Kid Cudi Attacks Fan, Alleged Victim Not Pressing Charges

The Man on the Moon has landed… on an unexpected fan’s face. Over the weekend footage of Kid Cudi surfaced online, showing the XXL Freshman alum punching a concertgoer in Vancouver.

According to MTV News, the incident occurred during Cudder’s set at the Commodore Ballroom last Saturday (December 12)—a solo show for the Cleveland rapper, who is currently on tour with Lady Gaga. In the YouTube clip, viewers can see Cudi leaping from the stage and striking a man in the crowd, after a wallet is thrown at him. [Watch Below]

TMZ is reporting that the alleged victim will not be pressing charges. “I’m not upset, I’m not going to be that person,” Michael Sharpe told the gossip site. “I just want to meet him and be like, ‘I’m the guy you punched.’”

According to Sharpe, he wasn’t the one that initially threw something at the G.O.O.D. Music artist. He says it all started when someone behind him originally chucked the wallet onstage. Cudi then threw it back into the audience and Sharpe caught it. He explained that since it wasn’t his, he launched it back and that’s what prompted Cudi to attack him.

As of press time reps for Kid Cudi were unavailable for comment. —Max G

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  • abdulnasir

    the man on the moon got some rage issues, some lunar issues (isn’t “lunar” where they got the word “lunatic” from? go figure!).

  • Jay Riggs

    Cuddi aint a hoe boy

  • Prototype81

    your right, he aint a ho. Hes just a bitch for sucka punching a fan. Then stumbling back on stage behind his security. Another lame budding pop star letting fame go to his head. You cant go around hitting people because of simple words being thrown around, its apart of the biz. this dudette has emotional issues.

    • Cafu

      You’re absolutely right, that shit was supid and cowardly!

  • danny

    why don’t you guys put Buggs Tha Rocka’s joints up …..i only fuck with him and J.Cole when it comes to new niggas

  • Tony Grands

    He’s called an “emo-rapper” for a reason.

  • El Tico Loco

    This is douchebag rap (no emo)at its best

  • sealsaa

    Can’t be mad at him. Sucks if he clocked the wrong guy(but for all we know, he could be lying), but these people(spectators)get a little too bold at times. Word to Ron Artest, performers shouldn’t have to put up with that shit. Sometimes, people deserve to get knocked the fuck out.

  • daydeezy

    so The end result is, A White guy was punched and want to shake his, dude is happy about it….“I just want to meet him and be like, ‘I’m the guy you punched.’” lol

  • Mr. North

    This was the wackest footage I ever seen. Hella weak….

  • Brooklyn

    my question is, did the wallet have any money in it?

  • Army Bred

    “If I can’t jump in the crowd and punch a man in the face, then I don’t wanna be famous.. That’s why I got in the game baby..” -Dave Chappelle

    I don’t think that he should have hit the guy, but If I’m dude ( Honestly) if a wallet gets thrown at me and I catch it.
    1. Some nigga just got robbed
    2. If I didn’t want the wallet then why not drop it on the ground?
    Who throws something because quote ” It wasn’t mine” If its not yours drop it on the floor or give it to security and keep it pushin… Simple as that. This really isn’t too big of a deal short of Cudi might be starting on the Kanye train.. Its only a matter of time before he drinking henne on the red carpet and interrupting white women speeches ( I know we off that, but couldn’t help it )

  • Army Bred

    And 3.
    Who the hell gets punched in the face and says ….“I just want to meet him and be like, ‘I’m the guy you punched.’” What type of sh*t is that? I hope he would try and getafter cudi like open handed slap to the face …lol

    • Chilly Willy

      You forgot somthin, Bred! This went down in Vancouver……

      I rest my case.

      • BloodSweat&Tears

        you couldn’t be more wrong about vancouver g

        • Chilly Willy

          Nah, trust me G, I ain’t sayin it ain’t gully. Far from that. I should know, been there not too long ago.

          But we all know for a fact that Vancouver have all those access to free drugs for therapy joint, most of them are just pilote, you know for testing. And even without that, it’s probably the 1st place in Canada, and the whole north american west coast for that matter for drug trade. So my guess is, that scenester was baked the fuck up, more than likely.

  • gift

    I would have just picked the wallet up and put it in my pocket until the last song. Rappers should expect this part of the biz too, but in the same token, fans need to act like they got some fuckin sense. Some of those assault cases that rappers catch are well warranted as far as why the rapper decides to whoop ass. Fans be talking out the side of they neck, then crie assault when their favorite rapper actually lives up to the hype and gives a knuckle sandwich. REAL TALK>

  • P. Harris

    Dude probably threw his wallet and asked Cudi to put his money back in it…

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  • Federal Ranga

    Wow. I dont know what to say… seems the only only XXL Freshman or whatever the hell you wanna call him staying out of trouble is Asher Roth. Wow… When’s the last time HE was mentioned on this site?

    E-16 up!!!

  • Caino

    dude threw the wallet for Cudi to pay back the $11 or whatever he paid to buy the CD!!

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  • Dub Selector

    Am I the only one who thinks this isn’t that big of a deal? There was a misunderstanding and Cudi punched fan; that’s it. It seems like he cleared the misunderstanding up with the audience at the end (I could be wrong). Weren’t people complaning that Kid Cudi wasn’t aggressive enough? It seems ironic that people commenting on this page are condemning him for the same reason.

  • DTrain

    Of course a Canadian would get punched in the face and not be mad.

    And Cudi was just getting his street cred up, which really needed a boost.

  • Moses

    If Cudi didn’t get down there to tell the dude what’s up, you internet pros would’ve said, “I would have gotten downn there and kicked his ass. What a pussy.”

  • Prototype81

    it was probally orginally cudis wallet that dude snagged before the show and after seeing nothing in it he threw it back at cudi like wtf is this bullshit ” a 5 dollar bill and and 3 expired condoms”

    • chillin mayne

      jajajaajajja, crazy son…regardless, this fan has a lack of self respect..this character said “im not pressing charges , i just want to meet him and be like “im the guy u punched”…serious?..heres a Grade A example of nut riding..just cuz this guy is famous he get a pass for punchin u??..cmon now…

      i dont want to catch bin laden, i just want to meet him and be like “im the guy who watched u knock down the WTC and kill all those people

      dumbest thing i ever heard

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