Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo Team Up for Collabo Mixtape

On the heels of his The BurrPrint (The Movie 3-D) mixtape with DJ Drama, Gucci Mane says he’s already just a couple weeks away from releasing another street disc with Shawty Lo, MTV reports.

Scheduled to drop sometime around Halloween, the mixtape is fittingly titled Fright Night. “I’m Jason, Gucci Mane is Michael Myers,” Lo told MTV. “We’re going in, we drop our mixtape this Halloween. It’s gonna be real crazy… DJ Drama, DJ Scream, they gonna do the mixtape together. [Me and Gucci], we’re going back-to-back, all-new material.”

In the meantime, The BurrPrint (The Movie 3-D) features cameos from OJ Da Juiceman, Wacka Flocka Flame, Shawty Red, Brick Squad, and Bun B. The disc came out over the weekend. –Brooklyne Gipson

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  • alderman j

    get that burrprint, i aint even gonna say who he name dropped, im sure this site will report it in a couple days like its news, im down here in TENNESSEE so i already ran through that BURRPRINT! GUCCI!!!

    • joe p

      wow might be the worst mixtape ever lol … these dumbass’ dont drop albums because they kno it will flop … they both suck dick … co-sign Fireforreal i aint hating on the south … just ppl that suck … i like musicians that master their craft … not people that kill it and think its some kind of “game”

  • Gerv

    Are mixtapes supposed to be the new albums for some of these no album droppin niggas.

  • Fireforreal

    Wow Two of the worst rappers around dropping a mixtape together! this is hip hop news ? so what if there popular they both suck. And I know there’s gonna be somebody reading this saying stop hating on the south but trust me it’s not hate because I don’t like non talented lyricist’s. I love the south Outkast,Scarface,Ludacris,Goodie mob,(T.I. well….. some of his shit)

  • Beave

    TWO OF THE WACKEST! lol @ these two clowns.

  • El Tico Loco

    The beats will outrhyme the rappers that’s for sure

  • aybay

    BURRR gucci is the realest fuck the haters

    • El Tico Loco

      Since when real = good? Shit Ryan Leaf was real so was Brian Bosworth there’s no hatin of realness on here is the wackness. Ya’ll need to stop enabling these niggas you a fan be a real fan and don’t allow supbar material to enter your ears tell your idols to step up their spit game cuz right right now they swallow.

  • goldie

    He dissed jeezy on this mixtape also, I dont have a problem with him dissing jeezy but when reporters ask him did he diss jeezy or why he dissed him ,he acts like he has no problems or he doesnt know what ther talkin bout and jody breeze is diissin jeezy and now claims to be a blood and has some of gucci mane potnas in his video. what da hell is wrong wit niggas nowadays

  • balaramesh

    get your dictionary ready for this one. this one is for the real “hip hop” heads.

    “saying stop hating on the south but trust me it’s not hate because I don’t like non talented lyricist’s. I love the south Outkast,Scarface,Ludacris,Goodie mob,T.I”

    ……….eightball and mjg, killer mike and scarface.

    i love good southern rappers.

    i cannot believe anyone listens to clowns like gucci mane and shawty lo. these are fools at best. they are as talented as hanna montana and posh spice.

  • A.K.

    We know lyrically they shit as hell..but Gucci just got that sound, like when you hear it in the club, you gon go “uhhhhhh Gucci”..has tht swag on the track, no homo.

  • young gutta

    ay, man ay!!! word to da haterz man yall, needa quit nockin, on dat nigga gucci!!!
    so wat if shawty hoe sucks dick dnt no body like dat fake ass lame ass lil, fat fuck crab..look man we ride to gucci mane in my hood he a screet nigga furst off second off, he do got good shit its jus, he got abunch,uh haterz dat ride on jeezy nutts das, all….
    FUCK A HATER!!!!

  • Redd

    Gucci drops a mixtape everyday. Nothn New.