Common Reunites with No I.D. & Kanye West on The Believer

Common is returning to his roots. After linking with The Neptunes for the majority of last year’s dance friendly Universal Mind Control, the Chi-town MC is reuniting with Kanye West and No I.D. for his ninth studio album, The Believer.

During the benefit show for his Common Ground Foundation over the weekend, Com told that he has already recorded tracks with Kanye and No I.D. for the project, which he expects to hit stores sometime next spring.

No I.D. has been producing songs for the rapper/actor ever since Com first broke out onto the scene in 1992 with Can I Borrow A Dollar? He went on to produce the majority of Common’s next two albums: Resurrection and One Day It’ll All Make Sense.

Along with signing the fellow Chicago resident to his G.O.O.D. Music imprint, Kanye produced the bulk of Com’s highest selling album 2005’s Be, as well as 2007’s Finding Forever.

Common also said he has been in the studio with beatsmith Twilite Tone, who he hasn’t worked with since One Day It’ll All Make Sense. Like I.D. Twilite also produced a lot of songs on Com’s debut.

As previously reported, the rap vet brought out a star studded cast of hip-hop heavyweights at his show last Saturday (September 26). Nas, Ye, De La Soul, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, The Roots, Ludacris, Heavy D and Queen Latifah all hit the stage to help Common raise money for his foundation. –Max G with reporting by Slav Kandyba

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  • Silly Chilly Willy

    This is a classic in the making….



    good look com name your next album BE 2 and bring that fire

  • Donknottz

    Good maybe we wont have to deal with any more Common Bullshast and we can get back to Common Sense like Resurrection Common Sense not stupid trash like like water for chocolate, that Circus album even Be sorta sucked except 4 a few tracks. Oh and one last thing lay off the white people, every album he takes a shot at white people and were the only people who show up at his shows or bu y his albums. Oh and F Michael Vick and Common 4 supporting that executing, hanging, electrocuting,dog drowning son of a biach.

    • sid b

      U sick as fuck Be is classic homie

      • Tony Grands

        Yeah, “Be” was a good album, dude. Maybe you weren’t in a place in your life that you could appreciate the maturity of what he spoke on. I suggest you give that joint another listen in a few years.

    • RDS

      Electric Circus is a highly underrated album. It’s funny. Dudes thought he was out of his mind for doing an album, but the real issue was how far ahead it was sonically. If you go back and listen to it now, the whole album, sonically, is amazing. My favorites are “Electric Wire Hustle Flower”, “I Am Music” and “Between Me, You and Liberation”.

      And you out your rabbit-ass mind for saying “Be” sucked. That album is classic. My only problem with the project is that it’s two short. I think it’s only 40-45 minutes long.

      • PhreshOxford

        I totally phuckin CO-SIGN… Electric Circus was very much ahead of its time, sonically… It’s just that a lot of cats wasn’t prepared for it… It was mad futuristic/psychedelic… My joints were “Aquarius” & “Electric Wire Hustle Flower”…

        -I AM OXFORD

    • DV8

      “Like Water for Chocolate” was a dope album to me. Even “Electric Circus” had its moments. I know he was trying to experiment on that album but he might have went a tad overboard with that one. Im tardy on that UMC though still havent listened to it yet. I know Common gonna bring it on this next one. I cant wait for that to drop.

  • HNIC

    I can’t wait to hear it! Common over ‘Ye beats, that’s a win/win.

  • HNIC

    I also hope that considering that Common, Kanye & No I.D. hail from the Chi, that they’ll consider making a song regarding the recent tragedy of Derrion Albert’s murder & also for the countless people who have lost their lives in similar fashion, through no fault of their own; since they have their voices, a forum & the ability to shine light upon the pandemic & plight of impoverished people in their own backyard & abroad.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine


    Because “Universal Mind Control” is a keychain now.

    • Mutada/Mullah Atari

      No more remakes ands skateboard “pee” beats please……..

      • EmCDL

        Man why yall hating on UMC that album was tight IMO, wayyyyy better than Electric Circus (*vomits in mouth*). But with this new album he working on, I’m sure its gonna be way better than the last.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Sarcasm @ it’s finest.

          I’m hoping for a meeting of the minds and not the checking of the egos. We’ll see.

        • EmCDL

          I know its all good manye I was just stating my opinion thats all

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Best News I’ve Heard All Day

  • Dante

    If Blueprint 3 is any indication of what Kanye/No I.D. beats currently sound like, I’ll pass on this shit.

    And “Be” is boring garbage much like everything after “Like Water for Chocolate”

  • Andrew Barber

    Yo, Common worked with Twilite Tone a.k.a. Ynot on One Day It’ll All Make Sense. You may want to revise your article. Just a heads up!

  • Fireforreal

    Dante you dumb ass. How can you say Be was boring ? you must be one of those old heads who think an artist like common should stay in 1994 or Nas should try to be the same artist he was when he created illmatic. I admit that last album was wack and the tracks on the blueprint 3 are dissappointing but don’t count common of all people out. He’s gonna deliver this time.

    • Tony Grands


      I doubt that dudes an “old head”, because all the cats from my era appreciated that album for what it was. An honest album about how he felt & what he was going through @ the time, as opposed to unnecessary bragging, empty threats & mundane word play.

      There’s a reason that “Be” is Com’s biggest selling album.

      But, I feel him on thinking it was garbage; grown-up rap isn’t for everybody, just the ones mature enough to understand it.

  • Tёma

    Great news!
    Glad to see the positive comments flowing in, Common is definetly one of the greatest to grace the mic.
    To those who think otherwise, read Fireforreal’s and Tony Grands comments.

  • DetroitDraper

    Im 23 so Electric Circus was the first Common disk I had ever gave a chance to and bought/listened to in its entirety and that was it. It lit the match to me and I’ve been a fan every since but that last album was the worst bullshit ever…he really lost some fans with that one. I mean when it came out after both great albums Be and Finding Forever I bought it immediately. Alot of fans will be sketchy and hesitate on buying his new album after horrible shit…I blame Pharell


    • DV8

      you gotta check out “One Day It Will All Make Sense” and “Like Water For Chocolate” too. “Resurrection” (make sure you listen to Resurrection (the single) RMX) and “Can I Borrow A Dollar” might be a little to old school for you but give them a listen as well.

  • I am legend

    Be was his best album hands down finding 4 ever tried 2 duplicate the magic of be but it felled a lil short but it was an ok album nonetheless yall smokin crack if u think be was garbage and common sounds best over ye, the old no id and premier his chemistry aint that good with pharrell even though pharrell is dope the best song they did 2gether was the punch drunk love remix on univ. mind control.