UPDATE: Lloyd Banks & Shawty Redd Released From Jail

Both G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks and Atlanta producer Shawty Redd were released from jail yesterday (January 12), according to MTV News.

As previously reported, Banks was arrested along with three other associates last weekend for an alleged dispute with a Canadian promoter. All four men were charged with forceful confinement, aggravated assault and robbery and held by authorities in Kitchener, Ontario in Canada.

Although they were released on bail on Tuesday, Banks and associate Nicklas Sloane have been detained by Canadian Immigration officials. As of press time the exact reason for why the men remained in custody is unknown but a review is scheduled for this week. At that point they may be allowed to return back to the US.

Update: Banks is on his way home after attending an immigration hearing earlier today (January 13). He has posted $50,000 bail.

Longtime Young Jeezy beatmaker Shawty Redd had no problems making it home. The hitmaker, who has been locked up since New Years day for allegedly murdering a man after a dispute in his house, was set free on $200,000 bail yesterday. Redd will have to stay in Henry County and wear an ankle bracelet to monitor his whereabouts. He has a preliminary hearing tentatively scheduled for February 3. —Elan Mancini

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  • keith

    lets pray for the people of haiti

  • Gift

    I feel u @keith

    I wish shawty redd the best. Dude been killing the game on that production. He’s been making moves, and I just don’t see this nigga shootin somebody without it bein self defense. There seems to be alot of missing pieces to this story, and I’m interested to know more about this. We gotta stop losin our entertainers. It’s one lucrative freedom that we as a people need to value more, and make better choices. real talk

    • KiLLuMaNaTii

      WORD UP

      we’re always missing pieces to every story. we will probably never know the truth anyway. shawty could always tell the wrong shit to cover himself up. basically what im saying is that, shawty could of not snitched or twisted the story to save himself a lil time & thats what were getting, its not the real story, plus the fuckin cops N shit aint gonna release everything. the only people who know the truth is shawty redd.

      bottom line.

  • Master CHeef

    Wow, those “Free Banks” t-shirts really work!

  • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Told y’all they gonna make Banks pay a go back to America fee.

    I would like to know more about Redd’s case because 20 stacks for a body is peculiar…

  • Master CHeef

    SKyotic, Just to show you how computer illiterate I am, I have to admit I didn’t understand much(any) of this(drop on bboy).

    Can you tell me how to download free music to the i-phone? I have absolutely no idea. Can you download singles, from like say nah’right? what about like the v-5 from thisis50? and of course just regular, real albums?

    get at me at jointster66@gmail.com, big homie.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Cheef hit me @ the bboycult email I got you…

  • http://crownthesouth.com A-Game

    I wish Shawty Redd the best but it’s hard too claim self defense if you’re the only person that has a weapon. I learned that from watching the First 48.

  • http://www.sabc.co.za Ofentse Setimo

    It’s unfortunate what these rappers have to go through, it’s like the authorities are jealous of e’m cos they making mad money with their music and businesses. Snoop’s concert in South Africa had to be postponed following his incarceration by the customs officials in England and that left the fans really pissed off. These authorities should leave our rappers alone but e’m niccas should behave e’mselves to avoid anymore trouble with the law.

  • caino

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^Maybe the rappers should stop doing dumb sh*t !!

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  • cypher

    y d fuck cant 50 aid banks,i tot dey were tight as pussy?