Lil Wayne & T.I.’s Daughters Shopping Reality Show

With T.I.’s girlfriend and Lil Wayne’s ex scoring their own reality TV shows, their daughters are following their mothers’s footsteps.

The two girls—Wayne’s 10-year-old daughter, Reginae Carter, and Zonnique Pullins, the 13-year-old daughter of T.I.’s girlfriend, Tiny—are looking to land a reality series as one-half of preteen-singing group, the OMG Girls.

According to the New York Post, the starlets in the making have linked with Ish Entertainment, which produced T.I.’s MTV series Road to Redemption, to pitch the show about their singing group.

The girls will joining Bahjah and Lourdes Rodriguez (11- and 10-years-old, respectively), both daughters of Silk singer Jonathen “John-John” Rasboro.

T.I.’s longtime girlfriend Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and Weezy’s daughter’s mom Antonia “Toya” Carter, joined forces earlier this summer for their own show on BET, Tiny & Toya. –John Kennedy

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    • MO



    OMG Girls. sad thing is, i actually heard someone mention them a couple times on the radio down here. i definitely didn’t expect it to be Tip & Wayne’s children. Wayne probably don’t know any better, but Tip? (technically, that ain’t the daughter that HE fathered anyway). but still… don’t do this to your children.

  • D


    • DetroitDraper

      LMFAO but thats the sad reality. They’re gonna grow up way ahead of their time as far as being “fast”. Just by being celebrity daughters they were gonna be exposed to some crazy unusualcircumstances/events that the average kid shouldnt be around or witness but now that they’r being thrown into the public spotlight and so called music biz its gonna be even worse. I feel bad for celebrity children.

  • G2

    Ish Entertainment…sounds about right.

  • latino heat

    wow. what the fuck?

  • General

    Networks must be gettin desperate if they put this on TV…

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    what would you when ya’ pops stay twinkie trade material or addicted to childrens robitussin? Gotta eat! ( No Rally’s or Checkers dependin’ on the region).

  • venemez

    hora si me la jalaron no mamen

  • rrahha


  • The_Truth

    **I’m sure they’ll have an episode about ‘How much she misses her daddy in jail’. . .that’s mandatory for n*gga shows.

  • LeroyLove2001

    I hope Mike’s kids don’t get influence by this. I can see Blanket now, dangling his dog over the balcony, for some PR time. sad

  • Beast McCoy

    I have to say it myself sometimes it’s just better NOT to whore your children out to the masses. I mean at least wait until they are 15 – 16 years of age before you try to shovel them out to the masses and record execs. Maybe I have the “wrong” perspective but children really don’t understand the demands of a life in the public eye and I wouldn’t want to punish them under the scrutiny of the public eye. Because you are just begging for some psyche problems later. If you are already living “La Vida Dulce” why would you want to hustle your own children? Because your career fizzled out now it’s time to relive your dream through your children. Negro Please, you better find a better hobby than this, go to school if you feel like you life is unfulfilled don’t train wreck your kids. Let them be children and not entertainers. Give them a chance to realize all their dreams & possibilities and not just the ones you approved. The lure and seduction of money, power & respect is a intoxicating drug to those with self esteem issues.

    • DownSouth

      Dats real spit, dookie. But you know how da game go; when money is involved, morals and values are thrown out the window.

      DOWN SOUTH!!!

  • LeroyLove

    I hope Mike kids don’t get influenced by this dumb shit. I can see Blanket now, dangling his dog over the balcony for some PR time. sad.

  • Silly Willy

    WHAT THE FUCK !!!!!!!!


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  • Sleepy Wonder

    Awww How Cute…Sike. Well What Do You Expect, You Think Reginae Wants To Stay At Home Watching Her Father Make Out With Baby All Day Long?

  • Tony Grand$

    Saddest shit is that they will definitely get this show on somebody’s network. It’s just a matter of when. There’s too much star power attached to these kids, collectively, for them to be ignored.

    They’re celebrity’s by default, so if it wasn’t this, it would be something else. & to think, there’s some genuinely talented kids, somewhere in the gutters of society, who deserve the break that the rich & famous babies are destined to inheirent.

    God bless them, though. Hopefully Soulja Boy’s autobiography will be out in time to help them avoid the pitfalls.

    • render

      I actually wanna find out what a soulja boy autobiography would look like

      “sex, drugs and remote controls: the deandre way story”

  • DaBigBoy

    O Lord no!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYY????????????

  • A

    Honestly, who the F cares?

  • Yessir

    Since their parents can not tell them.

    Obama please tell theses young girls to stay in school.

  • Futuristic D

    i think that all the ppl who on here writin all this negative stuff is just hatin on them because yall kno if yall had the chance to do something lyk that yall would… u only have 1 life to live so live it lyk u wont 2… and if they feel okay about it then let them do it…

  • Tanya

    Wat the hell

  • Nuney

    all of you guys is just F**ked up… your just mad because you aint making money like them… your just wanna bees… like really grow tha hell up and them alone…. there in the age of 10 thru 13 if they want to make then let them…

  • Ms.BlackDiamond

    This tiny and toya show is lame and country azz hell. First of all Tiny iz so dam ugly and make ATL witches look country and corny az hell…What did she do with the money she got from singin with Escape givin herself Botox injections. Iz Tip Harris on Drugs..he had to be when he met tiny. Second of all Toya needs to move the fuck on..It is done for her and Wayne..She is lookin dumb as hell…Toya is beautiful and their are mad N*ggas out their who can lay it down better than LIL Weezy..So move on Ma and let that N*gga B.