C-Murder Sentenced To Life Behind Bars

C-Murder has been sentenced to life in prison today (August 15) after being convicted of second-degree murder three days ago.

District Judge Hans Liljeberg delivered the mandatory sentence after the bench voted 10-2 in favor of conviction on Tuesday, according to the Associated Press.

As XXLMag.com previously reported, C-Murder was found guilty of the shooting that killed 16-year-old Steve Thomas in 2002. The initial verdict reached this week was declared invalid, due to Liljeberg’s suspicion that a juror changed his or her vote merely to end deliberations. 

Hours later, the same vote came in, which would become the steadfast verdict.

C-Miller was found guilty in this case back in 2003, but he was granted a new trial when the conviction was overturned. -John Kennedy

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    ya’ll niggaz done heard of em’. Pierzy!

    • Big Ran

      Man it’s crazy the way they are making examples out of the younger generation( Gen X-people under 30) All you see and hear is negative things about Gen-X. I guess as long as they keep poppin pills and pistols people like Bush won’t have to push for population control too much longer b-cuz Gen-X would have wiped itself clean out of existance!!!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    It was said that when you take a life, you actually take two.

    Your own as well.

    • jburg

      Thats what they say!!! You know what, I hate to see black men put behind bars, but when you make choices like taking a gun to a club and shooting inside the bitch, you get what you deserves. I have no sympathy for him. That young boy he killed will never get his life back, why should C-Murder?

    • phil1985uk

      succinct.. well put
      poor fuckin c, 7yrs later an shyt

  • Diabolo

    A shame that it had to go down that way, sometimes “to keep it real” is to use your brain instead of popping heat.

    Too bad the ghetto dont teach that..


      ^^^^^^^^^Full cosign. Which is why being “ghetto” needs a new definition. Too many young cats dying in the street over nonsense.

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Any possibility of parole? Seems he should at least have that after 15-20 years.

    • DaFakz

      Life is Life my nigga. Yo at least he lived up to his name, now he’ll have juice in the fuckin clink.wow Stupid fuck

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  • General

    I guess you get what you got comin…

    Some of these rappers never leave the bullshit behind. Killin a 16 year old, SMH


    why do fags type pierzy ? get a life

    • Grimey G

      I totally agree that it is really corny when people type “Pierzy” cuz they are the first one to post. There is nothing cool about being the first guy to reply to a blog post, it is not an accomplishment and it is certainly nothing that somebody should take pride in. However to be fair, at the end of the day all of us are douchebags who are commenting on blogs, none of us are acting all that cool.

  • Sleepy Wonder

    You Must Be New Here If You Don’t Know Why The First Comment Types In Perzy. You Betta Ask Somebody…

    Back To C-Murder, Night Night Keep Ya Butthole Tight!

    • http://xxlmag.com Weezy

      I think he was asking somebody you dumb fuck.

    • jburg

      Been here for years and I don’t know? Enlighten me!

      • Mr. 306

        Obviously you haven’t if you’ve never realized. Pierzy comments on here alot and i believe guest blogged? people used to say first. now they say pierzy cause first was getting old so there must be a replacement right?

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

          Sort of.

          He was first on like every story/blog on here a few months back. Somebody said we should start saying Pierzy because, yeah, “first” was getting old.

        • Capital G

          What’s good T? I’m gonna have to take the blame for the whole “Pierzy” thing. “First” was played the fuck out and I’m pretty sure it was on a DP blog or when it was Billy X. that I made the suggestion to give the man his due.(I’d try to find it but I don’t care that much, just trust me on this one)

    • matty21

      u Fags shuldn’t b makin dem ignorant ass comments like keep ur butthole tyte n don’t drop da soap….a man wit family n sht just lost his life…..i ant sayin wat was/wasn’t done was rite or justifying nething, but he lost his life….n wat ur sayin is plain ignorance, u fags dunno wats gonna happen 2 him in jail or wat he’s like as a man…shut up homos…. n karma mite get u ignorant punks, den u can make sure u keep ur own buttholes tight…

  • giantstepp

    Leave that BS alone because it will get you caught up. This case is a prime example. C-Murder shoulda had his ass in the cut chilln like lil bro Silk. Aint nobody hear a word from dude in years. He got that scrilla from the No Limit days, and is somewhere living the good life. I know P set his brothers up nicely.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Damn shame. Just to play devil’s advocate, I would kind of understand if it was a GROWN MAN attempting to do some legitimate damage to C. Miller’s life in some form or fashion. Self defense/preservation, per se.

