Fabolous Projected To Sell 100K in First Week

Looks like Fabolous is on track to getting his very first no. 1 album.

Industry insiders at hitsdailydouble.com have tabulated their one-day sales numbers and project the rapper’s new disc, Loso’s Way, to sell between 95,000 and 100,000 in its first week.

If the estimates are correct, this will be Fab’s first no. 1 album on The Billboard 200. 2007’s From Nothin’ to Something, the Brooklyn rapper’s debut on Def Jam, came close but only peaked at no. 2 with 159,000 units sold.

Fab recently graced the cover of XXL’s first annual Hip-Hop Soul Issue along with “Throw it in the Bag” partner The-Dream. Loso’s Way boasts several rap-and-b songs, including collaborations with Ne-Yo, Ryan Leslie, Jeremih, Trey Songz, Keri Hilson and Marsha Ambrosius. The album, loosely based on the 1993 gangster flick Carlito’s Way, has production by The Alchemist, Jermaine Dupri and The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.

The official Nielsen SoundScan statistics will be released next Wednesday (August 5). –Elan Mancini

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  • FETtah

    Hes Okay dont kno if he really deserves a no. 1 tho just goes to show how much the game is lackin

    • AAA

      yall are fucking retarded did u even listen to ths shit????he kills 3/4 of the songs hes on u cant expect to release mixtape shit and sell records. hes one of 3 fucking good rappers that dont play with their voice on autotune shit to sell records people all over that shit so quit hatin and listen to the album. i miss my love and pachanga the best songs on the album and half of the rappers out couldnt tell those songs the way he did

  • $ykotic

    I said 42K. I’m not even mad. Dude deserves it.

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      First day projections have been wrong before but I would like to see it. It’d be good for Fab – and hip-hop – to get a ‘W’ on this one.

  • joe dirt

    Man his flow sucks. Yall hear his flow on throw it in the bag man i aint buying that shit. Somebody need to tell these rapper to step it up. Rap is Crap.

  • L.a Vet

    def jam is buying albums homie…

  • YEssir

    I was gonna support FAB and buy the album.
    I changed my mind when I heard it. Too many R&B Features. The album is average.

    Won’t even listen to it, let alone buy it.

    • http://xxlmag jb

      Fab disappoints me with every album. Real talk. I aint sayin he a top five lyricist but I think he can at least make better albums. His shit is too popcorn 4 me.

  • The_Truth

    **I wouldn’t give’a sh*t what he sold. . .he’ll never get play in my ride. No hate, just real talk. . .he speaks of shopping like a skinny white b*tch, that doesn’t fly w/me.

  • http://xxlmag.com yogi22

    other than 2 many R&B cuts its a tight album

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  • Keyser Soze

    Loso is top 5 NY rappers, hes the most underrated! But I agree his albums are too fluffy. His mixtape shit is dope!

  • nabz

    dude can spit pretty fly verses when hes featured but hes not really spitting on this album. its too r&b

    • http://XXLMAG Ellio

      kill yoself….matta fact, anyone that thinks this album is too R&B is retarded. ya’ll act like it aint nice to have someone singin on a hook….or would you rather hear Loso tryin to sing??? thats what i thought. Fab def puts it down with the verses on this album just like every album he does….this album is full of songs, not mixtape material. and i’m done

  • nate

    Dude has always been good- depends on his beats, rhyme selection, and production to me. Always worth considering. But I would rather hear half a album with songs like “breathe” than all R&B hits… As long as he offers something for everyone like Jada did earlier this year than I would buy it.



  • Darnell



  • TheBlackHughHefner

    That album is aiight @ best…it will be collecting dust in a month or so.Fab always pisses me off wit his albums,his mixtapes and features are ALWAYS tight though.Have to agree with L.A. vet,i do believe Def Jam buys albums…look @ Rick Ross for example!Another Fabolous album,another letdown….

  • Kool Kut

    Congrats to Fab but we all know those first week numbers is a combination of older pre-Myspace CD album consumers and Def Jam SoundSCAM trickery. Due to a lukewarm buzz on the album the sales will quickly plummet and he will NOT see Gold status (unless his second single is a monster smash). Its funny just a few years ago people laughed at Joe Budden and Tony Yayo’s debut album numbers (both at 400k plus) and now outside of a couple of rappers left most of them would be lucky to hit ‘Yayo’ numbers in 2009.

