Funkmaster Flex Weighs in on Beanie Sigel/Jay-Z Beef

Ever since Beanie Sigel dropped the diss track, “What You Talking About,” towards former ally Jay-Z the hip-hop world has been in a frenzy. Last night (November 3) during an interview with Philadelpha radio station, Power 99, 50 Cent confirmed that he was trying to recruit Beans to G-Unit but Jay wouldn’t let the Philly spitter out of his contract. [Listen here]. recently caught up with popular Hot 97 personality Funkmaster Flex while he was at the SEMA convention in Las Vegas to unveil his new customized Ford Taurus SHO and got his reaction to the Jay/Beans incident.. As a popular fixture in the rap world, especially New York, for over 15 years, Flex has personally witnessed the downfall of the Roc firsthand. As far as he’s concerned, Jay should have freed Beans from his roster a while back. “It’s a hard position,” the DJ said, “[but] I think Jay should’ve let Sigel go in the first inkling that he wanted to be someplace else.”

At the same time, Flex believes Jay gave Beanie plenty of chances to stand on his own two feet. “I do agree with Jay-Z with something,” he shared. “He did allow Sigel every opportunity with the clothing line, record label and his record deal. And I don’t think Sigel did anything wrong, but the game changed to where it wasn’t profitable anymore with labels. The clothing business wasn’t doing what it was doing. I don’t know if he didn’t do something or if the game just changed, because there were a lot of people with clothing lines.”

Despite Beanie’s obvious campaign to have Jigga respond to him, FMF doesn’t think it would be a smart move for the Brooklyn rap legend. “Jay’s not gonna respond, he don’t have to,” he said. “He’s the richest rapper and he just dropped a hot album. Let’s keep it 100, T-Pain, I love T-Pain. I love Sigel. I love a lot of the artists that are out there and ain’t nobody saying this album is wack.“ —Jesse Gissen with reporting by Rob Markman

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  • abdulnasir

    Let’s just hope Funk doesn’t lose his job like whatever that philly d.j’s name was (I can’t spell it)… charmalenge?

    • BK’s Finest

      That’s exactly what’s gonna happen! Should’ve kept his mouth closed!

    • JC

      word to Funkmaster..EVERYBODY says blueprint 3 is wack

  • dockevoc

    “and ain’t nobody saying this album is wack.”

    i am

    • dave the dope fiend

      It is wack. It should set the bar for other wack albums by past their prime mc’s…

  • sealsaa

    Beans continues to get the publicity that he craves. Ron Mex called it. If he had these issues with Jay, and he wanted to maintain this sibling relationship, then he could’ve went about it a different way. Now that 50 Cent’s involved, its very clear what this is. Sad.

    • Curtis75Black

      you can’t maintain a relationship with someone who doesn’t speak in 2 years !! You can’t maintain a relationship with someone who calls the cops and feds to have you excorted out of a venue !! That’s dead homie !! You aren’t a sibling if you can’t visit or even write when I’m in a jam. Am I seeing things differently ?

      • Coop

        The thing is they have spoke. In fact theres a video out where Beans say he just saw Jay and Bleek in Vegas this summer.

      • Coop

        The thing is they have spoke. In fact theres a video out where Beans say he just saw Jay and Bleek in Vegas this summer.

        • Curtis75Black

          Look homie, not to discredit your findings but just because you see someone doesn’t mean you spoke to them. Are you gonna have a heart to heart in Vegas ? I’m quite sure you’ve seen someone and hung out with them for 20-30 mins, doesn’t mean you spoke !! Vegas isn’t the climate for that type of talk and we all know that.

    • Sincere

      I agree with Seal. I was riding with Sigel (maybe he really had no other way to get at Jay) but allowing 50 to use you as promotion is wack. Saying that your not dissing dude one day then going on the radio the next and dissing him cause 50 there hyping you wack.

