There shit is banging if ur not some tightjean wearing, backpacking homo

  • heartlandG

    Co-sign The real chris…Luda tha best in tha Souff Luda > TI

  • the real chris

    Oh yeah glad u said ti heartland g cause i forgot to name him, but yeah luda and tip is the true kings of southern rap true lyrical beast,and while im thinking bout it i must say its sad that people quickly forget how good these dudes is,instead clowns like gucci and floca get credited as good rappers.wtf.lol

  • Rc

    TO ALL YALL Haters B.g. is a real dude so who ever got a problem with that come to the n.o. and get ur head bust. vl mike spoke on b.g.and may I Add Rest In Peace to him for talking

    • T G

      I’m from Mississippi..ya know dat crooked leta crooked leta hump back state…main look..BG is one of the realist rappers in it ya already know…he’s been a convicted felon…he did drugs…so what..you gotta stay awake and be on your p’s & q’s out here in the streets makin money …if not tha smokers gunna get ya!!That was along time ago!…in N.O. you gotta have a gun..im from tha bay bout 45 minutes from dat city and we go over all tha time…shit my dude went by himself one time and got his car jacked man shit real down there…just like it is everywhere down south…but NO city goes harder then the N.O.!!…period…FREE BG!!! OH YEH IMA CRACKER BY THE WAY!