Raekwon Announces C-N-N Signing at NYC Show

After embarking on a cross-country tour to promote Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Pt. II, Raekwon returned to New York City last night (December 16) to perform at Irving Plaza in front of his home crowd.

The Wu-Tang wordsmith rolled through a number of lyrical gems in the early goings, including “C.R.E.A.M.” and “Ice Cream,” with the assistance of fellow Clansman Cappadona.

On a night that celebrated the continued success of Rae’s follow-up to his 1995 classic solo debut, The Chef gave fans even more to be joyful about as he brought out Capone-N-Noreaga to announce plans to release the Queens duo’s The War Report II in early 2010 on his Ice H20 Records. C-N-N then went on to spit tracks from their catalogue, as well as some of Nore’s solo material like “Nothin’.”

The night took an emotional turn not long before C-N-N took to the stage when Raekwon brought out Cherry Jones, the mother of his fallen Wu-Tang brethren, ODB. The two embraced onstage as the crowd chanted the Dirty’s name, before the DJ dropped “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” as everyone from fans to ODB’s mom sang along. Rae then went into “Ason Jones,” the ODB tribute cut off OB4CL….Pt. II, but was at first too moved by the moment to start his verse and needed the DJ to start the record over.

The solemn mood eventually shifted back towards celebration when Rae’s brother presented him with a Purple Tape-themed cake [see below] to commemorate the hard work behind and success of his latest album. Busta Rhymes, who served as executive producer on the project, came out and grabbed the mic give further praise to Raekwon for his successful year. The Chef finished out his set with more of a mix of old and new material.

Raekwon is scheduled to hit Boston on Thursday. —Adam Fleischer

Click here to listen to Raekwon’s “Happy New Years”

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  • adrian smith birmingham england

    raekwon obfcl 2 is a sick album buy it 2oo9

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Best album of the year by far………..

  • http://www.noredux.com No Redux

    Bullshit…no more sequels….What’s next Cuban Linx II redux?

    Fuck that recidivist, second-childhood, arrested development, mid-life crisis rap.

    Worst album of the decade.


    @ Jhon da analyst
    how are you going to come on XXL this is the best album of the year
    when you was just on combat jacks site saying gucci mane’s album was the best this year
    which one is it?
    I think you was right with this posting

  • sealsaa

    “Best album of the year by far………..”


    “Worst album of the decade.”

    ^FOH *Cranks “House of Flying Daggers*

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      ^ C/S

  • gift

    just when I feel like giving up on hiphop, niggas come through and put out shit like this. Much love to Rae. CNN can’t wait for that shit. Keep real hiphop coming.

  • Jaykwon Smithers

    @Jhon da Analyst
    You faggot mother fucker. The other day you was saying gucci mane had the best album of the year.
    When your done reading this go to the store and get me a forty.

  • gift

    by the way @ NO REDUX; WTF are u talkin bout? Rae had by far one of the best hip hop albums of the year. Who else? Please don’t talk about that Drake album, or Weezy, or Jigga (even though his was fire too), or god forsaken Gucci Mane. Rae is first and foremost Wu-Tang, and also hiphop. Gotta give credit where credit is due homie. Just cuz the nigga been around in this game for a while should not stop him from rapping if he can still bring it. We need more old school vets to step up and lead us yungstas in the right direction as far as this music is concerned. I don’t knock opinions and I don’t diss cuz I’m not no internet gangsta. I’m a real cat, I luv the shit out of hiphop, and I just think u should give the album another listen if u got it. REAL TALK.

  • gift

    @ jaykwon smither:

    Bro I never said anything remotely close to Gucci having the album of the year. That nigga is garbage as fuck. by the way, I don’t need to know about homosexual shit that u do in your free time. After I finish screwing ya girl, I’ll go get myself a forty.

    • Jaykwon Smithers

      @ gift
      learn how to read because i never addressed you. you should not be so sensitive and quick to reply

  • gift

    misunderstanding man. I din’t notice that til after it went out. I don’t really read combat jack shit, and I didn’t see anybody else mention Gucci on the comments of this news piece. just wanted to be clear that I don’t fuc wit gucci like that.

  • Enlightened

    I was hoping the CNN part of the headline was a mistake.

    Artists signing to another artist who has never released albums never turns out right.

  • Casey

    I was at the show…very good time! Yelawolf opened and almost got booed off lol.

    And CNN were drunk as FUCK haha

  • Jhon da Analyst

    @Jaykwon Smithers…….
    U retarded bastard. The only thing Gucci Mane cd’s are good for is breaking up weed ya dumb nigga. By the way, it’s about time you showed your punk ass up here at XXL. ‘Cause everytime you say some shit I’m gonna light into yo ass!!! No homo!

  • Catalyst

    Does anyone know which songs Raekwon finished with/ I was there for most of the show but I had to catch the train

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    WU = #1

  • Tonyto’sWay

    That just goes to show those that focus on record sales so much…at the end of the day when its all said n done record sales don’t mean jack shit if the album its dope its a success even if it only goes wood Real mothafuckas will always recognize real talent and thats that…hands down Best album of the year and I’d go as far as to say its gotta be one of the best of the decade along with Supreme clientele,The Blue Print,The Fix,Madvilliany,The Minstrell Show,ect. those types of body of work… defenatly a must have!!!

  • Brooklyn

    i hope that “the war report 2″ will have better joints than that single cnn released with ron browz singing the hook.

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  • Nehemiah

    Co-sign Tonyto’s Way. Ive been saying all the time. Real recognize Real. We’ve been waiting for more than a decade to hear it and its one of those albums that plays forever. I.e. my faves include but are not limited to Illamatic, Wu’s Enter 36 chambers,Outkast ATLiens, Biggie and Pac’s albums, Tribe, De La Soul,Ice Cube and the whole West Coast G Funk etc. Just too many to list LOL Think of just timeless Records.

  • kedordu


  • http://vivaciousnessvideo.blogspot.com Galen Colbert

    Very great read! Really..

  • http://tubeproselyte.blogspot.com Margret Maxwell

    Super great post. Really!

  • http://crosscurrentvideo.blogspot.com Marietta Holbrook

    You’ve done it once more! Superb post.