  • Blakout615

    Did anybody catch in the charlamagne the god interview when Beans said something along the lines of Jay not wanting Freeway around his Jewish friends? I think that was kind of a stretch right there.
    And lol @ 50 in this whole situation. Straight promotional tool

  • http://xxlmag jb

    Beans really played himself with this whole situation. Does he really think its gonna work for him at G unit? Who else has it worked for? M.O.P? Spider Loc? Olivia? My boys Mobb Deep? Its not gonna work. He’s better off just doing his own thing. While Jay just wants people that are independent 50 wants you to DEPEND on him. Can Banks and Yayo survive without him? hell no. You already see whats happening with Buck. And people need to stop believing just Beans side of the story. It’s Beans side. Jay side. and then the truth in between.

  • cease

    def cosign jb

  • i get it

    i was feeling bad for beans until he pulled this 50 just using dude till his album drops then beans gonna be on the shelf like everyone else does 50 even have a label after this album drops beans you going about this the wrong way

  • i get it

    i was feeling bad for beans utill he pulled this. 50 just using dude to promote his album beans you need to realize you aint making no money with 50 look at banks and yayo they live in 50 house you mad at jay over a deal you could of made a couple years ago well why didnt you come out dissing dude a couple years ago i didnt know 50 was ted dibiase everyone gotta price

  • Bila

    “I’m talkin’ bout real shit Dem people playin’
    What is you talkin’ bout I don’t know what y’all sayin’
    People keep talkin’ bout Hov take me back
    I’m doin’ better than before Why would I do that?
    Ain’t nothing cool bout carryin’ a strap
    Bout worryin’ your moms And buryin’ your best cat”

    that line right there is why Beans is catching feelings … so in fact it was Jigga that threw the first shot and if you listen to the BP-3 carefully there are many jabs he takes at Beanie …so Beans needs to step it up and get at HOV a bit harder cause Jigga went at him subliminally on a few tracks on the BP-3…step your game up BEANS..Jigga got you on that BP-3 ish!!!!

  • Gerv

    C’MON SON get the fuck outta here wit that bullshit!Niggas jocking Jay-Z like Oprah now just cause he’s rich as fuck he don’t have to respond on wax.I guess he gonna say some subliminal shit like he usually do when a nigga that will beat his ass in real life goes at him hard.Maybe not he just gonna sit in his thrown that yall dickriders gave him and laugh.

  • Baby D

    Why would Jay repond, what does he have to gain from this his album pushing towards double plantinum right now with out none of the old ROC on there.

  • Brooklyn

    well, with beans now at odds with him, we know this ain’t gonna be no street beef. beans was the street nigga, he was the one that handled that street shit. what’s jay gonna do, send kanye and his merry men to fuck beans up?

    • RDS

      He didn’t let him out of his contract. Beans ain’t makin’ shit. No records, no money, no real promo other than this. There doesn’t need to be any “street shit”. Jay and Beans = 50 and Game.

      Smh at some of ya’ll comments though…

    • Cityofchamps

      R u serious!?!?! Does Jay really even have to respond?? Dude is on his way to Billionaire status off of rap?!?! Yo, 20 years ago, they said rap wouldnt even exist and now Hov, showed the mainstream that all rappers aint just thugs that sell drugs and kill innocent people… Safe to say he saved rap! Y’all ni99as dont got to like him Jay.. but respect what he has done for hip hop! Jay aint never put somethin out that wasnt platinum and thats over 14 albums?!?! Who in rap can say that?? I mean He did joints with Gay @zz R Kelly, and both times went plat, and with Linkin Park plat!! Jay earned his spot son! Beans is just broke so he desperate.. he bout to sell his soul to Curtis??? Yea, thats a winning recipe.. what happened to grown man shit? Stand on ya own 2 feet!

  • Grimey G

    Funk Flex’s opinion on anything related to Jay-Z is moot. He has always been a Jay-Z can do no wrong everything Jay does is perfect type nigga. He takes it in the ass daily from Jay just for the few appearences Jay might make at one of Flex’s stupid concerts. Flex gets high on the fleeting perception that he has some industry sway so he sold his soul to the devil. The whiteboys would call him a “tool.”

    • mobuck$

      co -sign ^^^^^^Kinda like Angie Martinez?

