XXcLusive: The Mad Rapper Reveals Comeback Plans

The Madd Rapper is back. In a recent interview with XXLMag.com, former Bad Boy producer Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie revealed that he has plans to drop a follow up album to 1999’s Tell ‘Em Why U Madd.

D-Dot—who first appeared as The Madd Rapper on a skit on The Notorious B.I.G.’s Life After Death—told XXL that the new disc is dropping next year. “I’m working on Mad Rapper Part 2,” he said. “It’s coming out the top of the year. Of course still mad.”

Angelettie has a slew of notable guest appearances on the project as well. “I got Nicki Minaj,” he shared. “I got Diddy. I got Ness. I got Busta. I got Keyshia Cole singing. I got records son. I got too many records that I could put out. I got Joell Ortiz, those are my boys from Brooklyn.”

As far as what the record is going to sound like, D-Dot expects fans to laugh. “It’s still going be mostly comedy,” he said, “me hating.” I got a record called ‘Dear Hip-Hop,’ where I wrote a letter to Hip-Hop hating on everybody.”

As of press time there is no set date for the album, but Angelettie expects to release it on his indie label Crazy Cat. –Elan Mancini with reporting by Rob Markman

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    LMAO!!! already.

  • AZ40

    I got John Blaze shit but they they not recognizin’!!!!

  • Real Talk

    You gave them my shit ?!!

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  • gkid12345

    Can’t wait for this one, the mad rapper was funny as hell and had some pretty good musik

  • DownSouth

    When I first heard that Biggie skit, I thought that was Canibus talking, lol!


  • latino heat

    i had a dream i got robed by that nigga Puff Daddy son! how the fuck a nigga like me gonna get robed by Puff Daddy son?! that nigga was robing me with ad-libs son!

    his 1st album had some heat on it. he’s been out of the game for a while though, i hope he’s still got it.

    do ya’ll think Kanye will do ghost production on this album too? i’m guessing not.

    • Lowedwn

      AHhhhhhhhhhhh, almost forgot about that one too, “Take That, Take That”

      He had a mixtape he dropped about a year ago or so, it was pretty solid.

  • Lowedwn

    Every Mad Rapper skit EVER is hilarious. My shit is the Lox interlude and the more recent DJ Drama ones with “the Mad Producer/DJ”

    “What I got to speak to u in your own language, Oh Oh What iz Dis, F-R-E…Free, LMAO

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    I wanna hear “Dear HipHop” like immediately…

  • paychexx

    my fav skit was the 8ball mjg one… orange mound? what the fuck is a orange mound…them niggas got jheri curls…

    of the biggie skit…this is my 4th album son, my 4th album!!!!


    @Tony Cents(errrrr Grand,fuck adda hea)
    Macdatruest,anybody else that is offended…..

    Newyawka’s back so da hating can proceed,
    gotta be da envy, jealous and da make believe greed,
    Tony Cents,dat nigga used to be my protege’,
    i’m da predator,negro u stuck being da prey,
    Da Balla,top of da rap food chain,
    i stay high,like a N.Y.C. construction crane,
    niggaz feen for my shit,more then da shit they stick in they veinz,
    it’s a infinite reign,even if i’m locked up and in chains,
    it’s something u niggaz betta get used taaa,
    or find ya remains,floating in da sewer,
    anything Tony Cents type, be certified manure
    I’m back to spitting,knowing my fans been deprived,
    Mac don’t wanna collide,
    I’m taking ya life,so God won’t decide,
    da result anotha unsolved homicide,
    took da “L” rappin,courtesy of T-Money,
    my alias be Da Balla,while u stuck livin crummy,
    When i cum through,Tony,ya blackberry battery won’t be da only thing dead,
    u now deceased,credit me for boosting ya street cred

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaa sonnnnnnnnn,Let’s do disssss

  • balaramesh

    the madd rapper was mad funny. however, creativity falls on deaf ears right now. the rap game is like mcdonalds right now.

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol KidPistol


    HAHAHAHA that was so wack. They call that humpty-dumpty rap

  • Makaveli1671

    “And yo anyway who the fuck is you? You cant be asking me no questions like that”

  • newyawka631


  • Fireforreal

    That mad rapper shit was funny as fuck. The way hip hop is today I’m looking forward to this shit. For real. Most of these albums are pure comedy anyway LOL

  • http://myspace.com BluBlack

    He is mad funny, he got bars too,
    but i know he got beats for dayz,
    hit my man wit on and FING OUT

  • tmoney6191

    @tony grands

    you far behind nigga u aint winnin this race
    My flow is limitless without expiration dates/
    You want my style but you’ll have to be patient- wait
    Yo flow is trash. You aint nothin but some wasted space/
    you getting murdered no matter what response
    you know my shit is gold yourz is bronze/
    beware of your surroundings, you’re in a jungle environment bro
    what did your old ass still think you in the retirement home/
    do you understand I create fire like flint and stones
    maybe what I’m saying is over your head like getting hoes/
    for real though, u winning is impossible it just cant be done
    I’m setting up these obstacles u just cant overcome/
    I’m setting these bars so fucking high u just cant jump
    u delusional, thinking u got flows, u got none/
    be patient keep waiting
    some day you will be amazing/
    my daily policy stand with? honesty
    I defeat every one here very commonly/
    laughing say yo verse a comedy
    you dont like it I hit yo artery/
    Im the best you dont bother me
    this aint killing this is slaughtery/
    you better take a step back and analyze the situation,
    cause if you dont drama will be in the air like precipitation/


    Grand aint seeing dis young spitter.He’s going to do act like he didn’t see this.Whatta bitch move.

  • tmoney6191

    @tony cents

    nigga stop tryin to rehearse
    cuz in a sec, my heat will disperse/
    this weak little bitch, acting like he dont care
    but he alwayz reply with no rhymes I swear/
    cuz u lost u act like this is unimportant
    u deny 2 fight cuz of my MVP performance/
    Hold on, Let me get back in da game for a second
    Shoot you and have you leakin out yo brains and intestines/
    I’ll accidentally rip ya head off while I snatch ya necklace
    Rip a lung out ya chest bitch, and ? leave ya breathless/
    I don’t need a gun, I can use my hands as the weapons
    I’m da teacher lil bitch – I’ma teach u a lesson/
    its a fact that ya rap lack knowledge
    a couple lines and this rats demolished/
    the rap game is too lame
    if my raps was a drug ,you would wanna poke it in your veins /

  • DV8

    This is going to be hot. Laughs and good music to go!!!!

  • Tumi

    Was the mad rapper based on Pac during Life after Death? cos on Mase’s Harlem World there is the mad Producer who suddenly became not mad. didn’t Mase’s album come after Dre left death Row?

    • DV8

      most people thought that. D.Dot denied it was about Pac. He said it was just a random skit about a fictional mad rapper. It could have been about Jeru the Damaja or Nas because both had a little lyrical beef with B.I.G. at the time that the Mad Rapper surfaced

  • Tumi

    Lol wat about the song he did with Em. that was pure comedy……….I got a beautiful wife, daughter with a gorgeous home, wat would make me jump into a bath with a cordless phone?……….. damn Slim

  • Braille

    Im just thinking “50 cent how does it feel to RAWB an industry nigga” lmao

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