Kanye Delivers Heartfelt Apology to Taylor Swift on Jay Leno [Video]

Seems like Kanye West is genuinely sorry for interrupting teen star Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at last Sunday’s (September 13) MTV Video Music Awards.

Before performing his verse on “Run This Town” alongside Jay-Z and Rihanna on Jay Leno’s new prime time NBC show, the outspoken rapper delivered a public apology to Swift. Wearing all-black, a solemn West said that he was sorry. “I immediately knew in this situation that it was wrong,” he said, adding, “it wasn’t a spectacle, it was someone’s emotion I stepped on and it was rude period.” [Watch Below]

When asked at what point he regretted his actions, Kanye said: “as soon as I gave the mic back to her and she didn’t keep going.”

The interview took a surprising turn when Leno asked the Chicago artist how he felt his late mother would react to his outburst. Visibly shaken, Ye took a few quiet moments to reflect on the question before answering. “Yeah, obviously I deal with hurt and so many celebrities they never take the time off, and I’d never taken the time off –you know just music after music and tour after tour—I’m just ashamed that my hurt has caused someone else’s hurt,” he said, as the talk show host rubbed his leg. “I don’t want to justify it cause I was just in the wrong but I have to analyze how I’m gonna make it through the rest of this life, because I am a celebrity and its something I have to deal with and if there’s anything I can do to help Taylor in the future or help anyone…I wanna live this thing.. its hard sometimes.”

This is not the first time Ye has apologized to the country singer. In addition to the onscreen interview he has written two statements on his blog, admitting fault in the situation.

“I’d like to be able to apologize to her in person,” he said. -Elan Mancini

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  • Kid Pistol

    XXL -

    In that poll you guys have on the main page (Will Kanyes outburst affect his career?) You need to rewrite it to be more accurate, by saying something like “HOW will it affect his career?”

    Yeezy’s the best.

    • joe p

      all that is was is this nigga went to the vma’s with a fuck you attitude and got all fucked up off the henny and probably high as hell or w.e and did some fucked up shit lol now he’s sorry and everyone will welcome him with welcome arms …. planned out question and answers … blah blah “if ur mom was still her ” blah then kanye speechless…. terinteno probably wrote that shit lmao

      • Monty B.

        Are you trying to say Tarantino you monosyllabic baboon?

  • Technique

    I’m glad he’s stepping up and sayin sorry. still it was a bitch move, and what little respect i had for kanye i lost last night.

  • sealsaa

    Nice to see that he’s repenant, but he’s still an arrogant prick witha severe case of diarhhea of the mouth. Lol @ 50 Cent inviting Kanye to snatch the mic from him.

  • RiZob

    Jay Leno went in! he didnt even have to go there….but im glad he did! LOL!!! Kanye racking up L’s quicker the Joe Budden! lol

  • http://www.reewinemusic.com Dj Justice

    I felt he really ment that one this time. The one he wrote on his blog was lame, this one was much better. We all act stupid when we drink, he just chose the wrong time and place. Kanye will bounce back.

  • http://www.twitter.com/bserious B. Serious

    I think he redeemed him self a little

  • REAL TALK ’09

    SEE ‘Ye U never should choose the evil over walking with JESUS!….man…i use to like ur music..i even thought U Were the best at one point….i been got rid of ur cdz be4 this mess…Plus, OBAMA called U a Jackass!….U Jay and dat un This Town…The Masons evil message!…All this made me re-think Hip Hop…..and Lil Mam…Hip Hop has had its day…right on the anniversary of 2pac death!…its a DisGrace!

  • REAL TALK ’09


  • REAL TALK ’09

    Hip HOP is Dead N the Worse Way!

  • Shawty J

    Glad he stepped up and apologized here, hopefully he does get to apologize to her in person. It was kinda funny seeing Ye speechless for once, LOL.


    What a turd of a human being…. so over him….

