Crooked I Thinks Slaughterhouse Should Be On The Cover Of XXL

Crooked I, one quarter of lyrical super group Slaughterhouse has some sound advice for XXL. In a recent interview with, the Long Beach rapper shared his thoughts.

“I think you guys should do some real groundbreaking shit and put my group on the cover before our album comes out,” Crooked said laughing. “Hey, I understand how it go. I know you gotta sell them units to grace the cover but I been on there twice without it so I know where there’s a will there’s a way.”

The punchline king was on the 2007 freshman cover, along with his Slaughterhouse rap partner Joell Ortiz, as well as the cover with former Death Row boss Suge Knight and the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez in ‘02.

As XXL previously reported, Slaughterhouse’s debut is set to hit shelves on August 11, with their first single “Number One” coming much sooner. In fact Crooked said the video for the song may come as soon as next week.

Three weeks before the group album drops, Crooked will be releasing his digital-only solo EP, Pig Face Weapon Waist. “It’s a spin off of my Slaughterhouse alter ego,” he said of the odd title, “cause I come out on stage with a pig mask and a Dickie suit on.”

“It’s just a digital release to warm everybody up for the big boys, for the Slaughterhouse joint,” he added. –Max G with reporting by Carl Chery

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  • Trenton Watts

    They are not going to putt 3 corn balls on the cover! Only nigga that I fuck with is Ortiz, the other 3 are weirdos. Extra cornball types.
    I guess its just the West in me you Losers! Ballamore Murderland

    • joe p

      hey if gucci mane SB oj and shawty lo can make it on why cant these niggas lol … maybe if these niggas showered or something

      • real shit

        deez rappin azz lame no money gettin azz niggaz yeah they can spit but aint nobody but yall superlyrical thinkin 2 hard niggaz datz allwayz bitchin bout gucci and dem iz da only ones who fuck wit deez niggaz if deez niggaz wuz on da cover wouldnt nobody buy dat shit lets be realistic i bet itz way mo niggaz dat fuck wit gucci than deez niggaz lol but gucci an oj iz sum slo south niggaz lol yall niggaz get yall money up “lyrical” azz niggaz lol yall niggaz aint really talkin bout shit yall niggaz just say it complex like yall on sum other shit stop hatin niggaz

      • Monsoon

        lmao.. maybe if they showered or something! thats great! Their lyrics are dirty!!!! and I mean that in a good way! They deserve the cover! and XXL owes us a cover with them after putting those 4 clowns on it b4!

      • Pr0p@g@nd@

        “hey if gucci mane SB oj and shawty lo can make it on why cant these niggas lol … maybe if these niggas showered or something”

        LMFAO notice how he listed Southern rappers?

    • La Verdas

      They put 3 cornballs on the cover LAST MONTH.

      -Fuckin’ Herb.

    • Detroit Ice

      @trenton watts
      nigga you gay
      put slaughterhouse on the cover niggaz can spit fareal

    • Detroit Ice

      @trenton watts nigga you gay, put slaughterhouse on the cover they the best out right now.

      • Trenton Watts

        you call me gay over the internet! that’s corny and gay! They can spit but there corny couldn’t see me chillin with a clown and all of them are clowns Spec 5’9! Too hood for these special niggas. Stay in your lane man not Gay internet threats

    • freddy

      sluaghterhouse are the truth,xxl please put s.h on the cover coz it would show you still promote real traditional hip hop! n they all will gather attention from different parts of the staes which may be good for the sales. sh fans are more dedicated to purchasing sh products becuase they do not get radio play but still have so many fans

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    sorry crook you would need a respectable media outlet that respects real hip-hop for that to happen. try rhyming more about kilo’s and dancing then we’ll talk. !!SHOTS FIRED!!..!!MAG DOWN!!..!!MAG DOWN!!

    • *BLOCK*

      SHOTS FIRED!!..!!MAG DOWN!!..!!MAG DOWN!!<—-funny shit

  • $ykotic

    I don’t see why not. We had the Cotton Gin cover(shouts to Ron Mex). Why not?

    These dudes get 5 stars on every single song they’ve dropped on the ‘net.

    Get them VIBE custies XXL!


    • Pierzy

      I would buy 3 copies…so, with that said, they probably won’t do it.

