Black Eyed Peas Return to the Top 10, 50 Cent Re-Enters the Top 40

In the first Nielsen SoundScan report since the holiday shopping season ended, sales are down as expected. But with the decrease in album sales, hip-hop releases have had a chance to climb back up the charts.

Re-entering the top 10 this week on The Billboard 200 is the Black Eyed Peas. Although their E.N.D. LP ascended seven spots up the charts, fans of the group purchased 55 percent less copies of the disc from last week. The Peas still moved 47,190 units in week 30, making their overall stats stand at 1,786,800.

Down three slots from last week is Lil Wayne’s crew Young Money. The collective’s aptly titled debut, We Are Young Money, sold 43,200 CDs this week, bringing their two-week total to 185,700.

Directly below at No. 13 is Eminem. Relapse was refilled 40,900 times this past week, which puts the Detroit lyricist at 1,735,400 after 33 weeks.

Jumping 11 spots to no. 23 is Jay-Z. The Blueprint 3 continues to sell, ringing in 24,800 units this go-round. BP3’s total tally equals 1,514,800 in week 17.

Stepping up five spots to no. 33 this week is Gucci Mane. The Atlanta trapper’s major label debut, The State vs. Radric Davis pulled in 17,700 additional units this week. So far Guch has sold 191,100 discs in a month’s time.

G-Unit general 50 Cent also returned to the top 40 this week, just snagging the bottom slot. Before I Self Destruct moved 15,300 discs in its seventh week, bringing his total to 349,200. —Max G

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  • Jamal7Mile

    That BEP album just won’t die. Was it that good? I might have to check it out.

    • jburg

      Imma be real. I went a bought the shit when it came out. If you aren’t one of the people that are on this, “BEP sold out type shit” you will enjoy it. Its on some different cheerful shit. Actually the shit that rap used to be about, fun times and everyday life.. People say they sold out and shit because they not talking bout selling drugs and rims and cadillacs. Rap don’t always have to be about bitches and hoes. I say its a good album cause I’m into all types of shit and don’t have a closed mind.

  • DUDE


    • Curtis75Black

      Buy what you’re a fan of !! Unlike a lot of y’all, if I don’t buy it, I never heard it. Which only proves with the 1st single (rarely there’s a 2nd single nowadays) didn’t catch my ear, I’m not interested. If I happen to hear more of the project and it’s decent, I will buy. It’s only right.

    • nicholasdelorejo

      I think the best way to increase record sales is to lower the cost of CD to about $7 and $5 for the first week. Whenever I’m in the store I feel like Katt Williams making life decision at a gas station when gas prices are high. If prices are low people wouldn’t have to debate with themselves over whether to take the risk of paying nearly $20 for an album that might suck. People can buy 3 or 4 albums in one day for the cost of buying one. It’s not like the labels are making a serious profit from album sales now. Some artists don’t even recieve promotion for albums and producing more plastic discs won’t be too expensive.

      People say downloading is killing the music industry but I think its really the fact that its an option that’s making people less eager to get in their car, drive to their nearest Target or Best Buy, go in the store and find a CD, buy it for $15 (plus tax), drive back home with some gas used in the process, unwrap the CD and rip it into your computer where it can finally be transfered to your media player. Downloading the CD would have accomplished the same thing only faster and cheaper or free.

      • Curtis75Black

        Cd’s are the most $10.00 when they drop on Tuesday. I have no idea where you get this $15/20.00 shit from like you buying DVD’s !! Y’all just have no interest in supporting your favorites. It’s easy to go to the AMC and Pay 20.00 for you and your girl, not including the meal, depending on where you go which might be another $ 20-30.00 but you can’t pick up The Clipse for $9.99 at Best Buy ?

        • nicholasdelorejo

          First Off I’m probably one of the only few people who actually buy CDs from the store so don’t think I’m one of the many that download all of my music. I’m just saying that people don’t want to spend $10 (plus tax and gas) on an album they might not even like now or would stop playing in after a while. Often times these labels release albums from several artists (some catering to the same demographic) in the same week. Do you expect everyone to pay about $30 for everybodies album release when the consumer might not even feel satified with the album? At least by lowering the price of the CD the consumer can feel like their making a steal with the purchase. Notice how I’m stating that this is to benifit the consumer not just the artists.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          I used to spend $20-$100 weekly on music. Now the industry is lucky if I spend $100 a YEAR.

          BP3-$5 burnt copy from my homie
          Survival Skills-$10
          Fashawn-$5 burnt copy
          Cudi-burnt copy for a blunt
          Jadakiss-barter swap(original CD)
          BISD-$15-2 DVDs & CD is a deal
          Relapse-$14(deluxe edition)
          DTR-4 $1 iTunes downloads
          Escape Route-FREE burnt copy
          Blackout!2-barter swap(original CD)
          BlaQKout-barter swap(original CD)
          Alchemist-$5 burnt copy
          Chamber Music-$5 sale in store

          See all the burnt copies? No bootlegs. Easier for dude down the road to come over and smoke and I get my music and compensate him for his blank CD usage.

