Don Cannon Collects Unreleased Songs By Busta Rhymes & Asher Roth for New LP has learned that Atlanta-based DJ/producer Don Cannon is currently compiling an album full of unreleased songs featuring the likes of Busta Rhymes, Asher Roth and Jim Jones, among others.

Cannon, responsible for such hits as Young Jeezy’s “Go Crazy,” and “Circulate” as well as such underground bangers as “Cannon (Remix)” and “La Di Da,” told XXL that the disc will be a precursor to a full-fledged LP. “[I’m]putting out a pre-album before my album comes out,” he said, “which will be a little independent shake up of records that I produced that never landed on albums from Busta to Jim Jones to Cool Kids to Asher, just put that out while people are waiting for my album to come out and give them something to listen to without being in mixtape mode, me screaming a whole bunch of my drops, you know what I mean.”

Cannon is looking to put it out in the coming months. “I’m thinking October/November release,” he shared. “It’s gonna be a strict independent release, have about 12 records on it. It’s pretty cool, I leaked a couple over the last couple of months, you know the Busta record, but I might do a remix to it, put a lil extra verses and extra instruments just to give it that feel. But those are my main focuses right now.”

In addition to the comp, Cannon recently dropped the Young Chris mixtape, The Network. “It brought out a reunion between him, Freeway, Beanie Sigel, and you know Peedi Crack, that’s locked up, you just had them all back up in State Property mode,” he explained. “The tape came out super crazy, and I’m getting a lot of calls about his buzz.” -Jesse Gissen

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  • BeerGangsta

    Cannon is smart to stay out of that kids bullshit. I am talking about Drama and Jeezy. Drama played a Gucci song and Jeezy been mad every since. Cannon is on his grind. Making good moves. Cannon is a good DJ and a Beat Maker.

  • EmCDL



    • EmCDL

      damn almost had it!

  • Pierzy

    Asher Roth! Awesome!

  • amy

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  • General

    He really should keep them unreleased shits from Jim Jones and Asher Roth locked up…

    No need to release em, we don’t want em

  • Els’

    Agree wid Jones but ain’t got no problem wid Asher, white boy can rhyme and live P.A. I saw of him over here (London) was aiight.
    Better than alot of others that have travelled to these shores in the recent past…..least we could understand what dude was saying!

  • yoprince

    putting out an album for what??

    just keep making and selling beats..

    • GregSIDE

      Why??? To make your name bigger! Not everybody listens to mixtapes and knows who makes what beat. Just like Drama did his Gangsta Grillz LP’s. Even the people who know what a Gangsta Grill is normally associate The name with Drama and only know Cannon cause of the “Cannon” remixes. Cannons a bad M-Fucca. This can put the spotlight more on him then standing in Drama shadow. So I give props to my man. I’ll definitely be watchin’ for this shit to drop. Both of ‘em. Especially the LP. Do ur thing Cannon!

  • K. Leo


  • trill

    drama told jeezy to give him twenty thousand for a mixtape for one of his artist ,funny how niggas will do you when they blow up