      Overheard in ‘Tha Office’:

      “Um…we like Slaughterhouse but Drake had a photo shoot with Vanity Fair yesterday that we MUST cover. Plus, Asher Roth just performed in front of 14 people in Alabama so maybe we should put the two of them on the cover like a new-school Ebony & Ivory. What do you think?”

      “Great idea! Let’s do it!”


      • $ykotic


        But I think Vanessa has some surprises for us…

    • Pierzy

      I also find it funny that he was on the “Freshmen” cover FIVE YEARS after he was on the cover the first time. I’m not saying it wasn’t justified because he hadn’t released an album, it’s just amusing…

      • Doobie42

        Thats because they had to go from 10 new niggas to 10 unheard of niggas to put on the cover. these new niggas for the MOST part can’t cut it.

  • Nate

    No but XXL will put OJ the juiceman, and other unproven cats on there forever. At least the new issue was better than the last.

    Anybody who has heard this group and who listens to their album won’t be able to say they are weak. Real Hip-Hop! These guys will outrap most except for the likes of Locksmith and Mistah F.A.B. but they are also from the west and put in work from the underground so you guys won’t have them on would ya??

    It’s only ringtone/radio/all the time for you guys. Preeteens somehow drinkin patron up in the VIP of the club screaming Yeeeaaahhh, oh yeaahh, un-huh and all that other profound shit. Right now putting Slaughterhouse would be a better look than G-Unit or Pimp Squad Click, right guys??

  • Ron Mexico

    how about the cover of dallas penn’s blog?

    hiyooooooo! no mcmahon.

    • EReal


      Dallas has Slaughterhouse pajamas.


  • General

    I think a lot of people on here have been saying the same thing as Crooked…shows you how much that XXL actually pays attention to the commentors on this site, LOL.

  • Real Talk

    They should, but they wont.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Vanessa put those cats on the cover. Why not? Do something that these other mags aren’t doing. Ya dig?

  • HERM

    Put ‘em on!

  • D Sizzo

    xxl you should put them on the cover there like the modern day nwa except they got rappers from east coast, midwest, and westcoast its like a nationwide group of the hardest spitters out. i think if you dont do the cover people would be mad dissapointed cause these 4 guys are legit

  • Jay Z’s Headache, Lil Waynes Migraine

    C’mon XXL, Do it for Hip Hop.

  • gospher

    why the fuck not put them on? you tell me a group whos doing more shit right now other that 4 people all coming out with digital cd’s n shit
    why the fuck not have you listen to thiese niggas rhyme they go off. with a special sauce of there on

    this is the best thing that happen to hip hop in a while I mean fuck look at the damn mainstream nothing but a bunch of dick ryders doing the same damn shit tak about the same shit
    switch the fuck up.

    these 4 guys are legit no doubt

  • gospher

    why the fuck not put them on? you tell me a group whos doing more shit right now other that 4 people all coming out with digital cd’s n shit
    why the fuck not have you listen to thiese niggas rhyme they go off. with a special sauce of there on

    this is the best thing that happen to hip hop in a while I mean fuck look at the damn mainstream nothing but a bunch of dick ryders doing the same damn shit tak about the same shit
    switch the fuck up.

    these 4 guys are legit no doubt now do it

  • geico lizard

    “I think you guys should do some real groundbreaking shit and put my group on the cover before our album comes out,”
    The way he worded it he is trying to help you guys sells issues.

  • PerfectPoints357

    If they put them cats on the cover they gonna have to make Buddens put his hands in his pockets. Whats up with dudes thumbs shit must have got to him folks talkin bout that shit now he wearin band aides on them. Not hatin jus wonderin what the deal is. Its good to see Royce finally gettin a lil shine it but why he gotta do it on the coat tails of others first it was Shady now its Slaughter House whats the deal?

  • HipHopExtremist

    This would def be a good look for XXL & hip hop. I’d actually by a copy. Something I haven’t done for a few years.

  • Glacier

    Put Tahiry on the cover….she is the best thing about Slaughterhouse. They are wick, wick, WACK!

  • Glacier

    Tahiry on the cover…Yes! Slaughterhouse…No!

