Mystikal Released From Prison After 6 Years

“Been so long, he’s been gone…” New Orleans rapper Mystikal was released from prison yesterday (January 14) according to BET News, after serving six years behind bars for sexual battery.

The former No Limit star—born Michael Tyler—called into his hometown radio station, Q93, on Thursday to speak on his newfound freedom. “It was tough,” he said of his time spent in jail. “I took it in stride. I’m back. It almost feels like a dream. For a while, it felt like, I was gone so long.”

The “Shake it Fast” hitmaker also took time to assure his fans that he wrote plenty of new material while on lock-down.

Mystikal was charged with forcing his former hair stylist to perform oral sex on him and two of his associates back in July of 2002. He copped to the crime after video footage of the incident was found. —Elan Mancini

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  • DVS

    rape ya fast watch ya self

    • Ms T

      I saw him at the mardi gras 2003, i am so happy he is out. god bless and waiting on your music!!!

    • Tony Grands

      Roffle mayo!

  • Enlightened

    WELCOME HOME NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!

    And before anybody get on here (like this nigga above me) talkin that rapist shit, please know the story and how it went down

    I ain’t gon’ take up space explaining it here, but the shit is public information and if you don’t know you can find out quick.

    The nigga didn’t rape nobody and he actually did that bitch a favor by not turning her in to the police for stealing $80,000 from him.

    I’m just glad to see that dude out. That was too much time.

    • avenger xl

      What is so enlighting about these comments. Mystakil made a stupid mistake. If somebody steals from you and you have evidence press charges. Especially if you are rich or at least hood wealthy like he was at the time. If he had stayed on the streets he may have been getting at least BG/Juve money but he threw it all away to try and prove a point street style which is stupid. Their is no excuses for running up on somebody threatening bodily harm demanding sex(RAPE)and taping it. So you are welcoming home a idiot rapist whose sister was killed by a violent male and he was sent to jail for violating a female. WTF

  • Dre


  • Picasso

    Welcome home my dogg, stay focus this judical system we in right aint no hoe,bring dat real shit back whoa.

  • Money Mitch

    fuc this fake ass rapist! They had that shit on tape!! And ya’ll gonna say he didn’t rape her? Get the fuck outta here! I hope somebody does major bodily harm to this bitch!

    • http://XXLmag Beazy

      Bich sound dumb as fuck!!! Everybody know dat bitch stole money from da man like 80,000…bitch she would have to suck me and my niggaz too!!! You dumb fuck

  • Swagg King$

    Must luv homie! Glad you out. Stay humble and do your thang, you still wanted in the game Cant nobody do it like you

  • miseri

    maybe more people who agree with what mystical did should be in the jury pool.. he would’ve gotten off… sheesh was 80 stacks worth 6 yrs of ya life and ya career

  • Lupe

    didnt’ she agree to the sex so he would turn her in

  • daydeezy

    Hell naw there are no amount of years to say he did his time for what he did period, call the police , you cant whip her ass, and then video tape it , who are you going to show the tape to , other than the peopl who in it. its obvious he could’nt black male her with it , becuase he would be snitching on himself, and then i go to the history of mystikal and why i had respect for him, because his love for his sister and how she died so for him to do that he gets no love from DAYDEEZY… i have a mom, sister , nieces and i protect them by not feeling he paid his debt.

  • Truth Hurts

    enlightened isnt to enlightened now is he. There is so much wrong with what you posted, and I understand why you dont post specifics and pull the “im not going to take up space” excuse.

    You cant make sense of the situation, which is why you wont go into detail. you just like mystikal from back in the day and feel the need to talk for homeboy. gay.

    Bottomline: Video footage of him forcing her to do something that could very well scorn her and her family for the rest of their lives. Dude deserved every day in the pen.

    Your telling me she took 80g’s…So mystikal was like “hell no, this bitch gonna pay…by suckin me and my 2 boyz dicks.?”


    • Enlightened

      Ok. Uninformed corny ass nigga.