  • k.ing

    Real shit…

    and L.A Reed is ruining defjam…

    every album sounds the same… it’s going to feature wayne or jay or kanye…

    when was the last time a real rap album came out with in house production, a new or original sound…

    throw it in the what… save that shit for the dream album…

    it’s a damn recession…

  • gkid12345

    150% defjam copping the record, fab got no buzz and his record should be selling like 45k. I aint mad at it tho. Hip hop needs a win here and there i guess

  • Yessir

    TO K.ing: NAS album was wayyyyy different with everything original from DEF JAM.

    I guess only the intelligent listens to NAS last album.

  • Yessir

    Shit, I’ll rather buy J Coles’s ‘The Warm Up” mixtape before FAB’s shit.


    Honestly, this guy was never a big buzz in the first place. He seems to hold back, when you hold back you faking da Funk. He seems to have the lyrical potential but he chooses to let the label yank his chain. He’s gon end up like L.L., when he actually tries to show that he’s ruff and tuff, wit da lyrical thrust, nobody is going to take him serious, just like now. If anything the Ladies gon cop his Single, and that’s actually who he’s spiraling to, so he not concern with the craft, he’s trying to keep up with the jone’s and make money.

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  • http://bones_42@hotmail.com Doobie42

    i can not stand this “throw it in a bag” Fab and “whatever you like” T.I. shit anymore. bullshit. welcome to real life niggas. no one on earth can afford to buy a chick everything she “needs”. PROOF = Kelis getting 45000 a fuckin month from Nas for child support. Sometimes i fuckin hate America man.

  • http://youtube.com/thelupend thelupend

    I guessed it would be like 80,000 copies.But Still, it aint even that hard to get a number 1 album these day.You just need do drop your album before a big artist drop theirs.That’s what gave rick ross that Deeper Than Rap number 1 album on the billboard.He dropped it before Relapse and The E.N.D. -Good Choice

    Oh, and by the way you could sell like half a million in the first week back in the day and still not get The Number One Spot.Craaaaaaaaaazy

  • LaWizz

    Co-Sign thelupend, it aint hard to get a no.1 album. Fab’s iight, but he probably aint gonn sell more than 400k. Come-on. Back in the day niggaz was sellin 7 million albums, look at 50. he did 10 milli twice. i blame it on these soulja bois, gs boys, & every other clown that make 1 “hit” track ‘n think they a rap artist. Catchy songz aint hip-hop, they catchy songz! Period. This new shit they makin is straight up bullshit. Listen to The Chronic Album, Listen to Illmatic. thats the epitomy of hip-hop. Jigga been the shit for over a decade & errbody still bumpin his shit.!! DOA!

  • Enlightened

    100,000? No. 1?

    In today’s era, there should be no number one album. That shit is unfair to people who had to sell 500,000 or better to see #1.

    They should start from like #10 and count down from there

  • LernInglishMudderFuQ

    Def Jam need to teach their artists how to use apostrophes.

    “Loso’s Way”? Do they mean ‘Loso is way’ or ‘Loso has way’?


  • Tumi

    Fab is another of de most overrated rappers in de game. I’d rather cop ja rule (where de FUCK is he? Who i truly despise) dan buy a fab album. I wonder wats gonna be different bt hey de game is dyin. … Blueprint 3 baby see u in september… Relapse 2….

    • nickel3453

      I don’t know how do you get the impression that fab is overrated but in my eyes, Fab is pobably one of the underrated rappers out now. The same can be said about Luda and Jadakiss, Fab is one of those rappers that possess the same amount of talent (if not more)as lil’wayne and TI yet they don’t recieve the recognition as they deserve. Fab’s albums usually never possess lyrics of a deep, concious perspective as some of the top ten dead or alive rappers of all time (whoever the fuck people claimed their names to be). But Fab does have clever lyrics (especially in his mixtapes and non-single tracks) laced over good production. Also Fab had never came out with an album that was reaking with the hype from some fucking buzz campaign. Em and Jay aren’t making albums without some over the top promotion in getting people interested (even when they’re good). Fab is not throwing subliminal dissess at any rapper or celeberty in order to generate a buzz for the album. The only thing Fab is guilty of is putting a shitload of R&B artists to sing on tracks to make the album good. TO MAKE THE ALBUM GOOD!!!!

      I’ll gladly listen to an good quality album filled with an endless list of featured guests than an album I may not enjoy but purchased because of hype campaign.


    man, i was just over on yewtube bumpin Loso’s Way. i fux w/ it, & i get a paycheck tomorrow too… that’ll be about 95,001 by the end of the week. & i’m a get the special edition, so i can watch that (i’m sure it’ll be) sucky ass movie that comes with it. why not? it’s just $15.

