Jay-Z Speaks on 9/11 Charity Concert, Hints at Surprise Guests

Jay-Z spoke at a press conference this morning (August 31) to provide details about his “Answer The Call” charity concert on September 11.

The show, which occurs on the eighth anniversary of both the 9/11 tragedy and Jay’s first Blueprint release, is being housed in Madison Square Garden, with all proceeds from the show going to New York Police and Fire Widows’s and Children’s Benefit Fund.

Hov said the charitable concert was inspired by the heroism displayed in New York City after the World Trade Center terrorist attacks. He remembers viewing the destruction and rescue efforts back in 2001, from a television in Los Angeles, where he had been shooting his “Girls, Girls Girls” video.

“It looked like a movie to me,” Jay-Z said of the 9/11 news coverage. “It didn’t look like anything that could be real. So the last thing I was thinking about was an album. The first thing I was thinking about was what happens from here?

“I turned on the TV September 12, and I saw footage of these heroic actions, people running into buildings and saving each other and I just saw the strength of New York,” Jay continued. “It made me proud. So as I was embarking on putting out this Blueprint 3, it was only right to revisit the day and this is my chance to do something to help out.”

The Brooklyn rapper was tightlipped about the show. Of guests appearances he said, “it could be one, it could be 10,” adding that he’ll likely perform “anywhere between four to more” tracks from his upcoming album.

As XXLMag.com previously reported, “Answer The Call” will coincide with the release of Jay’s The Blueprint 3, hitting stores the same day.

The concert will air on Fuse TV at 9pm EST. Tickets will go on sale to the general public on September 8 at noon. They can be purchased for $50 each at ticketmaster.com. –John Kennedy

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  • Silly Willy

    Him who shall not be named will probably be there, since shoving inside hip hop nation’s throat is the new gospel………


      dont hate !

  • Enlightened

    Jay-Z be killin ‘em with moves like this. This nigga is having a Madison Square Garden concert on the same day his album drops and he doesn’t even have to mention the album to promote it.

    Even if he didn’t care about the people or wasn’t really touched by the heroism and all that, just because he’s donating all the money to the families, New York City officials all the way up to the mayor have to respect it, and even go along with it – as opposed to all the shit that came up and made 50 cancel his day in the hood.

    Smooth shit.

  • gkid12345

    So does the album drop on 9/11 or no??

    • venemez


  • Technique

    I haven’t been bumpin Jay too much as of recent but what else can you really say about this move except genius?

  • drizzy

    The blueprint 3 is leaked! And it f***ing SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nate

    NYPD will allow Jay

    because it’s for NYC in MSG and the white folks will pay.

    If it’s a day in Queens the loser haters threaten to slay

    the man who gives back to the hood for free
    so the mayor cancels his day

    20,000 tickets X 50 is a cool mill for charity

    you can’t better market a album than that using free publicity.

    Haters say that 50 never comes around hardly

    But he bused the kids out of Queens while Jay-Z avoids Marcy.

    • PCBhriz

      Fam, its obvious yu study jay with the way yu wrote them lyrics. Give it up.

  • 9/11 Truth

    all my 9/11 Truthers will be there!

  • JR

    $50? Damn thats nothin!! I’m in there on 9/11!

  • chad ross

    stop hating on jay-z



  • Ruc

    Real talk. Whoever sed they downloaded Blueprint 3 and said dat it sucks need ta get hit in da fuckin temple 4 even thinkin dat. Hov has sum classics up there n I promise u dat it is “Album of The Year” worthy (N yes I mean dat even ova “Relapse” which was previously my favorite). This is my opinion. U got a problem then dat is ur problem but I really don’t believe dude believes wat he said real talk. I believe he wasn’t expectin it 2 be as good as it is (which I didn’t either). The difference between us tho is dat he prolly talked shit about Jay n when he heard da album Jay made him EAT HIS OWN ASS N HE DON’T WANNA OWN UP TO IT. I thought da album was gon be good but not as good as it is. U can’t predict dat 1….It’s too good. P.S. I gurantee yo ass still got Blueprint 3 songs on yo shit n is playin em when u’re alone……
    …..I then turn “On To The Next One” waaay waaaaaaaaay up n listens 2 da album.
    Well done Hov. Well done.

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  • matty21

    Yo, dats wats up Jay….need more of dis, great sht

  • meermteressa

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