      He didn’t “force” her to do anything on tape. She CONSENTED to do what was on tape and actually SIGNED a document that confirmed that FACT.

      She was also a “friend of the family” who had been on this nigga payroll for years – for braiding his hair for him. With the description of the relationship from BOTH parties (that’s in public record if your silly ass would use google and common sense before addressing me) it ain’t hard to figure out that she a broad from the hood that at the least is a regular hood individual (like myself) that likes to get drunk and high from time to time or at the worst is a fucking dope fiend who he felt sorry for who sucks dick anyway.

      Either way, I know hoes like that from the hood (yes I said hoes) who I would help out if I got rich because we are actually like FAMILY. Do my braids for me and make way more money than yo ass would at Family Dollar or some shit and travel and see the world. That’s lookin’ out nigga! It’s a bond between me and my niggas and some of the females that we would call rats where I grew up – went to school with,kicked it with. When I go home and see them, I’m happy like when I see one of my niggas.

      This was the type of broad this is to him. Now she goes and writes 80,000 worth of bad checks that clear from this man’s account. He was not rich enough so that 80,000 don’t hurt.

      SO INSTEAD OF CALLING THE POLICE, IN WHICH CASE THIS BITCH MIGHT HAVE DONE SIX YEARS HERSELF, he calls two of the homies up and says you not only gon’ suck my dick and give me the pussy, but the homies as well (or something to that effect).



      Now you go ask a bitch that already fucked before or know from your neighborhood that is sexually active, would she rather go to prison FOR GRAND THEFT FOR YEARS NIGGA! That’s 80,000. MUTHAFUCKAS DON’T GET THAT OUT OF BANKS NIGGA! Or fuck and suck three niggas, one of whom she is good friends already with, who is her fuckin employer and who she stole the money from?

      That’s why he’s not a rapist.

      NOW YOU SEE HOW MUCH SPACE AND TIME THAT SHIT TOOK UP YOU GOOFY ASS NIGGA! That’s why I didn’t elaborate. This ain’t my blog. Do the reading for yourself next time like I told you youngster.

      • TheRefriedMexican

        HUH? LOL!

      • AVENGER XL

        Enlightened why are you so excited about this. What Mystikal did was a mistake and if you call it rape or extortion then it is still a mistake. I don’t care how things are done in the hood. When in rome you have to proceed like the romans. You just can’t walk up to the average banker and say hood rules fool and give him the grand theft auto treatment because he stole your parking spot and you can’t just use the kind of judgement he did on old chick and not expect the law to rule in her favor especially with video tape. He could have said you stole this money from me and now so now I either got a life time of free braiding or I am pressing charges. If she threw him the couchie on her own to bring down the 80,000 then that is prostitution but it is done everyday.

        Plus if it was just an agreement with her and him. No cameras envolved unless they got comfortable like that then whatever. But he jumped shark and tried to handle this with a hood move.

        Illegal is illegal to quote nore “if you hate the law break it I don’t care but if you get caught remember that I don’t care”. I hate to see anybody stuck in the system but when you get a chance like Mystikal and waist it by seeking revenge on a rat that shouldn’t have even been there then. Hey I don’t feel sorry for you.

        • Enlightened

          What I’m saying is what he did wasn’t illegal. He got sentenced to prison because a white judge overreacted when he saw 3 Black men running a train on a woman when the tape was supposed to be inadmissible in the case.

          And about the hood shit, I wasn’t saying that’s how things are handled in the hood, I was saying that this wasn’t some random groupie. He knew her. This was somebody he’s been knowing most of his life. He did her an official favor by not bringing the law into the situation.

          If you stole $80,000 from your friend and got caught, would you rather do years in the pen or get a real good ass whoopin. I bet you would take that ass whoopin rather than the years. Just like she chose to do some fuckin and suckin – then signed a consent form with his lawyer and a judge went around all of that because he felt offended by what he saw. That’s some bullshit.

