Juvenile & R. Kelly Debut on the Charts

Those New Orleans boys continue to trickle onto The Billboard 200 one by one. Just last Wednesday (December 2) Cash Money co-founder Birdman debuted at no. 29 and this week Juvenile earned a seat at no. 43.

Cocky and Confident, Juvie’s first disc since 2006’s Reality Check, managed to pull in 23,000 in sales after its first week on shelves, according to the Nielsen SoundScan. Next week, former Hot Boy B.G. is set to join his hometown partners in rhyme on the charts with Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood.

Meanwhile, at the top of The Billboard 200, R. Kelly made an impressive debut with his latest effort, Untitled. The hip-hop crooner pushed 114,200 units in his first go-round, despite little promotion or radio play.

The Black Eyed Peas inched their way back into the Top 20 in their 26th week on the charts. Peas fans bagged up 49,600 copies of The E.N.D. last week, bringing the group’s total numbers to 1,490,500.

50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct fell 16 spots to no. 35 this week. The G-Unit general sold 29,500 CDs this cycle, taking a 55-percent decrease in sales. After three weeks BISD’s total stats stand at 256,500.

Closing out the top 40 is Jay-Z. The Blueprint 3 slid 10 spots down to no. 38, racking up an additional 27,900 and making his overall tally 1,365,100.

Next week look for new albums by Gucci Mane, Snoop Dogg, Clipse and B.G. to impact the charts. —Elan Mancini

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  • http://azrael-haze.deviantart.com Azrael

    Is there anyway to check 50′s international sales every week?


      Is 50′s international sales gonna make you sleep better at night? Or, are you just vouching for the fact that he FLOPPED and the album SUCKED (i mean sub-par).

      -I’m SO Disrespectful

      • http://azrael-haze.deviantart.com Azrael

        Obvious troll is obvious.

  • Sean Izzle

    records selling really bad nowadays :O damn its not gonna get better

  • AZ40

    Didn’t know Kells had an album coming out…Don’t let the man fool you sales are not a true indicator of quality…Look a Raekwon’s album one of the best of the year

  • latino heat

    i didn’t know R. Kelly dropped a album till yesterday. i was at a record store (yeah seriously)and seen a bunch of copy’s on the shelf. Kelly used to be one of Jive’s cash cow’s. i guess he’s not much of a priority over there anymore since i’ve heard no real promo for this album.

    what label is Juvenile on now cause i knew nothing about that album either.

  • Oaklands Own

    R kellys album is actually quite solid. Much better than his last “Double up” album. It has a true R&b vibe to it, even though he does try new things with auto-tune and a disco (yes disco) song. 8/10

    …back to HipHop. People are WAY too into the amount of records people are selling (you can partialy blame 50 for that…). Its like people would rather their favorate artist put out some BS and sell a millie, rather than put out a dope album and sell a solid 300k-400k.

    I mean damn, I would love for E-40 or Reakwon to go double platnum, but its more important (to me) that the music sounds good and it represents the brand that the artist has created for him/herself. THere have actually been some VERY solid offerings this year (Q-tip / Kurpt & DJ Quik / Reakwon / Drake / etc…) from Mainstream and Underground artist. But mfs aint selling like that.

    I would tell all the rappers out there to keep making good music…and come up with some OTHER shyt that mf’s cant ignore. The game is not as forgiving as it was. Shyt that wouldve went double platnum a while ago will struggle to go gold now (shot out to 50 cent).

    • http://myspace.com/theroach513 TheRoach513

      i Cosign right here thats real talk… only people that care about record sales seems to be cash money (the hip hop village people) supporters and 50 cent supporters… now honestly BISD is way better the curtis but did way less sales the carter III garbage (sorry wayne dick riders but its true) but did what 3 milli or close to it… ummm bow wow did 3 milli with his 1st ablum when he was what 11… record sales dont mean shit if more people got money the more ur album will sale niggaz aint got money these days so give up on record sales and just support the good solid rap albums fuck hit records and ring tone shit thats dead man its time to get back to respectin real lyrics and real hip hop music

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    i saw that kels while i picking up snoop and the clipse. man the clipse not even doing 9.99 for there album first week. they not going sell many copies people want deals that snoop was 9.99 i felt that was bullshit

  • whats CraCCin


  • Shotta International

    I remember reading inna mag where 50 said he wouldnt put out an album if he thought it would sell less than 250k.it looks like he just made it.