Diddy Breaks Up Possible Rick Ross/Floyd Mayweather Altercation

The beef between Rick Ross and Floyd Mayweather almost got physical last weekend, but according to TMZ, Diddy saved the day.

The gossip site reports that both men were at the grand opening of the new Vanity nightclub in Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel over the weekend, when the incident occurred. Apparently after bumping into each other their entourages immediately became confrontational. Diddy, who was hosting the party at the new hot spot, reportedly mediated the two crews before anyone got hurt.

The Miami Boss and the Welterweight champ have been waging a cold war over the past several months ever since the rapper called out Pretty Boy Floyd during his verbal war with 50 Cent.

In related news, Diddy and Ross plan on dropping a video for Dirty Money’s “Angels” remix shortly. —Elan Mancini

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  • the mystery

    these two niggas actin like a couple of bitches. word up to diddy for killing that bullshit.

  • fardeas

    rick ross is such a phony fat bitch cop,put him in a room alone with mayweather for 2 minutes and he would wish he was back in cellhouse 2 lockin up guys that do what he falsely raps about.

  • captain cannon

    hahahaha, are you shitting me? ross doesn’t want ANY of that with his fat ass. motherfucker would hit the ground and cause a crater

  • AZ40

    I would’ve liked to see that, but ain’t it illegal for professional boxers to fight or hit people who aren’t boxers b/c there hands are literally lethal weapons and they’ll lose their lisences??

    • Vega Diamond

      yea I was thinking the same thing.

      • Enlightened

        Well what if he would have used a bottle? Oh, I guess that’s illegal too huh!

    • http://theinfamoussyndicate.blogspot.com/ Noles506

      Guess thats why they have packs of dudes rolling with them, but if something went down…everyone would say, oh it was Floyd VS Ross, when in fact…these 2 probably never spoke 2 words to one another.

      google : The Infamous Syndicate

    • Hanch

      LMAO umm Hello I always thought is was illegal to hit somebody to begin with, no matter if your a boxer or a regular person. I thought it was called battery or assault or something like that. Hmmmm I wasnt aware that it was only illegal for a Boxer to hit somebody. Wow who would of thunk it.

      • 619

        Lose your lisence for hitting somebody who’s not a boxer? Mike tyson was knockin’ everybody out in public back in the day, and he never lost his lisence until he had the ear incident in the ring.

  • Curtis75Black

    I doubt Mayweather would’ve thrown a punch because he should “Know” better.

  • VON

    bet puff thought rick ross was gettin a lil head from floyd gayweather wit out him gettin his first man puff always got2 jack niggas off first just cant wait.I ask that nigga the other day bout that lox deal he say them niggas dnt like droppin they undies for me like gay 26 did i said you can jack lil cease and lady gaga dick all day son he said her dick bigger that mine she pull it out and mine wit inside of me crazy kid

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    “Diddy saved the day…”

    Thanks Puff! *sighs*

    • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

      Actually, I’ll take my sarcasm back. Mayweather has a HUGE fight coming up in two months that I plan to slap some big doe on. The last thing I need is for him or Pac to fuck that up with some stupid street shit.

      Boxing >>> WWF

  • http://xxl gside

    Since Ross such a tough guy would have he sued ? Naw just lock up fuck the police .

  • Gift

    I think floyd would have whooped that ass in a one on one fight. I would like to see that shit. How else will this beef get settled. Floyd don’t rap, so them nigga should square up one good time, and put an end to this bullshit.

    • that nigga

      And Ross dont box, so? Thats not a fair one. And Mayweather is scared of Paq-Man. Just statin the facts.

      • zayzkidd

        Nigga you sound stupid. How is Mayweather scared of Paq-rat? If that’s the case, why don’t Paq-rat call Mayweather’s bluff and take the Olympic style test. The dude would rather sue Mayweather instead of take the test. Can you say steroid head?

  • sealsaa

    Can’t wait for Paq-man to knock Teh gey-Weather’s fruity ass out.

    • 619

      Sounds like everybody’s slow on the news, the fight’s been cancelled since a couple weeks ago, where you been. Pacman wouldn’t agree to a steriod test during his training, so who’s really scared to fight now? And y’all mafuckers talkin’ about Ross could see Floyd from the shoulders are stupid. Ross would get knocked the fuck out.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Ross would’ve got tapped that ass, but Floyd would’ve hard a hard time punching through that strong, scruffy ass beard. Shit’s probably bullet & waterproof.

    That shit would’ve definitely been funny, though. David & Goliath 2010, presented by Ciroc Vodka & Key$ha.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      ^^Ugh. Horrendous typos. Fuck that comment.

  • RWord

    Floyd wants to get in a fight with everyone except Pacquiao…LOL!

    • Federal Ranga

      Dude… this’ll probably be the only time I co-sign you ever…

      If anybody is bettin on that fight… forget it… it’s never happening.