    • Glacier

      Wait, I take what I said back. I just downloaded a couple Slaughterhouse songs and I must say they are amazing. I can’t believe I was sleeping on them so much.

      Cmon XXL. Put them on the cover!!!

      • DetroitDraper

        Lmao slaughterhouse won u over in 20 minutes

  • stefan urkel

    GREAT IDEA…SH best group since the WUUUUUUUUUUU……..if you say otherwise, you probably like lil wayne…

  • Real Talk

    People that hate Slaughterhouse dont like rap. They like basic-ABC-nursery rhymes over hot beats.

  • El Tico Loco

    Slaughterhouse is what’s poppin but I think they gonna go with Drake, I just know. SMH

  • Cool Steph

    Yo have you guys heard Def Jam’s new artist Mr. Finley yet… dude sounds like he’s the truth and he’s from Vegas.

    Check out his video intro:

    I heard his new album “The Talented Mr. Finley” going to be hot!

    Listen to his new track “Any Night Of The Week.”

  • Federal Ranga

    POINT BLANK. Slaughterhouse wont grace the cover until 2010 for the Annual Love/Hate issue. Remember I called it. Sorry, P.

  • brand-new

    every member of slaughterhouse has paid their dues, why not put them on???

  • EmCDL

    XXL should do it….by the powers of the COMMISSION! Whos with me dammit!?!

    • $ykotic

      Count me in.

      The more I see this thread the more I feel like nessness138 has something to do with this…

    • El Tico Loco

      Man ya’ll already know who’s gonna get the cover and that person does not have an album yet either, but I would rather have SL on the cover if the Commision ran XXL last month’s cover woulda never happened. Ya’ll don’t have it as bad as I do those are my local artists.

  • mazemayhim

    Why ya’ll actin like MJ didn’t just die last week. If anything, Michael Jackson will grace the next XXL cover. “…hip hop don’t respect less u platinum or dead…”

    • $ykotic

      Naw he deserves a special commemorative issue. Not thrown in with the rest. THAT would be faulty.

      By the way that rap battle is going on!!! Y’all remember! Heartpurple’s holding it down over there(waiting for Grand$ to come back LOL!)! A new cat Impeccable is going in…

      • Tony Grand$


        Man, I can’t post over there anymore. I tried.

        It is what it is. That shit happened when me & yawka first started going @ it, too.

        Hell, I can’t even post anymore on the Drake video thread today. Fucking XXL. Plus that battle was awhile ago. Purp started coming with the heat, then the goddamned site turned on me……

  • BeerGangsta

    Man they is giving SlaughterHouse a lot of props lately. I don’t know nothing about these cats. I will get this on a Mixedtape. Saigon killed Joe Budden on the Mic. Joe squash beef in a hurry! LOL

  • Emperor Doom

    I don’t know why not. Royce is nicer than a WHOLE LOT of people that have already been on the cover. I think the only reason they shouldn’t is because of perennial loser Joe Budden. I really don’t understand why people fuck with him. He’s NOT good.

  • http://-- gaddic

    iF WEAK rappers like Soulja Boy are on the cover
    why shouldn’t a talented lyrical group like Slaughterhouse be on the cover
    XXl mag has in my opinion fallen off and they’ll keep falling if the keep on supporting ringtone and over-commercialized auto-tune stupid talent-less rapcats like Soulja boy and company

    their music review department keeps getting more and more inconsistent
    they’re choice of cover MC’s are even worse

    not hating but this mag needs to dick-ride and glorify the real vets more and the talented lyricists in the game alot more

  • B..

    @Trenton Watts

    You dont know what you’re talkin about, so keep it movin.