          And it’s not that I’m so excited about it, even though I’m glad he’s out. I got more excited about the person up there acting like I was just saying some shit and didn’t know what I was talking about.

        • Escobar9300

          Mystikal… that you? lol

  • giantstepp

    Welcome home! I do think that the game has passed him by tho.

  • Face Phoenix

    I remember the case because somehow he got the “bright idea” that since she was stealing she needs to pay by having her bless him and his crew. Another example of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong”. All I know is when I would have found out about her stealing from me she would have come to work and found a couple of officers waiting for her. Glad to see he’s out but hopefully that dumbness is behind him.

  • HU

    Free Gucci Mane. Free Gilbert Arenas. Free OJ. Free Boosie. Free the dude who took a shotgun to his chauffer’s chest. Free all rapper and ballplayers.

    But seriously…I’m looking forward to the return of Mystikal. I’m interested to see how a real rapper adapts to the crap rap generation.

    • TheRefriedMexican

      LMAO Gilbert Arenas is one dumb nigga. He deserves a couple of years just on the fact he’s a dumbass!

    • ee bubble

      i was sippin on some soda chilling till i ran up on this comment about “real rapper” referring to mystikal, needless to say i almost choked, thanks for almost killing me with laughter on that one.
      I mean fine i give him like a james brown sound for rap which is original, but real rapper, nah

      • Enlightened

        Nigga is you serious. I hope you a very, very, young nigga sayin some shit like that.

        You’ll give him the James Brown sound…original.

        Nigga please. Fuck real rapper. Real MC nigga. Go back and listen to his Still Smokin trilogy of songs for the real story tellin.

        Listen to songs like “Man Right Chea” and fuck it – anything off “Unpredictable” and fuck the voice, listen to the battle rhymes.

        Stop while you ahead nigga cuz you either young as hell or from a place where you really never listened to Mystikal.

        That nigga is a lyricist. Go download some shit and stop listening to “Shake Ya Ass” at your birthday parties every year.

        • opm509

          real shit! not only still smokin but check that shit he did wit busta back in the day and people from up here sayin south aint got lyrics nigga held his own with one of the easts beasts on the mic check it homies a monster

        • Blakout615

          CO SIIIIIGN!!!! Mystikal is in my top 10 doa & I cud give a damn wat anybody say. Hes def 1 of those cats u have to LISTEN to but once u LISTEN,you’ll grasp everything that dude is about.

  • TheRefriedMexican


  • Lunatikstwocents

    Wow, finally, one of my favorites back in the No Limit days..

  • YOM

    He should have just turned her ass in for stealing and all you dudes screaming rape need to go get a dictionary.
    From what I understand she agreed to suck them off cuz she knew she was guilty.
    He dumbed out by taping that shit though and I know that head wasn’t worth 6 years of his life.

  • EmCDL

    Damn Mystikal finally out huh? I wonder hows he gonna fare against the Soldja Boys and the Wocka Floca Flames in the music industry?

  • BK’s Finest

    Uh oh…..DANGER!

  • DownSouth

    I hope KL still got dem beats waiting for Mystikal.


  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Oh sh*t! Word?

    Welcome home then…

    • Federal Ranga

      $yk, what’s happenin?

      I was just talking talking about this on my vlog, yo… You think he’s really gonna go back to that music?

      Time will tell…

      E-18 & 19 up!!!

      Oh yeah, that Crooked I battle is almost ready, ya’ll.


      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Actually I was interested in seeing what E thought about that one. I don’t think so.

  • JustASquirrel

    co sign Money Mitch.

    Fuck that shit.

  • Kermitt387

    Thats whats up my nicca is home ready to drop a gem on em’ i still put on the headphones and rock that still smoking….a mystikal shyne collabo would be nuts right now

  • LaZzZy

    i never really liked dude, but thats whats good on him gettin out. hopefully he dont jump on the bandwagon N start makin some fuckboy autotune club shit or whatever

  • daydeezy

    “Money comes and goes”

  • Tone

    Enlightened you are a muthafuckin fool for that explanation i don’t condone the shit he did to this chick but i understand what persuaded him to do it .You see every criminal has a motive to commit crimes and money was his was it right no but if it wasn’t illegal to do this if someone stole 80,000 dollars from him would you still be saying the same thing or i guess i should have just shot the broad that would have been better huh.