    But, the “story” behind the murder, & that footage of him in that club doorway (seperate incident) leads me to believe that this man had some demons that he couldn’t exocisize on his own.

    Now, God won’t have a hard time trying to find him. Or the relatives of that boy either, for that matter.

  • http://pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    its no coincidence they call him C-Murder

  • Trenton backshot

    C-murder I saw this coming back in 99. Your a dumb n1gga4real. Your brand is worth about 200 million dollars at the time and you rent a apartment in the Projects! WTF.. Art imate

    • BeerGangsta

      Dam that’s Fuck up! I agree Trenton.

    • http://XXLMAG.COM JAYONE


  • Brooklyn

    damn homey, don’t drop the soap.

  • RL


  • BeerGangsta

    Dam u won’t the Murder name. Know you got the Murder name u dam fool. Rappers should learn a lesson on this. Nobody gives a Fuck about ya’ll won’t to be azz. TuPac was not hard! He was not the best Rapper. Just a BrainWash jerk! Black people are Fuck up!

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      “TuPac was not hard! He was not the best Rapper. Just a BrainWash jerk! Black people are Fuck up!”

      ^^^^Normally, Beergangsta, I try to ignore your banter for the sake of not conjuring up a
      headache. But, dude, what the fuck does Tupac’s standings have to do with this? & then you take a racist swipe @ Black people, even though you claim that you’re black? The fuck?

      REAL TALK made a valid point, but what you said was ridiculous. Not to mention your on-going battle with grammar….

      • anutha_level

        “Not to mention your on-going battle with grammar…”

        yea mane…that cat his OWN life sentence wit illiteracy!

      • BeerGangsta

        Tupac got a lot to do with this. C and TuPac both thought they was hard. Grand you better off getting your dam crazy checks every 1st of the month. keep your azz on the Porch. Leave the big dogs like me along.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands


          Thats not a valid reason why you’d bring up one man when we’re clearly talking about another. Then you said “Black People are Fuck Up!”, which was clearly underthought & underachieved, but I know enough mentally challenged kids to get the jist. Hate yourself if you want, just like you hate proper english usage, but don’t pull “us” into you self-loathing. AND you forgot to *no homo* that “hard” sentence, douche nozzle…-Fail#1

          Crazy checks? Dude, there’s nothing more insane than a (supposedly) grown man who’s unable get a reasonable grip on his vocabulary, especially before typing it out for the world to read & pressing ‘enter’. That takes cajones the size of Cuba. Clearly, all the crazy checks go to you, sir.-Fail#2

          Considering yourself a “big dog” when you are nothing more than a second-rate citizen, without the common sense that God gave an alleycat? Do you even proof-read? I refuse to believe you’re THAT busy/important that you just had to cast your pearls of wisdom before us swine in such a hurry that you deemed such idiotic rambling suitable for reading. I probably lost you @ the word “dog”, though. Here, I’ll Beergangsta it up for you; yOu dawn won’t to Fuck! Wiff me nomore avder ths!-Fail#3

    • CLARK


      Your dumb as shit.

      • CLARK

        “yea mane…that cat his OWN life sentence wit illiteracy!”

        look who’s talking… not a good look.

      • BeerGangsta

        Fuck you Clark and the Pussy you come out of. This is a warning scrub.

        • GregSIDE

          All man! He called yall scrubs! Yall done fucked up and got the illiterate kid mad.
          Warning? What the fuck you gonna do? Hold on let me put it where you can understand it. “If my trigga fingers not on keysboards I will come and got you!” Right??? Man shut the hell up and invest in Hooked on Phonics.