    I havent bought an XXL magazine in about 8 or 9 years. If yall put them on the cover, I’ll buy it. I thought the magazine was for the love of hip hop, I mean I could be wrong. Yall had all type of corny rappers on that cover includin like gucci mane and shawty lo ???? Yall gotta put them on the cover for respect of the craft. I mean cmon, they formed the group and soon after were announced to be on the “rock the bells tour” alongside emcees with major credentials. Each one of em has their own separate contributions. Royce with his “Bar Exam 1 and 2″, Joell with his “Covers the Classics”, Budden with his “Mood Muzik’s” and Crooked with his 52-54 week of SLAUGHTER. Who else does 52 weeks of str8 lyrics over dope beat selection. So I think yall should respect the man’s wishes. Thats it thats all

  • Thomas

    I’d buy a copy and frame it! Slaughterhouse is exactly what we need for hiphop and the exposure would be great. These 4 emcees have paid their dues and i think they deserve some shine on the best hip hop mag on the planet

  • LCD

    I think it’s safe to say many, many readers want to see this

  • Fheze

    Think about it,XXl and Slaughterhouse get a win.No one can lose.And these dudes are fire.You can burn OJ and Gucci and they still won’t be as hot.Good look everyone.And good one *Block* haha

  • BigDan!

    Slaughter House one month followed by Rae the next.

  • SHu

    It’s time xxl put some real MC’s on it’s front cover! Slaughterhouse!

  • Mac A. Roni

    I co-sign Crooked I in this.

    EIC @ XXL needs to make this happen.

  • jaybro


  • EFFeX

    XXL you know you have to put Slaughterhouse on the cover, support TRUE Hip Hop!

  • iDiLL

    Put them on the cover, I’d buy a few issues.

  • heartpurple

    now im lookin for newyawka goin from page to page i might get him wit the glocc or get him wit the gage/

    or i might do it with bare hands i thought i killed you off already now nigga where grands/

    turn this blog to a murder scene and i love beef nigga call me the BURGER KING/

    and you can get killed made to order go in his HOUSE and SLAUGHTER then i dip down to florida/

    and ill continue to sleep on his raps cuz his flows are so tired/

    and this nigga rap like flo-rida and my gun got more rubber on the handle than four tires/

    i spit hot enuff to cause four forest fires and this nigga dumber than forrest gump/

    and i got four 44 shells to dump in this chump and thats five fours in the last two bars/

    hit ya wit the four five and blast thru jaws
    and im a killa so i laugh thru wars/

    so i hope that your doctor has new gauze so if you keep PLAYIN wit me boy i wont PAUSE/

    he all bark and i bite like two lost dogs wit lock jaw and for the hip hop heads i got raw and i told you i been to war so i got scars/

    im hot so the track i scald and tryin to battle a battle cat will only leave you pussies mauled

    • El Tico Loco

      Booooo! I actually got my money on New Yawka on this one.

    • Tony Grand$

      “now nigga where grands”
      ^^^Lolz. Here I am Purp…

      My words converge, sentences diminish ya soul/u sweet niggas get gobbled up, like cinnamon rolls/spit out the bones n the pacific ocean,- here’s a terrific notion/give it up, u got my comp screen smellin like scented lotion

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      *H* is for holocaust, boss, u all are lost, toss/molotov’s off in ya loft, u small n soft/nigga, *E* is for exit-wounds, back of the spine/attackin ya rhyme, reactin for mine, relax n recline

      the *R* is for reprecussion,- I’ll be the topic of the next discussion/while u fantasize on how ya tec is bustin/Spell it out, if not, some commentor will yell it out/n while ya sellin nickle bags u’ll have somethin to tell about

      intellectual thoughts, conceptual darts/is what I’m throwin @ u hyper-homosexual marks/u better tighten up ya typin, I’m a titan, no Philly/no really, adjust ya attitude ya soundin so silly

      My philosophy is animosity, u probably/thinkin of ways for stoppin me, but nah, ya to slovenly/the tightest wack rapper ever, a walkin dichotomy/quite possibly, fabricatin on every oddessey

      Its gotta be!, love how u embellish on battle raps/that weak shit I’m readin keeps fuckin with my cataracts/perhaps I should quit it cuz the eye strains evident/corny compositions, where’s my migraine medicine

      My heart is filled with mescaline, u just another specimen/tainted with too much estrogen, fainted when I said “let’s begin”/ya moms still mad ya dad lied n really left it in/all this verbal ammo, ur the target I’ll invest it in

      Keep movin, -it aint no fun when u sit still,this shits real/rap aint a game, some niggas get killed/some just get chills when they know what they’re up against/my eschalon’s upper, motherfuck, u aint touchin this

      Especially some asshole thinkin he rhyme tight/my limelight blindin ya hindsight, now whine like/fat pigs stuck on a barbeque pit/for every word u read from me, another part of u split

      Like “Fuck This!”, boil ya blood till eyeballs melt/i know ya type, this time of month u need Midol help/in a day or two a douche will have u feelin refreshed/cover ya eyes so u can’t see, but that’s revealin ya chest

      Snatch out ya heart, take a bite, blood spill on ya vest/a nightmare revealed n the flesh, for real I’m the best/another “L” for u, pimpin, keep playin the game/eventually u’ll wise up n stop sayin my name…..