          But I supported dudes who I felt earned my support. Now peep game people:

          Say IF I went to Best Buy, bought “Attention Deficit” for $10, and while I’m at the crib with the homies smoking or playing XBox or whatever, dudes want a copy, I burn it and they compensate me with a fiver, who’s stopping the hustle? I’m not trying to retail them in the STREET, LIKE DVD’s, WHICH IS HARD TO DO BECAUSE OF FBI STUFF AND BLU-RAY CHIPS AND ALL THAT. THERE ARE NO CODES AND CHIPS FOR MP3′S! YOU ARE NOT POSTING IT ON THE WEB!

          I would be replicating the mp3′s for my friends in the crib. And it’s THE SAME QUALITY CD. Most cats don’t want album art. This is one of the scenarios where Billboard can’t count and the companies can’t control. A cat could make $50 off of a PURCHASED $10 album. If it’s that good. THEN IF A DUDE LIKES THE ALBUM THAT MUCH, HE WILL GO BUY, WHICH BY THEN IT’S CHEAPER AT THE STORE. THE ALBUM BUZZ IS DEAD.

          YOU COULDN’T DO THIS WITH AN ALBUM. OR A MINI-DISC. Cassettes lost quality over usage or popped so you had to replace them.

          BUT BECAUSE OF CORPORATE GREED and TECHNOLOGY, you can play the real CD on your computer while your friend puts his iPod/mp3 player in the USB port and he/she’s got the album. THIS IS EVEN EASIER THAN BURNING A CD!

          Don’t believe me? OB4CL2 is sitting on 140,000.

          Follow me on This will be the next discussion.

        • BIGNAT

          Curtis75Black says:

          Cd’s are the most $10.00 when they drop on Tuesday. I have no idea where you get this $15/20.00 shit from like you buying DVD’s !! Y’all just have no interest in supporting your favorites. It’s easy to go to the AMC and Pay 20.00 for you and your girl, not including the meal, depending on where you go which might be another $ 20-30.00 but you can’t pick up The Clipse for $9.99 at Best Buy ?

          the clipse was not on sale first week i paid 13.99 plus tax homie shit it was worth it. i think all cd’s first month should be 10 bucks. if you can’t scrap 10 bucks in a month. then your ass don’t need to be buying music anyway.

    • http://mozilla LI PUPU


      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        I hear you on the bootlegging vibe, but it ain’t JUST that.

        And yes Caucasians do the damn thing to. They have more CD towers than the homies. I have seen this. They have the movie sh*t on smash.

        And 50 ain’t done in rap. Cats are sick of him like they would be buying dollar menu chicken sandwiches everyday for 3 months straight.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    And it’s gonna get worse…budgets are just starting to be done for the year…the artist label shuffle hasn’t even begun yet…

  • Tonyto’sWay

    Before I Self Destruct moved 15,300 discs in its SEVENTH WEEK, bringing his TOTAL to 349,200. — LMFAO…What a damn shame lol I give a fuck about record sales but these units coming from a dude that has based his whole career on boasting and braging about his sales and making a mockery of others…SMH… every dog has his day!!

  • Gift

    I can’t vibe with BEP, but they must have the best marketing plan out there right now, because they’ve been on the charts for the 8 or 9 months. 50, 50, 50, it’s sad to see this shit homie. Every project prior to this last bs went platinum or better. Looks like that ain’t even close to the case now. As far as sales in hip hop, they will get better if more HIP HOP ARTIST are dropping consistently at the same time. If we keep getting this garbage we’ve been getting, then sales will continue to drop like hooker draws. QUICK!!!!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    This game needs new life. Some serious musicians and artists.

    I did a drop on where are the female rappers. Check it out…

    • Federal Ranga

      I see you $yk…

      Dug the drop… I inspired that?

      E-17 up!!!

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Yep. E-17.

        You’re correct. They ain’t doing it right(II).

  • brand-new

    that is kinda crazy how BEP is still moving units like that after 30 plus weeks. the only time i ever hear about them is right here on this website.

    • United

      its 17 weeks,not 30

  • ok

    The New york song keep BP3 alive it couldnt be more perfect . they should have did a different video for on to the next one. nothin with the video went with the song. back on the day on video music box had videos with no money . they had no budget but the videos went with the song . Everything should be perfect

    • DV8

      New York song? that was Jay-Z and Alicia Keys buddy.

  • ok

    I know who did the song. The article is about the charts . I said the New York Song keep blue print 3 alive until his next single . It charted as a top single for jay for weeks. I brought the album . I know who the song is by thank you

  • mackbone

    4real tho.. itz up 2 the ndustry 2 fix this prob… i download from the internet straight up!!!!! niggas still makin millions off tours n shows.. i bought cds n tapes 4 15 years i deserve this…. lmao

  • Einztine

    See, I knew the numbers that were reported last week were inflated because of the holiday shopping season. If YM or Refill would have dropped last Tuesday instead of Christmas week, it would have sold half as much.

    The 140,000 Young Money sold their opening week was inflated and did not reflect the current state of their buzz. That is why they sold only 43,000 once the shopping season was over.