  • Real Talk

    Another innocent black man behind bars. I’m from New Orleans everybody know C aint do that shit, Fucked up thing about it is he know who did it but as a STREET NIGGA he aint gonna SNITCH.

    It’s kinda like 2pac & the rape trial he aint rape that bitch but he aint tell who did it only thing Pac aint get Life.

    Nigga going to Angola say whats up to MYSTIKAL


      It aint no SNITCH…its on Video.

      Go to vladtv.com and type in “C Murder tries to shoot club owner”

      That Nigga Fires on video.

      He deserve LIFE.

      Nickel Dime.

      • CLARK

        The trial was not about the club shooting, that was a seperate incident. You don’t get sentenced for life for “trying” to shoot someone.

    • anutha_level

      aye…shouldn’t mystikal be about finished with his sentence? how much longer does he have?

  • SJS

    Real Talk says:

    Another innocent black man behind bars. I’m from New Orleans everybody know C aint do that shit, Fucked up thing about it is he know who did it but as a STREET NIGGA he aint gonna SNITCH.

    lol you probably think OJ is innocent too.

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    That nigga should have took the deal the ADA was offering prolly 15-25,his dumbass lawyer prolly told him they have no case …….fuck that DEAL nigga Deal

  • http://www.yahoo.com What it do?

    you do bad things you have to except the consequences

  • Beast McCoy

    When keeping it real goes … oh f3@k it you know the rest? To trade a life of luxury just to keep you ego afloat is just hard to understand.



  • http://xxlmag.com LeroyLove

    C-Miller would have been a much better choice of rap name than C-Murder. Some negroe’s destined for prison no matter what. It’s fucked up, that brothers can get brain washed to the point that they think they SUPPOSE to be in prison. Live Free, Die Free. The penitentiary aint nothing but leagalized slavery. If rappers started rapping that shit, a lot of younger brothers would understand, aint nothing cool or glamorous about being a slave.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      ^^^co-sign. Too bad money, fame & reputation are more prevalent.

  • yoprince

    sometimes niggas get shot. sometimes niggas get caught.

    i’m not going to call c-murder dumb. he just did a dumb thing. when you go around strapped, sometimes your finger gets real itchy. if you’ve ever carried a weapon, you probably know this.

    if you get lucky enough, you just have an incident rather than a tragic incident and you learn to keep your shit at home, or not have one.

    it’s sad that it’s so easy for young, angry men with undiagnosed psychological abnormalities (i.e. black boys with absentee fathers and distant mothers) to obtain guns. just think how much fewer of us would be killing each other if we didn’t all run around with guns.


    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      “it’s sad that it’s so easy for young, angry men with undiagnosed psychological abnormalities (i.e. black boys with absentee fathers and distant mothers) to obtain guns.”

      ^^i feel you, yo [||], but it has to be more to it. @ some point, we, as people have to be held accountable for our actions, on an adult level. A grown man can’t blame all his ill’s on the fact that his (their) parents did a lousy job.

      Case in point, I know quite a few cats that pack, for whatever reason, that have never squeezed. I’ve had niggas hand me their straps & fight.

      Like it or not, it’s the older generations responsibility to be role models. & if you disagree, then you’ll agree that that’s a problem that needs to be adjusted.

      C, & others like him, are very selfish, on plenty of levels, & he (& the others) have to pay for that. I don’t blame guns, because I’ve never seen a gun fire itself @ a helpless person. It’s about the diligence of the owner, illegal or otherwise.

      A lack of a father doesn’t translate into a lack of common sense, & for what it’s worth, now any child looking up to C, & the others, will think that carrying a piece is what’s up, regardless to the price he has to pay.

      Niggas need to be held accountable for their own actions. Especially when they’re obviously old enough to know better.

      People go through circumstances daily where they have to succumb or be in a position they don’t want to be in. Thats life. His is a clear cut case of being sucked into the fiction he created, a self-fulfilling prophecy, & even if his parents were the most negligent ever, thats no excuse to not exercise restraint & integrity.

