Lloyd Banks Arrested In Canada For Alleged Assault

We may be in the dead of winter but Lloyd Banks found himself in hot water recently. News broke over the weekend that the G-Unit rapper and three other associates were arrested following an incident with a Canadian promoter early Saturday morning (January 9).

According to reports, the dispute was over a missing payment and appearance fee for a show at Club NV in Blandford, Canada the night before. Banks and three other men are said to have confronted the promoter, Chris Hines, at a local hotel, which ended with him being assaulted. Hines suffered some lacerations, along with a bruised eye and possible head trauma.

Police were later called, resulting in Banks and his three associates eventually being arrested. All four have been charged with forceful confinement, aggravated assault and robbery, and are currently being held by authorities in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

The four suspects appeared in court briefly Sunday afternoon and will appear before a judge later this week. Stay tuned to XXLMag.com for more on this story as it develops. —Anslem Samuel

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  • muhlaba

    Old News

    • globalfitted

      It f@cks me up how people do shit to other people then get busted upside their heads and wanna run to the authorities. The promoter is a straight punk he got what he deserved

  • sealsaa

    The “ThisIs50″ drones are already screaming “Free Lloyd Banks!”. I swear, if an original thought was ever posted in that comments section, it might crash the server.

  • AZ40

    Say the pics of the guy they did a job on him…the same wit’ lil wayne they talkin’ bout free him, does that shit ever really work, they actin’ like these niggas doin’ stupid shit is actually worth protest bitch these niggas ain’t nelson madela or someone like that

  • Chicoze

    Gotta be BRANTFORD.

  • Shawty J

    What is this a new trend for rappers? Go to Canada and assault somebody?

  • General

    Damn maybe Banks is as broke as Young Buck has been sayin he is if he doin all this stupid shit over one small show…

    Shit they said only 40 people were even in attendance for the show…

  • http://theinfamoussyndicate.blogspot.com/ Noles506

    I’m from Canada…go ahead, make rude comments about it..could care less, but the place he got arrested in….isn’t even a city, shit I wouldn’t even call it a town….If you look the place up, there’s like 6800 people in the place…..why was he even there????

  • L.a Vet


    Maybe thats why he and his wolves attacked the promoter…

    ” what the fuck u said Toronto” …

    unlike blogs in real life when u talk shit you get stomped…

    • http://theinfamoussyndicate.blogspot.com/ Noles506

      Yea, that’s what common sense would tell you…..lol, I don’t need to be told that shit….lol

  • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

    I wasn’t there, but I do know from experience that when promoters don’t fill the venue, they want you to take the short. If you show up and there’s only 10 people there, you still get full payment, unless you & said promoter work out a deal RIGHT ON THE SPOT.

    I like Canadians, but I don’t like Canada. Read between the lines, dudes will be held for almost a week.

  • http://www.AWKWORDrap.com Lewis Hegeman

    with all due respect to anslem, who, i know, is a good journalist and must have been rushed… the writing/editing on this site is soooo weak… FAIL

  • brand-new

    i saw the picture of the promoter…son looked bad!! it looked like his head went through a wasp’s nest or something!!

  • Gift

    that’s wut happens when u fuck wit a broke niggas money. I know banks probably got more bread than I do, but he ain’t gettin nearly what he should, plus he ain’t really put out shit in a while. Hope that bein out the country don’t bite these niggas in the ass. this was pretty dumb none the less though. If u saw the event was weak, u should of just left and not did the shit. Don’t catch no chrg. Wonder wut 50 gon say bout this. He probably don’t care anyway if it ain’t bout 50.

  • JTM


    • Capital G

      You could’ve read all about this on Tony Grand$ sight: Reading & Writing Is For Dumb People http://tonygrands.blogspot.com/ Go check that shit out, you won’t be disappointed.

  • NemesisB3

    Forcible confinment??? DAMN nigga!! WTF?? My nigga had that shit thrown at him from some shit that went down in Oshawa man. They held him for like 2 years without bail before trial even beguin, an they refused to let him out on bail. Banks from outa this country so I’ll be very suprised if he makes bail. DAMN NIGGA! But theres no way that this was forcible confinment man. But In Canada once they charge you, you gotta wait till at least the PRELIM most of the time for any charges to be thrown out. Keep your head up Banks ya done fuckd up homie! I love ya music, and hate rats, that Chris Hines is a fuckin joke man!!! I hope you make bail dog, if not you’ll be in Canada till ya trial, at least a year for a charge of this extent. Keep ya head up dog.

  • latino heat

    @ JTM

    good looking out on the info about SOHH. i was just about to head over there to try and find the pics of the promoter. anybody got any links to them that aren’t from SOHH?

    • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

      What’s up LH? AllHipHop.com got em. Dude got whooped pretty bad.

      • latino heat

        good looking out 7 Mile.

        *sings like Mike Epps in Friday After Next*

        “someone please call 9-1-1! they beat the brakes off yo ass!”

  • NemesisB3

    And by tha way to that guy who said “SOHH” had this shit posted on Friday needs ta lay off the dope man. DAMN NIGGA the assault didn’t even happen till Saturday night. But yeah, I hope banks gets bail somehow. But I dont see that happening. His best bet is to look for a plea deal that will get his forcible confinment charge droppd than since he has no record theyll jus give him his walkin papers an tell him to stay away from the Victim. Probably won’t let him back into Canada for a long ass time either. Tha’d be somethin else for the inmates currently in Kitchenr though eh. Either they givin Banks a hard time cuz he got money or they showin him love cuz he a reall nigga, only tha people in lockup wit him know the real banks, 50 don’t even kno tha real banks. If I find out that he went P.C i will neva listen to his music again, my word.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

    I doubt PC in Canada…But I don’t doubt the get back to America fee…hope he got ALOTTA pocket change for 4…

  • What The ?

    That’s a laugh Americans making fun of Canada’s criminal system, If this was Drake assaulting some clowns in the US they’d hang him by the balls, Canada’s way more lenient than the US by a land slide, Banks is lucky he doesn’t do this dumb shit in New York or he’d be fucked a lot worse. Guranteed he’s out by next weekend, if it was a Canadian locked up in America we’d be fucked for ever.

  • NARD


  • Big Marc

    Haha, I actually go to University in Brantford, but fuck seeing a Lloyd Banks show. I am not surprised Club NV was not full. Lloyd Banks does not really appeal to anyone over 14. GUNOT!

  • Will E. Will

    why do rappers continously keep actin like they still in the hood? This aint the movies dawg, u aint Tony Soprano, u dont go beatin on dude cus he aint got your money. Look at the situation u in now u dumb ass? U STILL aint get paid!! Instead YOU have to PAY. Pay the canadian police and courts lol. Fuckin DN!!

    YO Mex, I’d like to nominate Banks and his goons. Is that possible? Or is that too late?

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