Maxwell Tops Charts With 316K Debut, Alchemist & Cage Rep For The Indie Circuit

Maxwell hijacked the charts this week with his long-awaited comeback disc, BLACKsummers’night, the first album by the singer in eight years.

The Columbia Records artist almost managed to outsell the late King of Pop with a career high of 316,500 units sold in his first week, according to the Nielsen SoundScan. Although he didn’t quite beat out Michael Jackson, the Brooklyn-based crooner proved that the gloved one isn’t the only moving units in the recession.

While MJ can’t chart in the The Billboard 200 – since his albums are way past the 18 month cut off point—  he is still dominating The Top Albums chart. In the third SoundScan report since his death, three of his discs took over the top 5, all selling more than the previous week. At no. 1, suitably, is MJ’s Number Ones compilation pushing 348,500 units this week— up from last week’s 339,200 in stats. At no. 3 is Thriller which sold 263,800 in sales this week— up from last week’s 187,500— and at no. 4 is The Essential Michael Jackson which sold 147,800 copies— up from last week’s 125,400 tally.

Back to The Billboard 200, staying put at the no. 5 spot is the latest by the Black Eyed Peas. The E.N.D. managed to sell 62,600 units in their fifth week on the charts, making their grand total 672,400.

Also holding on to his position from last week is rap superstar Eminem. Fans copped 34,100 of Relapse this week, bringing the Detroit lyricist’s overall sales figures to 1,241,500.

Rounding out the top 40 is “Birthday Sex”singer Jeremih, who dropped from no. 6 to no. 15 this go-round. In his second week on the charts the Def Jam rookie’s self-titled disc sold 28,500, making his total stats stand at 87,500.

Further down the charts are debuts from both rapper/producer The Alchemist and indie favorite Cage. Alc came in at no. 63 with his sophomore effort Chemical Warfare. The E1 release, which features a long list of heavyweights including both Em and Maxwell, as well as Jadakiss, Fabolous, KRS-One and Kool G Rap among others, managed to scan 6,9000 copies in its first week. Depart From Me, the second release for Cage on the Def Jux label landed in at no. 133, selling 3,700 units.

Next week look for Twista’s new album, Category F5 to impact the charts. –Elan Mancini

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  • the brown


    • http://. EReal

      I have a feeling this will be a pattern.

      Dope to see em still moving tho.

  • me

    i see maxwell is selling

  • Renegade

    Am second. . .

  • shone jones

    Maxwell has officially surpassed D’angelo.



  • General

    Where’s the love for Alchemist? Damn

    Glad to see Maxwell back though

    • $ykotic

      “Where’s the love for Alchemist? Damn”

      For real. I’m DL’ing it off iTunes right now…

      And that Maino ain’t bad my dudes.

      • General

        Ain’t had a chance to cop Maino, but that joint with him and T-Pain plays on the radio non stop here in the Chi

        • $ykotic

          It ain’t the flyest, but it ain’t hot trash. You can relate to dude ya heard?

  • sb

    real music prevails


    Yo! (no homo) that Pretty Wings track is my shit! i HAVE to cop that Blacksummers’night. & more MJ not stopping til’ he gets enough (lol. C’MON!, no laughs)… i heard Maino’s album, & i was impressed. i think i will support & go cop the store version (it impressed me that much, who knew).

  • Federal Ranga

    Well… this is normal. I can’t really speak too much on it. Good to see Em plat and I will have to check that Chemical Warfare out.

  • Trill Chris

    He didn’t outsell the king of pop…. MJ was #1 with his album “Number Ones” selling over 330k copies… maxwell was #2 and “Thriller” was #3 with over 200k sold

  • stoneyisland

    Maxwell is fruiter then a fruit department at your local grocery store:) Pretty Wings??? I heard that wasnt the original title, it was originally called turd packers delight:) LMAO

    • *BLOCK*



    • http://www.federalranga/ Federal Ranga

      Watch your mouth. Maxwell stays in the whip all day. Don’t make me unleash the Commission

      • Federal Ranga

        Mr. Testicle… I see you like riding our nuts… If I was a fag I’d feel special… ‘unleash the Commission’? Nigga, that was the weakest shit I’ve ever heard.