      • nicholasdelorejo

        Cosign completly. While having no father and a bad upbringing is unfortunate for anyone, no man should recieve some sympathy for recieving the punishment of killing another man in a situation that was not self defense. C Miller chose (not forced) to pull a firearm on a kid at a public surrounding. This guy is proof that not everyone who goes into rap wants to make a better life but a way to further destroy their lives only to now with a soundtrack. I don’t like what he’s done but I do feel sorry for him mainly because he does not have any regrets for killing that kid. That guy must have a messed up veiw on life and I only hope that he can change for the best in time.

  • Tumi

    If doin 25 to life, stay up homie. Keep makin it thru DO YO TIME, DON’T LET YO TIME DO YOU. Luda was bein a biographer. Damn dude is de only one who doesn’t go home. Turns Jay’s A Week Ago way way way way way up

  • http://xxlmag.com Leroy Love

    This dude killed a 16 year old BOY in cold blood. Itchy finger or not, theres no reason for a grown ass man to resort to pulling out a gun on a kid. Unless the boy was strapped too and it was kill or be killed. If I’m going head up against a 16 year old, I’m more likely to put a belt to his ass, like in the movie Friday, than bustin shots. You get one shot at life, either make the most of it, or let it rot away like C-Murder bout to do.

    • Nefarious

      Mr. Grand totally right.@ leroy I have the same reaction to this teens today… Still it amazes me how many teens would be willing to fight a grown man.. Im 29, when I was 15, i wouldn’t try to fight a grown man unless like self preservation..lil off topic but…these new teens seem to care less…I wanted to say that-

  • Tre

    yeah homeboy did that shit. I can’t feel bad for niggas who disregard life so little. Sorry. Those type of people should be put in chains and sent to prison. It’s not fair for somebody to lose their life in that manner. It’s the most fucked up plague in the world. And as a black person, if we keep going down this path, we are sure to become an endangered species in 15 years

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands


      15 years? I wish….

      Take a look around us. It’s happening yesteryear. In that amount of time, there’s a 50% chance will be merely an afterthought.

      The onset of communism, racial/community segregation (which loosely promotes genocide), AIDS (black women between roughly 18-27 make up the majority of the increasing infection rate), lack of educational opportunities, declining family values, lack of family structure, desensitization, the judical system, the symbiosis of crime & poverty, drugs & alcohol abuse with no proper help to overcome it…….


      The fact that our supposed role models advocate/promote such unhealthy lifestyles almost guarantees our collective demise sooner than later.

      • NAWLEDGE

        Damn, I completely cosign everything Grands has to say. You should write a book homie.

        Nowadays, we live in a blame-less society. Especially in the black community. All our flaws are blamed on bad parents, projects, “white man”, “they or them”, blah blah blah. Blaming others for all your problems is child like and narcissistic.

        And folks like Al Sharpton and the NAACP aren’t helping to change this Peter Pan syndrome mentality. Its time for our generation to step up and take a good look in the mirror, and maybe the younger ones will follow.

        • Money Magnet 008

          Co-sign the co-sign. Tony Grands, that was one of the most honest & informative posts I’ve read on this site. C-Murder actually asked for this…how do you adopt a stage name like “Murder”? That is just niggerish. And for the record, I AM an educated African American…A BLACK MAN WITH KNOWLEDGE! That alone makes me one of the most feared men in America. Peace.

      • Nefarious

        Shyt Grand… I thought i was educated.. Dog u said symbiosis… I looked at the context clues, but i still read the definition… Excellent way to get your point across mayne-100

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands


          Good looks, my dude. I appreciate it. Holler @ your boy, mayne…


          “Reading & Writing Is For Dumb People”

  • Tre

    I agree completely with the both of y’all. Somebody has to really step in and say this shit has to stop. Before white folks really figure out how to get away with the whole “No blacks allowed” thing all over again. For anybody to get so angry that they would shoot somebody in hopes of taking their life, that is such a fucking coward move to me.

    A black college professor told me “We as a people will never overcome because freedom made us selfish”. At first I didn’t agree, now I’m wondering if he was right.

