Sha Money XL Launches New Label, Stat Quo LP Set for First Release

Sha Money XL, former president of G-Unit Records, recently signed a multi-million dollar music and film distribution deal with The Orchard, launching Dream Big Ventures.

As it’s first project the new brand will debut the album Stantlanta from rapper Stat Quo. The first single for the project, “Freaky Girl,” was released today. They’re also working with DJ Whoo Kid and New Orleans’ Kidd Kidd.

“The first three projects coming out of Dream Big are very realistic reflections of the three stages an artist can find themselves in,” Sha Money explained in a statement, “established and successful, in-between labels or ready to take your career to the next level.”

Their Web site, is also expected to service the music industry by acting as a Craig’s List for up and coming artists.

Sha Money recently worked as associate producer on 50 Cent’s Before I Self-Destruct album and continues to co-manage Reflection Eternal who are expected to release an album early 2010. –Brooklyne Gipson

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  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Glad to see Stat getting a shot. He is one of the nicest MC’s from the south, good ear for beats, dope punch’s and cool song making skills.Just hope the album is current and not chock full of 5 year old songs

  • Cannon

    Statlanta is FINALLY coming out?! Is it going to be the same album that’s been on the shelf for 4 years or a new version?

  • latino heat

    i actually hope it’s the 5 year old version. i’ve wanted to hear that for years.

    did anybody hear that Great Depression album he dropped recently?

    • Jesus Martinez

      Naw man, I asked that about 2 weeks ago…I was thinkin’ bout picking it up but I have heard nothing about it.

  • General

    Good to see Stat finally gettin a shot wit his CD. Dre better give him some heat for all the work Stat been puttin in on Detox…

  • alderman j

    The shit been shelved this long its probably garbage! I aint even heard any leaks, my guess?? HOT GARBAGE!!!!!!

  • gkid12345

    This is incredible news for stat, i could see this working big for him. Who knows maybe a lot of dope artist’s will finally get their shot thanks to Sha-money

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  • Ty

    I think I’m more interested in that Reflection Eternal project than this Stat Quo . I will give it a listen though, Sha seems to have good taste .

    I just dropped the hottest mixtape you will hear this year though ! Download the music and cover art free here : Mixtape volume

    Check me out! Thanks!

  • heartlandG

    Yeah dis a good look dat ni99a stat… spit!…@ alderman have you ever listen to his music? I honestly aint neva herd him spit “garbage” Anywho that mixtape him and chamillion had was nice too…forget tha name tho

  • Christin Poczobut

    Do you know of this article jogs my memory of one other equivalent the one which I just read someplace else?