      E17 up!!! youtube.com/federalranga

  • Escobar9300

    Lmao Mayweather is a funny dude. He’s got the fight of his life on the horizon and he’s beefing with a rapper? C’mon now money. Don’t bother me a bit though, my duckets are on the Paq man to drop Mayweather in heart stopping fashion. Floyd is amazing, but Manny is a flat out Phenom. That ish is like Ali Vs. Frasier, both were incredible boxers but only one of them was the legitimate best of his generation.

  • DetroitDraper

    Rick Ross fat ass woulda had a heart attack if Floyd woulda hit him


  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    I gotta admit that I can’t really tell who would win this fight. Usually, I’m a good judge of boxing outcomes, but THIS one…

    BOTH fighters were acting scared of each other these past few months. Threw me off a little. I still haven’t made my bets yet. I’m going to YouTube a few more of their past fights before I decide.

    Still, this is gonna be some good shit!

    • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

      ^^^ Refering to Pac-Man vs Mayweather fight.

      Mayweather would sock a donut-hole in Ross! Come on, now!

  • Fon Z

    WTF is Diddy thinkin by having a wack rapper like Rick Ross on a remix??!!!

    he should get someone like Luda or Andre 3000!!

    cuh is fuckin up!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Yeah right. Like they were REALLY gonna shoot the fair one.

    This is like Susan Boyle vs Remy Ma…no one except the weed carriers would’ve scrapped anyway.


    To all you slow ass motherfuckes,the mayweather-pacquiao match is off.

    • DV8

      not yet its going to mediation as a last effort to save it. Bottom line Floyd and his camp are scared to fight Pac-man. Im a fan of both but being from Vegas I know Floyd a little more. He hasnt fought anybody like Pacman ever and now hes having doubts. He is actually going to have to fight in this match instead of doing his defensive style of boxing.

  • Caino

    Diddy spoils all the fun….

  • droopey

    No way that fight can be off.

    Pacman v Mayweather would generate so much revenue!

    Since the Mayweather/Hatton fight atleast everyone across the whole world was watching that fight.

  • Brooklyn

    as fat as rick ross is, unless mayweather hit that motherfucker in the face, i doubt he would have felt it.



  • macdatruest

    Yea Floyd Mayweather is a sad case….

    This man is undefeated and the media still got people convinced he’s a paper champ!!!!

    But the sad thing is as soon as the so-called paper champ loses, whoever beat him is a GREAT boxer, the greatest pound for pound matter of fact!!!!!

    It’s a catch 22– Beacuse as soon as he beats you, “you were never a challenge anyway.”

    When Floyd was up and coming he took every fight that came his way, every big fight people swore he would lose and the nigga always prevailed.

    I heard he couldnt handle Gatti’s aggressiveness-R.I.P tko

    Diego Corrales reach???-R.I.P. tko

    Zab’s Speed???-R.I.P. unanimous decision

    De La Hoya’s skill? – R.I.P. tko

    Hatton’s power??? – R.I.P. tko

    This lil Mexican nigga is a bum, Pacquiao- yall only on his dick by popular demand, he never was as good as Floyd. And I guarantee he will do like De La Hoya, Hatton, and all the other boxers do when they lose to Floyd: Hire his trainers!!!

    Pacquiao wanna take HGH period. If Floyd said he didnt wanna fight cause he was “squemish about needles” yall would call him pussy. But yall so brainwashed yall think Floyd is pussy for following the rules. Yall niggas suck mexican dick

    • Aries Walsh

      Ya know? Its about time someone felt the same way I did bout dat situation. The man is not undefeated for nothing people come on! This dude proves time and time again he can hold his own. If boxing is the sweet science Mayweather is on some Doc Brown type shit. I guess it really is true: People want to see their heroes fail and try to rise again. Well, send him a couple of Tiger’s bitches and you may get what you want.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

      @ mac

      I agree.

      Well anyway the Pacquiao camp said it ain’t gonna happen. Just saw the statement on Fox Sports.

  • ATLshawty

    R ya’ll niggaz crazy. Honestly, I think Rick fat ass would have whooped floyds ass. Floyd is a buck 50 soak and wet. Ross is a good 300. Floyd aint that strong. His hits would probably wouldnt even affect big ross

  • http://azrael-haze.deviantart.com Azrael

    Fuck that.

    A better question is why Diddy doesn’t have Lupe in the video for the remix, as if he’s not the only reason why the song is tolerable?

    Diddy, you lose if I only see you and the fat man in the video.

  • mayor 007

    fuck ya’ll niggaz, alwaes w8′n to c boiz fight, y dnt u motherfuckers fight ur self, fuck ya’ll 1s again. u jux a bunch of crap.

  • XTW

    shit Pac’s gonna win!may’s gonna fall.. DAMN IT!!i’m sure floyd scared on pac’s left hook going from nowhere!?its always a killa left!

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