    It’s fucked up man. I don’t think anybody should have to live their life wondering if youre gonna get shot entering this club, or even in my home state Colorado, A nigga shot up the mall and hit the wrong person in the head. An innocent girl lost her life

    Why all this bullshit man?


      “We as a people will never overcome because freedom made us selfish”

      Damn Tre I never thought of that. That’s some truth right there dude! And it’s a damn shame too. SMH

    • Nefarious

      @ Tre “We as a people will never overcome because freedom made us selfish”. meaning that everyone’s concept of freedom is diffrent or that once we receive this so called”freedom” we like or love it so much, you dont want others to have, or pursue their own freedom?

  • http://pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    incisive darts being thrown in this board. Tony Grand is indeed a very thoughtful introspective writer. Yoprince, Tre and Nawledge also dropping science. Stay righteous Gods.

  • mistashonuffwill

    damn homie,don’t drop tha soap.

    • matty21

      FAG, you’d probably like that, huh?…u ignorant homo

  • GucciKillah

    COME CORRECT NICCA IN JAIL 4 LIVE WHY NOT? black peeepz are fuck upped, no hope, just AIDS. wherveer a black group, lots of yelling, many screaming. White peepz looki looki out the window and say ‘look at the blacks again’. white peepz will wipe a niccas out one day. AIDS.

  • ultima

    i gotta give it to grands.
    very impressive mindflow and art in putting it in letters.
    respect bro!
    as 4 c-m he got what he deserverd.
    imagine that was your 16 year old boy!!!!!!!
    need i say more???
    peace from germany!

  • Leslie

    u got luck boy-boy, if it was here in our country–u were going to be hanged??? u cud have reliased dz shiz from OJ, next time don’t play wit’em guns dude..God Bless you!

  • BiggNate

    PHUCC,All u c-murder haterz ni99a didn’t do it!!!Been down with p,c and silk since tha beginning cause im from tha south and i got that real country grammar…….BITCHEZ

  • gb

    matty, who’s the one being ignorant here? dude took a 16 year old’s life, he had his whole life ahead of him.. and you expect sympathy for him? please. he deserves to rot in prison for that shit.

  • fyasko51

    Damn, this is some sad news to hear…Unfortunately it takes one mans life to change anothers…Im Mexican and Ive been all about No Limit, from Ghetto D to the Last Meal, Ive heard it all. Master P changed his life for good because of C, and so did Romeo, he is out ballin at USC on a scholarship…Cats might knock on him but this whole ghetto, hood theme needs to stop…Being gangsta does not make you a man, like to Too Short, get and education and get a degree because the boy gets the money and he gets it fast. Black or Latino, we need to better ourselves…One more note, this gansta rap or coke rap(Rick Ross) is making us dumber…

  • cameron scher

    the most gangster guy in rap like in the last 10 years. lol. all rap today is just a nuch of shit r&b bubble gum poppin shit. rap used to be so cool with biggie tupac nas eminem still today. now its just this shit lil wayne soulja boy drake all this faggots. finally a rapper does something he raps about doing in murder funny how his rap name is murder. lol

  • gggggg



    When your giving a chance to do right and you dont run with it you desearve what ever the justice system sentences you to… you would think after being incarcerated and then being released into the free world giving your second chance at life and you fuck it off like some dumb ass ghetto fuck well then you just are a dumb fuck ass then…..

    Ice cream and cake and cake,, Ice cream and cake and cake…

  • dwi

    very sad…..C is one of them rappers who really lives the life he spits about. he’s a gangster rapper not a hip hop artists…..and that lil 16 year old kid deserved what he got comin…..act like a grown man and get popped like one! g-h-e-t-t-o

  • lostgyrl

    Now he can spit about jail life, how bout that!! What comes around goes around!!!
    I don’t feel bad at all!!! Live by the gun, die by the gun or…… in jail!


  • SB

    he did the crime he should not be crying bout this time or hole no grudge againts the judge!!

  • SaveTheHood

    Incredible! After reading these post I now truly realize WE ARE DOOMED! The village needs to be cleansed!

    The Ghost of: Selasie I, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Steve Biko, Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman!

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