New Tupac Biography on the Way, XXL Hosts Book Giveaway

A new, unauthorized biography detailing the life of fallen rapper Tupac Shakur is set to hit shelves today (January 26), and has five copies of the book to giveaway to readers.

The 288-page tome, written by Tayannah McQuillar (When Rap Music Had a Conscience) and history professor Dr. Fred Johnson, is titled Tupac Shakur: The Life of an American Icon. While the book documents the hip-hop legend’s humble beginnings, rise to fame and eventual death, it also covers such uncharted territory as Pac’s dissolved marriage to Keisha Morris, his relationship with his sister Sekiywa and the negative affect of his T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E. movement.

The first five fans to email the correct answer to to the following trivia question, along with their full name and mailing address, will win a copy of the biography. During his teen years, Shakur and friend Jada Pinkett-Smith made an amateur music video performing what popular Will Smith song? The winners will receive a confirmation email from the XXL staff. Good luck.

Tupac Shakur: The Life of an American Icon is on sale now via De Capo Press for $15.95. —XXL Staff

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  • jtm

    what else do we need to know about tupac damn

    • 50

      Quit hatin on Pac he is a fuckin icon. Musical genuis at his best.

  • Kevin Temple,Jr

    The answer 2 the trivia question is parents just dont understand

  • Hiraapi Marshall Tjamuaha

    it is pretty much real stuff,i mean it’s really sumthn i hv bn always lookin up 2 seein,plz hlp me gt maslf a copy…

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    “and the negative affect of his T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E. movement.”

    ^^^ THIS

    • Jamal7Mile

      Me too. That’s why I e-mailed the answer to Harris pub. Also, I never saw the vid with Jada and Pac.

      Did XXL just change its appearance???

      Nah, never mind.

  • EmCDL

    Damn, they ain’t gonna never let dude rest in peace huh? Nickel and diming all off his corpse….SMH…

  • Chris

    Yeah emcdl i cosign to that and its a damn same cause dude been dead for like 14years,pac the best ever to step on the mic.but let the man rest in peace

  • 619

    “Unauthorized”, so nobody related to the real life situation is gonna see any money, mafuckers is vultures. “Negative affect”, fuck outta here, mafuckers on here really believe that shit. He been dead for 14 years, sharks still gettin’ paid offa other’s downfalls.

  • Chiliz

    “How long will they mourn me”

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  • giantstepp

    Im a HUGE Pac fan til this day. Still bumping those classic hits on the regular, but I am sick and tired of shit like this. What else can be said that hasn’t already been said? Tribute stories are the only thing acceptable to write about Pac 14 years after his death! And Please, Please, Please stop making those BS azz remixes of lyrics we’ve heard over, and over, and over! And again, Im a HUGE Pac fan. Let the legacy live on and let him RIP!

  • prodigynius
  • Maurice L Dees

    long live the King 2pac.

  • mikey f baby

    copped the book. 25 pages in and Pac’s been mentioned in passing once. feels more like a history lesson. Praying it gets better