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  • nicholasdelorejo

    I gotta say, fab is probably the my top teir favorite artists in hip hop. I’m not saying he’s one of the best lyricists, but dude knows how to make a good album from front to back. Some people might not like his music and claimed that it only appeals to the ladies, but at least he’s stays in his lane and makes catchy songs that other folks have different interest can enjoy.

    I don’t see anyone complaining about how eminem or nas tend neglect making the cross-over songs that fab’s makes.That doesn’t mean that their bad artists, just that they’re comfortable in the lane that their in. If fab can be criticized for making catchy songs then nas and em can be criticized for making songs that can be difficult to attract fans to listen. Until rap creates its own committee and uses its to create and enforce laws about what is deamed “real” and fake hip hop, I say let’s just respect fab’s music just as much as we respect both em and nas. Sometimes I like to listen to dark and thought provoking rap; sometimes I listen to silly, party rap. It’s just what I’m in the mood for at the time.

    • El Tico Loco

      I hear where you’re trying to go with this one, and I agree Fab is a damn good rapper and he makes decent albums being that his music is very chick oriented (in the albums). Now street cats and purists that listen to Fab on mixtapes suffer a big letdown when his albums drop I don’t care what type of songs he make people just want him to stop holding back, he’s not underrated he’s underused makin him underappreciated that’s what’s keeping him from the top spot.

  • JayT

    Fabs a good artist n lyricist
    his albums are average and consist of too much features to gain fans attention
    all def jam numbers are inflated
    n i realize that all there artist come out on a week when no one else releases a record

    since when did 100k become good numbers
    being no 1 means nothing


    ^^ i gotta co-sign both of ya’ll, man. that Gangsta Grillz: There Is No Competition was *Dylan voice* HOT FIRE!!! & i don’t hear THAT Fab on the album (enough).

    • $ykotic

      @ delorejo/Tico/S.A.T.

      We cannot forget that Jadakiss just did the same thing(Kissanova).

      The female factor. Look @ this Drake dude and you see it’s an old formula that desperately needs tweaking.

      Jada’s promo was the mixtape and GP. Fab bought a camera.

      Rickey Ross-Soul music
      Dream-Chicked up
      Red & Meth-Mrs. International

      k.ing says:

      Real shit…

      and L.A Reid is ruining defjam…

      Now you see why Jay boogied? Threw them 5 and pressed the elevator button.

      And most of the cats out are on their last hurrah anyway.

      Like 50. He’s one of the only rap cats doing it his way. He’s the sleeper of the year.

      Be prepared for a lot of rappers’ “Greatest Hits Collection”. The game is about to downsize dramatically.

      And I feel bad for a lot of these new dudes who ain’t gonna get a chance. Hope they got computers or a day job.

  • Grimey G

    Fab has always been smarter than most rappers and thats why he is succeeding on this one, he figured out the right formula of r&b singers, production, lyrical and content driven songs, street shit, marketing, etc to make a successful album. BTW, I would rather fuck Keri Hilson than Rhianna or Beyonce. She is about the hottest R&B chick out there. Fucking slammin

  • Cadillak

    yea I gotta agree with that comment ealier cuz I live in texas and honestly im the dj dude round here I usually tell dudes about the record theirs absolutley no hype or even a poster out here for fab on this album..it seems like today record companies are happy to buy a few thousand records to spur sales a few thousand more and what artist would want to admit they aint making half what they say they do?? nobody….

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  • Edson

    I can see some of y’all dont understand that makin an album is completely different then hopin on a mixtape n spittin some Imma pop a nigga 16z….Ofcourse the hardcore hiphop fans are always gon’ hate on the RNB tracks but im pretty sure there is a good reason why LOSO chose to put those tracks on the album (speakin as a record producer)….Fab has proven himself (countless times)n y’all know he’s one of the few remainin rappers in NY dats actually goin sumwhere wid his carrer….

    SO when he does an album i dont think he is interested in spittin the sickest lines or what not, he can do that anyday on a clue tape , I think he is more focused on making “music” which will globally be accepted, and not just for some street mixtape niggas….

  • Dee2007

    Fabs doin 125 k.
    Just bought the album…pretty coo nothin spectacular, but worth a hard copy

  • Fre$h

    My man Fab is one of the hottest rapper an one of the most talented in the game. He’s always givin u hot shit on every single album, an Loso’s Way is hot top to bottom fuc who dont agree.

  • http://moworlddiscovery.info/ Brock Dyll

    Perfect document, well crafted I must say.