  • Neil

    lolol… Kanye and his merry men…Jay took the first shots at Beans and State Prop on the BP3…you guys need to listen to the lyrics there are at least 3 songs that Jigga jabs Beanie in ….Beans has been around Jigga to know subliminals from Jigga thats the only reason he is catching feeling now … “I ain’t talkin’ bout profit I’m talkin’ bout pain
    I’m talkin’ bout despair I’m talkin’ bout shame
    I ain’t talkin’ bout gossip I ain’t talkin’ bout Game
    I ain’t talkin bout Jimmy I ain’t talkin’ bout Dame
    I’m talkin’ bout real shit Dem people playin’
    What is you talkin’ bout I don’t know what y’all sayin’
    People keep talkin’ bout Hov take it back
    I’m doin’ better than before Why would I do that?
    Ain’t nothing cool bout carryin’ a strap
    Bout worryin’ your moms And buryin’ your best cat”

    That whole verse was directed at Beans!!!!!


    Well when u get millions of dollars comin in and U not payin niggas properly then why wouldnt U be right. And to respond to FMF “BP3 is WACK.”

  • Deuce53

    so am i the only one that has noticed a trend with Jay-Z and his “boys”? Trace it thru out his career..Jaz-O,Dame,Cam’ron,Beans,shit even R.Kelly when they tried makin them cd’s together…my point is this; step back from the music (true enuf, Hov is one of the best to ever do it) and look at the personal issues that are all around this seems that every big step he takes (and true enough he is a big ass deal, prolly the biggest in hip hop)he leaves the people that helped get him to that point in a bad position…Im’a Jay-Z fan, off top, no doubt, but as he keeps progressing and taking over shit he keeps leavin his ppl in the cold, he is honestly lookin like a snake mothafucka in my opinion.he broke up the ROC, he turned his back on Dame Dash, evrybody thats ever been close to this dude has been left to the wayside when it came time for him to get his grind on…where the fuck is bleek at? the only reason u aint hearin no shit from him is cuz he probably signed his feelings and words over to jay-z in order to stick close to him…im just sayin thats my opinion, Jay-Z is a snake thatll fuck his own ppl over in order to better himself

    • Coop

      Your points are weak.

      1. Jaz-O was offered a deal but didn’t want it because he wanted to be the big man on a label

      2. R. Kelly you know his story he did it to himself

      3. Cam’Ron was never his boy.

      4. Dame destroyed himself he was stealing money from himself.

      5. Beans destroyed his on blesssing with going in and out of jail.

    • oz

      Bleek did an interview not too long ago. He’s trying to breed some young spitters from the hood and try to get a situation for them. He spoke out about not wanting to be under the shadow of jay and asking him for shit for the rest of his life type shit. It was some certified grown man shit, one of the illest Roc interviews I saw in a good while. Maybe Siegel shoulda watched it before he came out with this 50 foolishness? Oh well, hopefully all ends well for all parties involved.

  • dal

    His album is whack


    Gay-z maybe Snakey???hmmmmm….Could be.

  • St. Lou

    Deuce53…You ain’t the only one. I saw that when he became the Hova or God. Dude is character. It can’t be possible that all of those cats that he fell out with are all in the wrong but he was some honorable loner.

  • Bobby

    50 cent want release Buck. Same as Jay would not release Beans. Same as Puff would not release Mase. Everything is business

  • Ricky Retardo

    Hot album? fuck jay album. this has nothing to do with albums, money or opportunities. this is a man who stated to another man that he is goin to assist in rebuilding a career and did nothing to oblige that. record label? who didn’t have a record label in 2001? lil romeo had a record label, clothing line, did that do anything? no. beans is showing that jay isn’t as stand up is he presents himself to be.

  • tha niXXa from SCLA

    I been over Jay. After Blueprint 2 I couldnt feel dude anymore. Hes too commercial now.

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that..
    BMack got the power to stand on his own two, I believe that.
    Beans need to let it ride and come out with his own – F**** a corporate niXXa! Real recognize real all day Beans!

    As-Salamu Alaika Yaa Aba Abdillah

  • shawn

    i see haters on their job. its the roc. beans can slap his mama for a check. bad look nigga. BP3 baby

  • CassavaLeaf

    I’ll call it….

    BP3 is ashtray trash

    • Eric

      Please, tell me. What exactly consitutes good music to you? I am curious.

