Ludacris Recruits Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim & Eve for Battle of the Sexes

It’s been over a year since Ludacris dropped Theater of the Mind, but now he’s ready to throw down the gauntlet with his seventh studio album, Battle of the Sexes, set for release this March.

The album will feature appearances by Ne-Yo, Flo Rida and Plies, as well as plenty of femcees to balance out the testosterone, including Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim, Trina, and Eve. According to a press release from Def Jam, the disc’s lead single “How Low,” has already sold over 500,000 units digitally.

In the mean time, the ATLien has been keeping busy with philanthropy. As previously reported, Luda and his Atlanta-based foundation worked to aid flood victims in Atlanta and most recently he held a Haiti relief dinner in which he raised over $700,000 to send to the island nation.

Battle of the Sexes is scheduled to hit shelves on March 16 via Def Jam Recordings. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • Voice of Reason

    Congrats to Luda…”How Low” is a hot song for da clubs…it may be on some lolipop shit…BUT, the concept for the album is different, and i respect anything that’s different. Hopefully, the album will live up to all the hype (i doubt it) on da real, he just sold 500k in digi sales and by march it’ll be 2mill, so either way he wins despite album sales!

  • ase

    this album is going to be dope luda always delivers a great album

  • jtm

    why does he have these untalent sluts on the album come luda you could do better than that. go back to your theater of the mind style.

  • HNIC

    What happened to Shawnna? Did she jump the proverbial DTP ship, again?

    BTW, I’m diggin’ the video for “How Low”. Luda stays coming up with creative concepts for his videos & he has crazy wordplay, as well. He’s definitely in my current top 5.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “What happened to Shawnna?”

      I think son realized he had a hit album on his hands and took the project over.

      • General

        I was a little confused to that they were callin this his 7th solo CD, because the whole time it has been promoted as a joint CD between him and Shawnna…That was the whole idea behind the title…

        Oh well, i’m sure it will be fire. Luda one of the best to do it…

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          “Oh well, i’m sure it will be fire. Luda one of the best to do it…”

          ^ Truth to that

          You were right about that Ross beat 2 fam…

        • HNIC

          @ $ykotic/Don McCaine – I see your point. It makes sense to me. Either way, I’ll probably cop it, since I’m a fan of his music.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          From HipHopDX:

          “Battle Of The Sexes initially consisted of Ludacris and former DTP member Shawnna battling on the album, but it was recently revealed that Shawnna will not be featured on the album at all. No other details regarding Shawnna’s departure were revealed.”

          They saw them half a mil downloads and said they don’t need her, believe this my brethren.

          And on another note, that U2 & Jay-Z song for Haiti, the one selling on iTunes, I never heard or saw iTunes say they were giving up their share of the funds for Haiti. Don’t forget Apple gets a cut too…

  • Gift

    Just to let yall know, Rumor has it that Shawna went over to T-Pain’s nappy boy ent.
    And @JTM:

    I feel you on the list of femcees, but then again, the album is battle of the sexes, and they are really the only half decent femcees that the world knows about. There are other female mc’s before those listed, that did it better in my opinion, but they’re all old, and don’t wanna fuck wit hip hop too tough right now. Females MC’s need a comeback worse than dennis rodman needs rehab, but it’s not happenin right now.

  • yoprince

    i think this is the best idea luda has had in a while. he just needs to keep it loose… keep it fun… some of his best records have been him on that freaky sex talk with females… i.e. “what’s your fantasy”… “splash waterfalls”… those joints got strip clubs and house parties loose every time.

  • Chris

    luda my boy and in my opion the best rapper in atlanta,but i wish luda would’ve got gangsta boo for this new album she bad on the mic for a girl,bvt im a def cop this shit

  • EmCDL

    How was Theater of the Mind? I’ve been meaning to get it but scared it might be wack….

    • yoprince

      it was.

      luda’s last great album was chicken n beer in 03.

      last solid album was the red light district in 04.

      • Mutada/Mullah Atari

        ^ You telling the truth with that. Took the words write out of my mouth. But, he’s always got more than a few great cuts and his ratio’s are always pretty good when it comes to wack vs decent filler. I would have to say he’s one of if not the best in the south, and as far as him being the best in Atlanta, there is no question. Luda’s, a semi-legend at this point and I don’t throw that term around lightly.. Peace All

  • jtm

    @ emcdl the theater of the mind was pretty good except for songs like nasty girl, wish u would, , one more drink,and what them girls like.the last of the dying breed was good but you should skip lil waynes verse and also southern gangster skip officer ricky and playerz circles verse.

  • Tre

    From what I read, Shawnna signed to T-Pains Nappy Boy shit of a label. So dude felt like wasn’t no need to include her on the a;bum if she wasn’t on DTP anymore

    • El Tico Loco

      Neither are any of the other guests, Luda does not really like to include anybody that he feels might probably outshine him on a track or crew for that matter, that’s my suspicion when it comes to Shawnna, Serious Jones, or 4-ize; why they gone but Titty boy, Players Circle, or scrappy still around?

  • Chris

    yeah theater of mind was nice, there could never be a wack luda album this on everythang its worth buying,oh yeah who think luda should be called the king of rap? cause i do.

  • Om Sag

    I must say i Luda is #1 great Innovative artist & i still play ” Hopeless” – nice msg in that track

  • caino

    Luda is dope full stop. l still bump word of Mouf !!

    This album will be dope, l thought shawnna went to Nappy Boy (T-Pains label) records??

    whats with the new black background XXL ? or is my computer fecked??

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