DJ Drama has been busy as ever. recently spoke with Mr. Thanksgiving about an upcoming mixtape he’s working on with Fabolous, which is a sequel to 2008’s There is No Competition. During the interview he mentioned an upcoming project that he's working on with Wyclef.

“It’s Wyclef’s first all around hip-hop project since The Carnival,” Drama said. “He called me like, ‘Drama, let’s do something special. I don’t want to do a regular mixtape, I want to make a album.’ So we came up with the concept. I helped him put it together, executive produced it, helped him orchestrate it.”

V-12 the Hitman, Drama’s in-house producer, worked on four of the songs on the street album, which will be titled From the Hut to the Projects to the Mansion.

“Wyclef produced a bunch, Jermaine Dupri [too] and the shit's crazy,” Drama said. “One of the songs on there is ‘The Streets Pronounced Me Dead.’ [It’s] Wyclef speaking on how the street didn’t think he had it.”

The extended EP, which Drama says actually has about 16 tracks, is scheduled to drop tomorrow (November 10). —Brooklyne Gipson with additional reporting by Jesse Gissen