  • $ykotic

    WHO’S NEXT???

  • con

    XXL should definitely put them on…support talented lyricists and show the world that they support all kinds of hiphop and not just commercially successful dudes like SB and Shawty Lo.

  • heartpurple

    what the fuck is an el tico im about to shit on this nigga then call him el fecal/

    you dont wanna battle me im to lethal ill leave ya body foul after you get shot like two free throws/

    fuck assholes imma start callin you e-holes kill ya whole catalog in like three flows and i think he knows/

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    leave you sleepin with the gophers since you think you the locest nigga i am the dopest
    so after i do u in i shall remain focused/

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    you betta keep up with the facts i am a beast sykotic will tell you that you faggot fuck prolly jerk off wit a keypad/

    and ya mom fucked everybody you prolly got three dads when i see the name tico i see fag and im letting you off easy nigga be glad/

    keepin thinkin you mike and try to be bad youll think you in barnes and nobles the way you gon see mags/

    youll think you watchin a trailer the way you gon see clips to the morgue ill give you a free trip/

    but dont treat me like newyawka and get off heart p’s dick

  • Cr@zee 8

    Hell yeah, I agree with Crook. Give them niggas the cover.

  • Miguel Apreza

    You would be doing Hip Hop a favor if you put Slaughterhouse on the cover. You can be part of history.

  • impecable

    ur n0t getting n0b00dy wit n0thin , with dat ammunition ur disscusin
    we n0 ur full bl0wn fr0ntin n0w watch me serve this cl0wn like a summons
    get 0ff my dick start suckin ur a h0m0 rapper like j0e budden
    ur da type t0 be h0ldin a camera m0re den a mic
    were im fr0m gun sh0ts g0 0ff at da end 0f a fight
    my white tee l00tin like da yankee h0me jersey , i g0t strips
    puffin haiz, im high like a, ny t0 lax flight
    fuck xxl, im 0n da thisis50 web site ,
    were the news iz up t0 date n n0t all da bl0gerz hate
    n0w everyb0dy iz super gangsta behind there c0mputer name
    i call dem a gr0up 0f wankstas , bunch 0f ja rules remade
    i bet u d0nt g0t n0n 0f them gunz u previously named
    n da 0nly harm ya wanna d0 is 0n da c0mputer page
    nigga say im trash , didnt u already get murked by grands
    keep it real ,u ben rehersin ya lines f0r 5 m0nths jus t0 get prepared
    n da cr0wds already b000′N u, im glad there’s a witness
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    ur the name they d0nt menti0n , ima raign till we change dementi0n
    ur an0ther rapper seeking acceptance , fr0m the elite n respected
    but all u c is frequent rejecti0n ur weak n defenseless

    • PerfectPoints357

      POP POP POP anotha fuck boy down you thought i was gone Imbecile you a clown/ first you was swingin on newyaka sack like its a fuckin swing flossin ya teeth wit his lil curlies showin the fag with in/ i’ll swiss cheese ya white tee and expose the bitch that you really are/ you that pussy sittin in front of the TV wit dreams of being a star/ You talk about ya goons and how ya block be hot i smack you in ya face till ya nose bubble snot/ see thats the problem with kids today you dont know how to saty in a childs place ya pops shoulda let ya sister swallow instead they created human waste/ Where you from guns dont pop after a fight jus late night cum guzzlin and cock suckin in tha moon light/ This here double tap music i know you dont know what that is that means ima put to in ya forehead and go about my biz/ stick ta the internet livin in ya fantasy world and shit, while i stay grindin like some bad breaks parkin lot pimpin an gettin bent/

      • impecable

        heart purple k0me 0UT to0o0o0 plaYYYYYY n keep ya Lil bitch 0n a leash ( perfectp0ints ) dat y0ung b0y ant built 4 thiss

