A settlement has been made in a lawsuit filed by 50 Cent against Taco Bell, who used the rapper's name to promote its products without proper authorization.

Without notifying 50, Taco Bell launched a national campaign last year in which they sent letters to the news media that jokingly asked the Queens MC to change his name to “79 Cent,” “89 Cent” or “99 Cent” to promote it’s value meals. Fif wasn’t too pleased about the fast food chain making money off his name without cutting him a check.

Although the exact details of the settlement remain unknown, it was reported that Fif was seeking $4 million in damages. According to the New York Post, both parties reached an agreement that was mutually satisfying.

As previously reported, the G-Unit leader recently filed suit against the popular video Web site worldstarhiphop.com for using his image on their home page without permission, leading many visitors to believe that the site was owned by him. A decision in that lawsuit has yet to be reached. —Brooklyne Gipson