    BEP, Jay and Em are still killing it on the charts though. I won’t bother to hear the E.N.D. LP, but I think BP3 and Relapse are great albums with good lyricism. They deserve the success they are getting.

  • Nate


    I have always said BEP “sold out” because they totally changed who they are. It’s not because they are on “happy shit”. It’s because they took the good hip hop they were doing, like most of the older days but it was still original/progressive, and they threw the Bitch Fergie in there becuase they couldn’t accept the world tours, and gold albums they already had. They wanted to push triple Plat each time.
    Three albums later every 50 year old down to 8 year olds know Black Eyed Peas but NONE of this audience knew them during their first two albums.

    This is a BIG DIFFERENCE from not liking them because of guns, weed, hoes, etc. They NEVER DID rhyme about that. So if you want to accurately tell the tale, those of us who have been around since going to high school in the mid 90′s and/or young 20′s in the late 90′s… we remember how BEP was REAL HIP HOP. Now they are trully POP with hip hop “elements” or twists…. I don’t hate them… but if you care about where hip hop came from and where it is going then you know that it is always rooted in
    NOT BEING FAKE, BEING REAL, not acting like someone you are not.
    I’m cool with them doing their POP thing. Just every store GET THEM THE FUCK OUT OF THE HIP HOP AISLE…..

  • nicholasdelorejo

    I’m not advocating doanloading I’m just saying that these labels need to start giving people a reason for people to go out and purchase a CD whose music would be eventually transfered to another device leaving you with a plasctic disc. Think about how many artists that get undershipped and still underpreform in their sales with some serious promotion behind it (Asher Roth, Wale, Mariah, ect…). People may very well like those artists but don’t want to make the purchase because they might not like it or would stop listening to it.

    I’ve heard Suasan Boleface sold a lot of records because her album is priced at around $5 in some stores. If the labels are judging the success on albums based on how long an album remains on the charts only to sell at most 2-3 mill, why not lower the price so that people who are remotely insterested can just walk by and give a CD a listen without hurting their pocket. I’ve bought 13 CDs last year and I’ve only listened to about 4 of them front to back while the rest I either stop listening to them or listen to some of their songs.

    Let’s not forget this is not is a society that successfully sells many frivilous items such as bottle water even when the might not be thirsty and have water at home. So its not like selling music at a cheaper price since the consumer can get it for free at home is such an abnormal request.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      I see you nich, but allow me to throw this monkey wrench in there so we can really assess the situation.

      Rhianna’s new album was tanking so badly, that Def Jam decided to drop the price to $3.99, and then for the Black Friday weekend dropped the price to a measly $1.

      At this price it should have flown off the shelves right? Outsold every single artist on the charts correct? A newly released album in it’s first week being sold for a dollar? Unheard of. EVER.

      Wonder why no one is talking about her sales and the success of the album? Even when it sold 500,148 US & 1,013,000 worldwide copies in its first five weeks?

      I bet they are so upset that they just took a money bath and can’t afford a towel to wipe their ass now.

      It’s hard to sell a CD for $5 when you give a recording budget, promo & marketing budget, distribution and packaging money in the high numbers of millions. 50 did 161K the 1st week and times that by the $15 for the package and you have 2.4 mil plus. Do the math with his current #’s.

      Now try to do that with Rhianna’s #’s. With the deductions in price. Wait. How many do you do @ $3.99? $1? You know her budget was already up there. How much did the label actually make?

      This is why you can hear a pin drop when you speak of Rhianna’s Rated R album. Def Jam was already licking their wounds because they lost the Jay-Z almost 2 mil sold $. They already spent his 5 mil to cover the losses of every other artist they released this year who didn’t get RIAA certified.

      Susan Boyle most likely was selling at a reduced price to create the phenomenon. And I bet her budget was way lower than Rhianna’s.

      In a nutshell a label would rather drop you than sell at a reduced rate. Reduced pricing means desperation.

  • mrproh

    i mean stop with the bullshit!!!!!!…that 50 cent cent shit is not coo…the album sucks…too much singing in that shit…on some ja rule shit…he tries toooooo hard to reach the “grodt” level…and he fails each time he releases a album…the album is average…below average..theres really no singles on by me??…i mean its trash..thats why the cat is sitting dead last after stans are praising the cat for being some kinda of genious…dude signs cats left and right and they all flop..the shows over…and why didnt xxl review 50′s album??…cuz the shit is that wack!!!!!!

  • What The ?

    BEP’s are international plus the fake Ferggie gets the 12 year old girls attention, in my opinion they suck elephant testicles and shouldn’t even be on hip-hop web sites because they are really pop-hippity-hop-techno-disco-mixed inbred gimmicky garbage. Remember that cheese has to be split 4 ways in the group as well, so it’s really like 470000 each not the same as EMINEM going double plat almost, it’s really the equivalent as 50′s garbage album selling 400k.

    Anyway my vote goes for banning this from hip-hop sites because it’s not hip-hop it’s more techno pop.

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  • brand-new

    uhhh….how bout 30 weeks sport. read the article.