  • thatkid40

    kanye is the fukin man period.
    he did that bcuz he was emotional beyonce didnt win when she shld of obviously seeing how she won best video doesnt that entitle her 2 best female video ?think about it what did she have a dick 4 the 2 min mtv thought about who shld win ? it was wrong 4 him 2 crush taylors night but when u r emotional and passionate about something u dnt always think b4 u act.
    i dont kno any other artist that is passionate about music as kanye.
    he loves music.
    he loves music ppl thats all that matters and he makes beautiful music.
    kanye is the greatest.

  • money mitch

    Wow leno is a beast! He said “what would momma dukes say?” not in those words obviously but that really puts in perspective for kanye just letting him know how wrong he was and that kanye knows it too because you can tell he almost started to cry or was at the very least in deep thought about what his mother would have said about the situation

  • hate


    sure what he did was rude, and embarrassing to our culture. but whitey upped it a level today.
    white people were callin people niggers and writting all kinds of nigger related blogs. guess you dont fuck with the redneck princess

    i’m a be for real with y’all. i’m white and i never heard of that dirty bitch. fuck that ho

    i’m from the hood and we had some redneck trailer park scum move in last month.

    soon as they got drunk they was screamin nigger. we beat the fuck out um but the point is this…

    kanye act a fool so immediately every redneck with a burning hate for different ethnicities gets on their keyboard and starts typing hate laced propaganda.

    if i was kanye i wouldnt apologize to that white cunt. we obviously see who she represents

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Until you are behind the scenes,

      The ends do not justify the means.

      A behind the scenes cat spoke up.

      What does that mean?


      Maybe they were being rude to Beyonce…

      Co-sign. You see the G.

  • ROCstar

    ^^^ okay well i’m not white and i definitely think kanye did the RIGHT thing. this isnt about race, its about respecting something resembling a big moment in the career of a fellow musician. he was wrong and he should have apologized. lets not turn this into an argument about something its not and hey, lets not try to be so fuckin ignorant.

  • fyasko51

    Wow, Hate, your one cold turkey….Im pretty sure your the most educated person on this page…You can obviously tell that your from the “Hood”…your like Kanye, ignorant….Both of you should get together and argue to see why whatever comes out of each others mouth is important…

  • caino

    l love the fact that Obama supposebly called Ye a ‘Jackass’, its great how the most powerful man in th world get all heated about the VMA’s.

  • caino

    l love the fact that Obama supposebly called Ye a ‘Jackass’, its great how the most powerful man in the world gets all heated about the VMA’s.

    • HIPHOP

      When that Congressman called me a lyer to his face on national television…..this story obviously seems more important to everyone on. To my homie HATE above, as ignorant as is post was he has a point, this whole thing got blown waaay out of proportion, and we gettin distracted folks.

      Kanye was a dick, but wen has he never been. Music speaks for itself, so he’ll bounce back.


    thats wassup. shit looked genuine to me. i knew he was gon fall back for a while, come back with some banging ass music, & mtv right back on his jock. like yesterday never happened


      oh yeah. forgot to mention the Taylor Swift/ Kanye West collabo. oh, you know that shit coming.

  • HollyHood

    The nigga apology was genuine. who are we to judge. 90% of the people withsomething negative to say are jealous and wanna be Kaye. as long as he keeps making GOOD music(pun intended)he will be ok.

  • Prince Caesar

    Kanye is a bitch. First of all, why would u bumrush the stage, only, to dickride Beyonce?! Beyonce’s video was mediocre at best..not..one of the greatest of this decade. Afterwards, this lame goes on Jay Leno after he’s sobered up trying to apologize and getting all teary-eyed. Kanye is looking more a like a clown, than, a MC. “Don’t ever fix your lips like collagen, to say something when you gon end up apologing”. Take your own advice, lame!

  • RotterdamSoldier

    Serena Williams

    Emmanuel Adebayor

    Kanye West

    Damn it wasn’t a good week for us black folks.

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