      • The Editor

        Someone acting as an impostor proves that they hate themselves and have nothing to offer the world…

        • Jamal7Mile

          Real deep. Why don’t you write a book or something? What you trying to get free membership into the Commission too, no dice

    • bigmike88

      Maxwell is one of the last true R&B artist today , he make that grown man playa music . all the OG’s can feel and bump . good to see

  • geico lizard

    Maxwells music when you are with a woman, FTW. MJ’s album is too old to chart on this list but he is number one on the overall billboard chart.


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  • REAL TALK 09

    Wit Maxwell and Jeremih doing good…its safe to say Hip Hop is Not Only dead..but, Record sells have goneGay!..LOL…RIP MJJ!…..even from the grave..U Da best!

  • Joey capp

    Its nice to see Maxwell doing big things. I could care less about one-hit wonder Jeremiah and his mediocre birthday sex. I guarantee he’ll be out of the top 40 next wk

  • Justice4All

    Nothing like banging on blogs huh federal ranga?

  • $ykotic

    Maxwell brings the biddies around. Step your love game up fellas.

  • brand-new

    yeah your right $yk, i gotta step my slow grove game up, my girl asked me a few weeks ago if i had any cd’s without gunshots in it, lol. i had to think about that one. lol

    • $ykotic

      You can never go wrong with them biddie cd’s. Jodeci’s first album is a good start.

      “my girl asked me a few weeks ago if i had any cd’s without gunshots in it,”


  • Oaklands Own

    Yeah….its a sad state of affairs when people think that your gay because you listen to R&B. Sounds like these mfs dont get any pussy. lol

    Some gangsta ass virgins in this bych…LOL

    Much Props to Maxwell for doing numbers that he should be doing. He is one of (if not the best) vocalist of our time.

    Alchemest album is nice….he got beats.

    I got Maino’s album…and he has a great message in his music, unfortuanatly his skills leave something to be desired.

    DJ Quik and Kurupt is one of the dopest albums out….GO COP THAT!

  • DazzOne

    Yall some hoes! Somebody can diss Maxwell, but say something about Em’s nut chewing ass and ‘*BLOCK*’! Were the hell is Elliot when you need him???

  • DazzOne

    And by the way…Maxwell brings the women! Not ‘hoes’, but WOMEN!!! That grown and sexy shit. Get cha grown man on.

  • balaramesh

    max been doing good numbers. and he never dropped no contrived commercial singles like artists.

    maxwell is the only cd i even considered buying this year. well, at least till slaughterhouse or hova drops.

  • balaramesh

    “And by the way…Maxwell brings the women! Not ‘hoes’, but WOMEN!!! That grown and sexy shit”

    CO-SIGN. however, you can always listen to wayne and t-pain amoungst chickenheads

  • Ya Boy


  • DazzOne

    “maxwell is the only cd i even considered buying this year. well, at least till slaughterhouse or hova drops.”

  • money mitch

    alchemist raps too much on his new cd for me to get that! he need to stay behind the boards he can’t rap very well at all! i’m not a p-unk i was raised on p-funk i drink until i’m d-runk get the fuck outtta here!!! and that eminem track on the cd is whack as hell faggot ass talkin’ about playin dick swords with the jonas brothers what the fuck is that?

  • money mitch

    why did cage go emo??

  • Sharlem

    Maxwell deserves great sales becuz the album is great. Has anyone heard that song On The Ocean by K’Jon…gives me that Maxwell vibe….yall should check it out @

  • Honestasicanb

    Damn MJ saving the record industry right now and billboard doesn’t want to recognize it…I know its a rule and nothing against MJ…but just check the numbers the last three weeks MJ has sold a million copies of four different albums…now thriller should be at at least 110,000,000(not a misprint youngstas) copies sold worldwide

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