    I dont care about his past Im glad he is out so now he can get back to makin some bangin music again,besides I figured he got caught up over some stupid shit like Pac did any way,when a chick is involved and money and your famous it never turns into a fairy tale ending he even Dave Chappelled that hoe and it still didnt work in his favor. NO LIMIT was on Priority so Im sure Snoop will reach his hand out to him to help him get back on track.

  • bootcampBRCkn

    Awww Maaan!! Enlightened ‘LIT’ into that nigga Truth Hurts!!! You see he didn’t respond hanh? I agree witcha Light dog. The real travesty in all of that was the actions of the judge–crooked ass judge. He was mad at the lifestyle. How the fuck you gon have a written agreement or understanding between two parties and then this muthafucka say ‘no’? His bitch ass was thinking about his rep as a judge that’s all. Them muthafuckas like to use the words ‘taxpayer dollars’ all the time to discredit programs or justify not funding community programs in black neighborhoods, but when it comes to shit like this they love to use ‘taxpayer dollars’ to put a nigga in jail when the situation was resolved without having to spend those ‘taxpayer dollars’ on a trial and the subsequent imprisonment. I mean shit, how much it cost to put a nigga, and then keep a nigga in jail for 6 years man.

    I’m glad the brother out. I thought has was supposed to do 7 years though.

    By the way :::NEWSFLASH!!::: Yall know they got a new documentary coming out about No Limit and Master P which includes the complete professional academic business case analysis on how P changed the rap game-the exclusive details and strategies behind NL’s marketing firsts, deal contracts, actual sales numbers, stories from those involved, an analysis of the history of the New Orleans rap scene (Bounce)- who was rapping, producing, beefin, etc. featuring ALL of the Original No Limit Soldiers during the reign…also got footage AND INTERVIEWS of: Soulja (Magnolia) Slim while on No Limit…KLC/ Beats By The Pound in the lab cookin beats..MAC from behind bars tellin his story..C-Murder from behind bars talkin bout how it was…Mystikal from behind bars interview…Mia X,ServOn,EVERYBODY….Interviews with artists who were affiliated with NL, and etc.,etc., etc.!!! AND NEW MUSIC FROM THE ORIGINAL NO LIMIT SOLDIERS!!! A 2 part FRONTLINE style documentary…I couldn’t believe the shit. we are going to be surprised in 2010 with this. left field for real.


    • Blakout615

      Yo bruh, u GOTTA tell me wen that is supposed to drop! I was a NL fan to the fullest so that’ll be interesting to see. I really hope MAC get out soon too.

  • sealsaa

    “What I’m saying is what he did wasn’t illegal. He got sentenced to prison because a white judge overreacted when he saw 3 Black men running a train on a woman when the tape was supposed to be inadmissible in the case.”

    Text book extortion. He blackmailed the woman into performing sex acts on himself and his friends in exchange for keeping quiet about illegal activity that he knew she was involved in. Race and outrage had nothing to do with the judge’s decision. The woman agreed under duress(and the fact that he taped it, thinking it would put him in the free and clear: PRICELESS). As for him doing her a “favor”, he should’ve done himself a favor and pressed charges against the bitch when he found out she was stealing his money. “Smarten up, Nas”.

    • Enlightened

      It’s easy to just say he should have just pressed charges against bitch, but that’s what I keep stressing… they had been friends since forever. And even if he sent her to the pen, his money wasn’t coming back. This was not some random groupie. They had known each other for years. He did her a FAVOR that backfired on him.

