In the first Nielsen SoundScan report since the holiday shopping season ended, sales are down as expected. But with the decrease in album sales, hip-hop releases have had a chance to climb back up the charts.

Re-entering the top 10 this week on The Billboard 200 is the Black Eyed Peas. Although their E.N.D. LP ascended seven spots up the charts, fans of the group purchased 55 percent less copies of the disc from last week. The Peas still moved 47,190 units in week 30, making their overall stats stand at 1,786,800.

Down three slots from last week is Lil Wayne’s crew Young Money. The collective’s aptly titled debut, We Are Young Money, sold 43,200 CDs this week, bringing their two-week total to 185,700.

Directly below at No. 13 is Eminem. Relapse was refilled 40,900 times this past week, which puts the Detroit lyricist at 1,735,400 after 33 weeks.

Jumping 11 spots to no. 23 is Jay-Z. The Blueprint 3 continues to sell, ringing in 24,800 units this go-round. BP3’s total tally equals 1,514,800 in week 17.

Stepping up five spots to no. 33 this week is Gucci Mane. The Atlanta trapper’s major label debut, The State vs. Radric Davis pulled in 17,700 additional units this week. So far Guch has sold 191,100 discs in a month’s time.

G-Unit general 50 Cent also returned to the top 40 this week, just snagging the bottom slot. Before I Self Destruct moved 15,300 discs in its seventh week, bringing his total to 349,200. —Max G