50 Cent Shooting New Film In Michigan

Looks like not even Mother Nature can stop 50 Cent. Despite the snowy weather in Michigan, the rapper/actor was on location filming Love Me, Love Me Not, the latest project from his production company, Cheetah Vision Films.

The first phase of production began last week at Grand Valley State University’s football stadium, which groundskeepers worked diligently to clear out mounds of snow for the film. Although official details on the project’s plot or what role 50 plays have not been revealed yet, representatives from Grand Valley State suggest, “The movie is about a football player who is diagnosed with cancer.”

Phase one of filming is expected to wrap tomorrow, February 17.

As previously reported by XXLMag.com, 50’s other film project, Twelve, recently sold for $2 million at the Sundance Film Festival. —Donovan Moore

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  • http://xxlmag.com MC

    i couldnt care less, i just want to listen to some pete rock classics.

    that sentence has no relevance, but its just how im feeling right now!!!!

  • CLJ

    i guess 50 say forget the music game it ain’t no money over there right now… lol

    • http://yahoo i.p.

      dirrty its all a money game

  • K.ing

    Get yo $$$ fif…

  • The real chris

    50 getting them$$$ and i cant blame him, but hope he dont forget bout music i know he havent made many movie but if he dont watch out he will be just like ice cube who only do movies

  • esso1001

    Idiot Ice cube still makes music. Classics at that!!!

  • beaver

    umm cubes last projects suckk ass..
    i’ma big cube fann..
    but man..bogusss..

    50 is dope..
    last album was dope..
    people were just hatin..
    butt i sayy let him do movies..
    so banks can finally get his shine.

    • Enlightened

      That’s your opinion homie. I disagree with it. Ice Cube came with some tight ass shit on these last two albums since he went independent.

      In my opinion, Laugh Now, Cry Later was a Top 5 album that year (2008). And I liked it better than Before I Self Destruct as well.

      • Soul Child

        Hell yeah, I agree with you, that and his other album. Raw Footage was one of the best rap albums of 2008 and is far better than anything 50 Cent has put out in the past several years. Curtis and BISD were just shitty! Not hating, just a simple fact.

  • fardeas

    “ice cube aint no crib,he aint from 1/11,he aint from neighbourhood…..he aint even a thug.hes an entertainer”.monster kody.

  • AZ40

    hopefully the movie has a good story and good acting

  • JAY124

    He needs to stick to the movies, that 3 headed monster looking like a joke, Em doing videos wit lil wayne, Wack Dre got Murder INC girl in studio, and now game back in the picture wow, aftermath falling fast, no coming back.

  • drox

    look like this dude busy gettin money everyday. Ha he been out the news since the day he blew up??? naw, 50 on top of shit to make sure he’s around till the end

  • The real chris

    Yo esso i know cube still rap but its like every blue moon, dude has basicly lost his passion for rap to me.and well i cant say anything bout his last album cause i havent listen to it for myself.oh beaver i guess u right this could give banks some time step out of 50 shadow, even though i pesonally dont think banks all to good but maybe he can step his game up and prove me wrong.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com grizz-matic

    game on aftermath now. wonder what fifty is gonna say about that…and i think fifty is gonna try and land a top spot at def jam or another label and somebody is gonna throw more money at him them jimmy iovine dre and em. well see tho.

    • mrproh

      well rumors is that 50 pretty fuckin upset that dre workin with game and ashanti..former murder inc..its obvious dre dont give a fuck about 50′s beef..dre just keepin it real..why put all your eggs in one basket when the basket isnt making good music lol..i mean his albums suck..their lack luster..he hypes his shit so much that when the albums do so so everybody sees it as a flop..its overhyped!..like the album kanye beat lol..the movies suck too..that movie where 50 is playing basket ball n’ shit was lame as hell.50 cant act.the rock eyebrow dont get you nothing.his new movie “twelve” is directed by the guy who made those homosexual batman movies back in the day..with robin,yeah that guy.will 50 see a return on his movie from those pics?nope

      • yoprince

        you’re right.

  • caino

    Why should Dre care who fiddy be beefing with! l mean if Dre was to work with only the people 50 wasnt beefing with he could only work with 50 and Em!!

  • fireforreal

    I’ll check for the film before any of 50′s music any more. He’s done. He pulled a Ja rule. Came through hard at first. Saw the super singy songy shit sold more so that’s all he did to the point the fans got tired of that shit. Tried to come back hard(Ja’s blood in my eye)The fans didn’t feel it. The damage was done. Atleast he still has money right ?

  • G

    Thats cuz 50 is NOT winning in the rap game.. sucka ass niqqa

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  • mav

    this is proof that fif shoulda stopped rappin after he promised to quit if he didnt outsell kanye he still was hot then i get money was everywhere 690000 out the gate…now look..banks and yayo aint wit interscope no more game is back wit aftermath and he cant outsell rick ross even after all that beef AND CO shit he should just sign a bunch of hot new artists…like me and bring g-unit back cuz i think banks is kinda dun for he aint consistent enough he used to be the man too smfh…

  • Anonymous