      That’s why it was sad to me because I’m that type of nigga. If a friend (male) of mine stole that much money from me (and I had that much), and I knew I couldn’t get the money back, I wouldn’t turn him in to the police. I would beat the shit out of him very badly and not mess with him no more like that.

      Now if that same friend called the police and had me arrested for assault would I be guilty in the eyes of the law? Yes. Then I would be mad as hell saying I should have turned him in. But I would still know in my heart that I did right by that nigga, while I sittin in there watchin those calendars.

      • BK’s Finest

        Yeah jail time will not bring back the amount of money that she stole but neither will 5 minutes of head either! Supposed if the police would’ve never got involed and both Mystikal and the chick would’ve gotten away with everything, do you think everything would’ve ended there? If giving head (which is a “common everday” sex act)was all she had to pay for stealing do you think she would’ve stopped doing dirt? And you say that you would’ve beat your friend’s ass if they stole from you do you think that would’ve ended there? I’m quite sure any person who is in the wrong will continue to do dirt because they are selfish and only care about themseleves. So the shit would’ve still continued.

        You say they were close friends for years. One must question the kind of friendship they had. What “friend” would steal $80,000 from another friend? And what kind of a friend would allow their friend to suck to another niggas off, degrade her in all types of ways and catch it all on tape so all the other niggas could see and degrade her even more? More than likely she was probably some chick he knew from around the way that knew how to braid hair. No real friend would’ve stole anything, especially $80Gs from another. Mystikal was just dumb.

  • the brown

    Yo! “…watch how many niggas get WILD, nana nana. Make ‘em say ‘ugh’”!

    He could never hold a whole record down but he’s got some great collabo verses.

    • HU

      What!!?? He held down entire albums. I hope you’re a young dude talking that mess. You must have never heard Unpredictable. This dude is one of the best rappers to have ever done it but has been underrated since he was on No Limit. He’s got lyrics, storytelling, and different flows.

  • fardeas

    how the fuck are people defending him?we got mothers and sisters.hes a scumbag,just because hes a good rapper,jeffrey dalmer might have been good at pool.i hope he got da same treatment in prison.danger,danger.

  • Gebra

    Mystikal served his time for being a giant douche – it’s whether he pulls stupid stunts again as to weather or not I’ll judge him as a good person.

    As for his rap career – how many 15 year olds know who Mystikal is? Nada – how many 30 year olds give a FF if he puts out new music? also, zero.

    Mystikal needs to get a quiet behind the scenes job in the industry, keep his trap shut and move on after his stupid decisions.

    • Kid Pistol


  • balaramesh


    you normailly hold your own on here. however, I can NEVER side with ANY rapist. PERIOD. not acting “hollier than thou”, but it ruins many women’s lives and they hardly EVER recover from it.

  • NotoriousAGC

    enlightened your lookin REAL “stanish”.

  • dark vanilla

    Good to have him back! But when the hell is Shyne getting out?

  • Caino

    Shyne is out!! ^^^^ just got deported back to Belize!!

  • qk

    first of all fuck the south and second of all fuck mystikal!!!!!!! aww hate hate hate hate hate! anybody that gotta problem with my comment can suck something like the rapist my bad mystikal made that bird do!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!! f.o.h. fuck outta here!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kool Clint

    LOL. Now that I have a lil more details on the whole situation, I think Mystikal was pretty clever for that shit. I would have done the same shit…Humiliate that hoe! If they were fa real friends, that just fucks with ya, when somebody go behind yo back and do some shit like that. So, instead of messing wit the law, which nobody in the hood does, he humiliated that hoe. Hell yea, make that gag on some dick and put that shit online!!! And that hoe signed up for that shit!!…Who would have thought he would still have to serve time!! That’s fucked up! But, I’m glad he out too.

    • Kahz

      Extortion and blackmail are illegal. Who would have thought he would still have to serve time? Anyone with any basic idea of the law. In other words, not Mystikal becuase he’s a fucking idiot.

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  • felix noble

    i love hear that is just get out of his jail terms, but now we are waiting for your new release of album