Lupe Fiasco Links With Matt Damon for American History Special

Lupe Fiasco and DMC are among the celebrities to appear on The People Speak, a special airing this weekend on the History Channel, putting a voice to former Boston University professor Howard Zinn’s celebrated book, The People’s History of the United States.

According to New York’s Daily News, the show—which was executive produced by actors Matt Damon and Josh Brolin—will feature a slew of stars including John Legend, Morgan Freeman, Rosario Dawson and Kerry Washington, among others.

The documentary finds the celebs retelling America’s history from the perspective of the everyday people that spoke up for social change. John Legend will recite Mohammed Ali’s speech as he headed to jail for refusing to participate in the Vietnam War and DMC will give David Walker’s argument to slaves to revolt against their masters.

Lupe spoke of Zinn’s universal appeal to New York magazine. “What he did and what he’s pushing with the movie and the books and all that, I think it’s something that crosses cultures, crosses beyond white, black, Chinese, Asian, whatever,” he said. “You know, it speaks to everybody.”

The People Speak airs on the History Channel on Sunday at 8 p.m. EST. —Elan Mancini

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  • da realess

    maybe the most irrelevant story of all time.

  • that nigga

    Yeah, Matt Damon on a Rap site?

  • duttycrebb

    what kinda ignant stuff is that. How is this irrelevant? Is a rap site to be restricted to news about Wayne’s ability to create 3 baby mamas in one quarter. Cuz if so then Hip-Hop, the culture is way past dead, it may as well be a mummified relic we gaze at in a glass case.

    “Retelling America’s history from the perspective of the everyday people that spoke up for social change” – Key words. So da realness need to keep it real. If it were not for certain examples of standing up for change (both locally and in dem Hollywood circles), hip hop, rap, and half of what we commonly enjoy now wouldn’t even be something to dream about. Don’t get jaded cuz Barack is in office, if we forget what was done back then, the BS will happen again.

  • yoprince

    yea.. lupe fiasco, and DMC on a rap site?? GTFOH!

    history on a rap site?? pffffttt…

    opportunities to educate yourself on a rap site??? WACK!

  • Technique

    @ da realess and that nigga

    Maybe ya’ll cats should tune in, you might learn something. History books are mostly bullshit, so when you can get history from sources who were alive while shit was actually taking place, that’s an opportunity to get some real knowledge.

    Props to all the stars participating.

  • jtm

    who the fuck cares about that stupid fagot matt damon when is the new album coming out that is all i want to know.

  • kevin

    lmfao, yoprince. you sound like a complete moron

    • Hanch

      Im pretty sure Yoprince is being Sarcastic! Dumbass, your comment makes you sound like the moron u clown.

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  • Karey Luzinski

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