Update: Man Involved in Murder of T.I. Associate Pleads Guilty

The driver involved in the murder of T.I.’s close friend and assistant Philant Johnson, pled guilty to manslaughter and other charges in a Cincinnati courtroom yesterday (October 28).

According to the Associated Press, Padron Thomas is now facing 10 years for the crime. The 41-year-old man will officially be sentenced on November 17. He is currently in jail serving a 17 year sentence on separate drug trafficking charges. Both sentences will reportedly run concurrently.

Thomas was originally charged with murder, along with his brother Hosea. He then struck a deal with authorities back in December 2008, agreeing to testify that his brother was the one who pulled the trigger. This led to Hosea getting convicted and sentenced to 66 years last May.

Johnson was murdered on May 3, 2006 in a shootout after a club altercation spilled onto a Cincinnati highway. T.I. and his entourage were in town for a concert. —Elan Mancini

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  • Worley

    “The 41-year-old man will officially be sentenced on November 17.”

    What in the world is a 41 year old man doing involved in some stupid sh*t like this? Dude is going to be damn near 60 when he gets out. Was it worth it dude?

  • Justice4All

    It’s because we as a people tend to think that doing wrong is doing right. We are sad. Sidebar: Who is still selling dope? That’s played put.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    I can’t speak on dude’s personal life, because somewhere in his head he must’ve felt the need to do so many stupid things, but his was a life of waste. Wasted time, wasted space, wasted food, wasted education. Now, tax dollars will see to it that he’s feed daily & accomodated.

    I hope he doesn’t have kids, although we all know that’s probably not the case @ all.

  • http://xxlmag.com Blakout615

    I seen T.I.’s Behind the music and from what was said,this whole situation started over NOTHING. Damn shame man

    • Shawty J

      Most murders tend to start over nothing. It really is a shame…

  • Nati Boi

    The whole entourage thing is what got it started… How you goin to play tough guy and you are not on your own soil… So when u dealin with a goon filled crowd and actin up at a notorius club in cincy then that is the aftermath… On the real I still wonder how they made it to the highway… shoot outs in the parking lot there are a common theme… I am sorry it happened because now we can’t get an act to have an after party or do a club show no more…

  • gift

    this is a very fucked up situation indeed. Just glad justice has finally been served. On a sidenote though, hustlin is not played out. I don’t fuk wit dope because of the many many consequences behind it, but there are plenty of niggas still sellin shit. It’s not the wisest decision, but people make that decision everyday. I wish that wasn’t the case, because I’ve lost alot people to nonsense, and it’s fucked up. But dope bein played out? tell that to hypes that’s steady buyin that shit in every hood in america. If you not or haven’t been part of that environment, you can’t accurately call it played out. Not beefin, just statin the real

    • Detroit P

      Cosign…the drug trade is a staple in America just like many other countries.

  • Detroit P

    SMH@ this whole situation..but Extra SMH@ snitching on your own brother…unless his brother told him to do that, so he wouldnt serve as much time..

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    “Who is still selling dope?”

    pfizer, Kaiser Permanente, Walgreen’s, Duane Reade…

    These are the REAL dope sellers…

  • 3rd degree

    Selling dope is played and4 dummies…check the math…during a drug transaction you will either earn 20 bucks, get robbed, get arrested, or murdered! your chances of gettin fucked up is 75%! you put your life at risk for some new sneaks? slave ass niggas!

    • Caine

      Spoken by a nigga dat keep gettin robbed, nickle and dimin it…get ya weight up!

  • http://myspace.com/blublack bLUbLACK

    Yall dudes are crazy, the days of selling drugs
    are over,in NEW YORK ANYWAY, but if you are selling its just for sneaker money, cause when you start to get real doe. the F.E.D.S are on you waiting, so when you get large and you think your really doing it, thats when they bag you up, hit you wit FootBall numbers. So out of NY,Niggas is still get doe, but only if your Fam is Tight.