Foxy Brown Jabs Lil’ Kim in New Song

Foxy Brown recently resurfaced, taking shots at longtime rival Lil’ Kim on the new track “Off the Muscle.”

On the song, which popped up on YouTube [listen below], Foxy Brown makes an obvious reference to Kim’s appearance on the ABC series Dancing with the Stars last May. She raps, “Catch me at Marcy at the mall/ But muthafuckas will never see me dancing with the stars/ Never, will I embarrass my borough/ I’m too thorough/ Dark skin bitches, we here now/ I swear now/ Ya’ll bitches wanna be me so bad/ Ya’ll studied my whole swag.”

Although Foxy Brown and Kim haven’t taken shots at each other in a while it seems the tiff might be fueled by the fact that both femcees have reported that they’re working on new albums for next year.

Foxy Brown recently appeared on VH1’s Hip Hop Honors gala in celebration of Def Jam’s 25th Anniversary. -Brooklyne Gipson

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  • sealsaa

    You’ve got to be desperate to attack someone with no career.

    • BIGNAT


  • H-DUB

    I mean, that Beef was funny in the Nineties, but who cares about Foxy Brown and Lil Kim today? Are they still relevant?

  • tiredoFBUllShyt

    foxy spits hard..she kills kim lyrically.. this is what hiphop is about.. lyrics.. i’m so tired of this bubblegum rap shit.

    the last real hiphop album i bought was JAdAKISS

    i’ll cop foxy’s if she keeps rappin that fire.


    This bitch has been gone for ages and that’s the best she’s has to offer?
    Bitch need to go wash her ass and step her shit up.

  • DV8

    im guessing this must be in responce to Lil Kim allegedly inking a deal with Jay-Z (mediatakeout). I wouldnt be suprised if Fox wound up on G-Unit like Beans. 50 tried to sign Fox a while back too but it didnt go down for some reason. I think she was still signed to DefJam at the time when Jay-Z was still president.

    I remember on 50′s song “Be A Gentelman” when 50 said “The lord sent me to test you”. Looks like 50 is head bent on attempting to make Jay sweat. Im entertained!!!

  • http://xxlmag jb

    How is going on Dancing With The Stars embarrassing your borough? This bitch needs to grow up.

  • Victoria Page

    I am mad Foxxy is still beefing with Kim like 10 years later. She needs to get some new subject matter.

  • Worth The Read

    Ok!… she’s whack!… but lets not take it out on her, she Can’t HEAR!… so she dont know this shit is WHACK and NOBODY CARES ABOUT A FOXY BROWN, or a LIL KIM for that matter!… or that LOLA bitch either!… IDK… only bitch rappin is that NIKKI Minaj Bitch!

    • ms_spittuh

      She can’t hear? Did you just say “SHE CAN’T HEAR?!?” Obviously you’re the one who can’t hear if you even think that the shit Nicki Minaj is saying is considered a “rap”. I don’t know who needs the hearing aid you or her… Fox spits better shit than that plastic Barbie shit lol

  • Tony Grands

    Poor Foxy.

    I guess that video of her giving some dude a mic check didn’t help her career as much as she thought it would.

    Foxy: *unzipping dude’s pants* Shit, it worked for Kim Kardashian…..*slurp*

  • latino heat

    and in the battle of who’s more irrelevant…

  • king fresh

    foxy pipe down b4 that hearing rate of yous wonders off again…on sum real

  • WeOffThat88

    foxy is a much better rapper than lil kim lyrically.. lets not even get started

    kim is a fraud/fake ass bitch. she only claims the hood when it’s convenient for her.. when she was on that show she was actin like a white washed punk bitch, she wasn’t “hood” then.. foxy always been since day 1 a real thorobread bitch …

    BE YOURSELF BLACK PPL. Self-hatred & Self-loating in 2009 #weoffthat !!!

  • Brooklyn

    this beef is about as sad as the soulja boy/bow wow riff some time back. i mean, both bitches are waaaay past their prime. lil kim looks like joe jackson’s love child with a vietnamese hooker and foxy looks like jabba the hut. their music fell off big time, kim’s making duets with t-pain and that nigga from the gap band…this is just sad. this is like barbara streisand and bette midler beefing…they just need to sit down with this shit.

  • Enlightened

    Man, if she didn’t have them big ass titties, I wouldn’t never wanna hear from her again.

  • http://wtf S on my chest

    Wasn’t this bitch supposed to go brooklyn style on Fif? Still waiting for that………….

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  • anutha_level




  • PittsburghGFX

    They both kind of fell off, they need to bite the bullet and team with Nicki.

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  • El Tico Loco

    Foxy can spit but I hear Lil’ Kim swallows so there’s your winner. The loser still gets a pearl necklace.

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