  • na

    If Flex went song by song of both abums he would see. it would be the same.
    BP3=Cubanlinx 11

  • Fireforreal

    Beans needs to stay out of jail and man up and take care of himself aand stop bitchin like a school girl. Now he’s with 50 ? 50 is even more of a Shady nigga than Jay is. How can you trust that nigga ? his own music doesn’t draw intrest any more. Benas should have said fuck it and went totally indie because he doesn’t have commercial appeal and now in 2009 if your not already known for going plat almost always like Jay,Nas,Snoop,Kanye,Em why even go major ? get those koch chips. A suburban white girl who buys Em and 50 could give a fuck about Beanie siegel LOL He’s dope but come on Really ?


    first i’m a hov fan&beans fan but both of these cats actin like some bitches beans for cryin when all you have to do is take the same energy that you got for going at jay & put that into you & get a buzz again no one gonna hand anything to you so reach kayne put energy into him self look you can’t tell him nothing right!plus you way better than 2 quarters he gonna have you collecting dust his cd bout the flop you gonna be in the same spot again, plus look a young buck 2 quarters just using you so be the broadstreet bully and get your own shit up&running,& for jay you forgetting where you came from no one is to big to respond to people we all have to look up and answer to or maker but i guess you to much in to selling your soul right mr.mason!

  • Eric

    Beans = great rapper
    Beans is not a great businessman.

    Beans is being used by 50 for promotion. That is obvious to everyone.

    It will not work, because Jay will not battle with someone who is only looking for attention.

    Those who say Jay is a snake — okay, put a nigga on, the only success he ever has is under your label, the nigga can’t stay out of jail, CHOOSES to go with Dame, tries to come back. Okay, what has Jay done wrong so far?

    As a matter of fact, somebody please enlighten me. WHAT did Jay really do to Sig? Not let him go to G-Unit for $800,000? How you aspire to be a platinum rapper but you mad because you don’t get sold for less than a mill?

    Really, if that is Sig’s only gripe against Jay-Z, he’s got some issues.

    Other than promotion, it sounds like the green-eyed monster again. Every since Jay was named the Hottest Rapper by that music station that doesn’t really play music and nobody really cares about, he’s got nothing but negative attention. Big, Huge target on his back, bigger than it has ever been.

    And how you dudes gonna cosign with Beanie on this one after his little remark about making Beyonce look at Jay differently? Tell me that ain’t some punk shit right there. I’ve lost so much respect for Beanie. I’ll always bump his first three cds, but he gets no love from me anymore.

    By the way, 50 still won’t sell more than 250k in his first week. His music just sucks.

    • http://XXLMAG.COM JAYONE


  • louiefuse

    shitz outta control.

  • Darryl

    I cosign with Eric, what did jay do so far, I am goin to take people back, remember when Diddy di making the band and he want the jamican dude off his group what did he do cdall his attorney. was there anything he could do no, just release the album and then released the group. These rapper kill me when they sign their contracts they are given all this money to do a certain number which is either albums or sales. When they don;t huit there sales mark becaue they do bad business, there start gripping and moaning about how people are crooks. These labels give you millions for doing nothing and you do nothing but give out mediorce music and now its everyones fault. When Beans was with the ROC he kept on saying that he had this and that and I am a big BEans fan, but he was the one doinga ll the stupid stuff and now that his moeny is funny he has some harsh words for the man that Signed him in the first place. Think about his first 2 albums were platinum and gold and the rest sucked, so who owes who.

  • PittsburghGFX

    Flex is right, Jay will drop some subliminals, but he’s not going to respond on a record. Thats not what he does…

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  • rich kid ldn

    Every ones acting like they don’t know that beans is 110 times better than jay-z,beans spits from his heart not from a point of view just to make money please I ask anyone to go back way back before there was a beans because without beans and the whole philly influence jigga would have gotten boring.if you listen to paperchase feat foxy that’s when jigga started to flow like beans he then moved onto youngchris and omillios flows.we can’t continue to base everything on who’s the richest in rap and who sells the most because sometimes that don’t matter just beats rhymes and life.I hope beans joins freeway at cashmoney but beans is way too gully

  • KLAP215

    Compare blueprint 3 to anyother JAY-Z album… BP3 IS THE WROST JAY-Z albumsince the life and times! As for JAY-Z he is a bitch/fake friend! Im ridein with BEANIE SIGEL!