        • PerfectPoints357

          LOL you a funny dude Imbecile i mean really a funny dude. You right im not built fa this im built fa real life shit like towtin real guns wit real bullets in tha clips/ Ima go on head and end this before it even begins but dont think cause i let you slide we gonna be friends/ you the reason the game fucked up down low bitches like you thinkin you runin round wit ya fruit loop crew pillow fightin and swappin spit/ rainbow rags tied around ya heads gay pride pinchin dicks/ if we ever came face to face look at tha flo bitches dont look pimps in the eye/ Instead of respondin to this choke yourself until you die.

  • heartpurple

    didnt i tell u i was done with you impecable


    Fuck yeah Crook I is right they deserve that shit after you guys put gucci mane, soulja boy, oj da juiceman, and shawty lo
    them niggaz whack
    but slaughterhouse is gonna be murderin da game!
    (no pun intended)

  • thetruth




  • Shawty J

    If Gucci, OJ, Shawty, and Soulja Boy can grace a XXL cover so can Slaughterhouse. I definitely agree with Crooked I.

  • Hostyle

    Do it! Put real hip hop on the cover!

  • Priortys First

    definately should put into consideration!!!!

  • Q! Tha Magnificent!

    not yeah .. but HELL YEAH!! fawk “XXL” if they can’t put these dudes on the cover! they can put all the ABC rapping, no talent having style taking, homo-ass rappers on there before Slaughterhouse! Why not put real hip-hop niggas on the cover of a real hip-hop magazine! stop bullsh*tting XXL!

  • Catalyst

    Slaughterhouse is the best thing thats happened to rap in years. Nobody matches there lyrical ability. Thats why they wont make the cover. Buyers dont listen to lyrics and lyrical patterns. Honestly if you can put Gucci Mane on a XXL Cover you might as well put the dude that works at Burger King on there. Both probably consist of the same skill.

  • Real Talk

    XXL we know you already made up your mind, stop fuckin wit us, you know you puttin Drake on the cover. If I was CEO I’d get a cover shoot of Drake AND Slaughterhouse, the two biggest stories in hiphop right now, who knows, you might end up wit their crews gettin in a scuffle and u got an exclusive and shit.

  • Darq

    ABOUT FREAKIN’ TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I mean…what the freak were Soulja Boi and them other lame fucks doing on an XXL cover????

    I would not touch that with a ten-foot pole. And i would honestly like to know how that issue did anyway!!!

    But for real…put Slaughterhouse on the cover. They deserve it..especially after the way you guys support them and all…


  • Knowledgeable

    I understand that the magazine needs to sell issues in order to survive, and putting the commercially untested Slaughterhouse on the cover would be very risky for the magazine’s business.

    That said, you gotta put Slaughterhouse on the cover anyway. The mission of this publication is not just to sell copies, but to promote hip-hop culture. You have done a lot of the former, but now it’s time for you to do something that embodies the latter.

    Putting Slaughterhouse on the cover would be a huge win for hip-hop culture. It will show that people still care about the art of hip-hop and not just making money.

  • Just to be different

    Put them on the cover! If any group needs more exposure, it’s Slaughterhouse. Take a leaf out of Luda’s book of rhymes, and do it for hip hop.

  • impecable

    purple y0Ur a bird WHO0 flew DA c00p r0LLD wit tr00pz but ant have the balls t0 sh00t
    went a.w.0.l in DA army , renamed ya self purple kuz he like barney, he ran wen he saw me s0 i blast DA 40
    this is the finals i merge like Kobe/
    h0ld DA tr0phy n say h0w my ass taste like shaq t0ld k0be
    Ur terrible at battling 0n DA Internet/
    u make ya self l00k bad in ya 0WNW raps, that’s like burning ya self wit ya 0wn cigarette
    watch dis NEW YAWKA get $YK0TIC n Dr0p IMPECABLE knowledge/GRANDS im piling n u y0ur s0 bad i think u rather stay an0miss
    u keep dr0pin c0mments on da column u hit r0ck b0tt0m/if u thinkin this is ya sp0t 4 stardom
    g0 head try ya luck f0r every jab i c0nnect wit feels like ur getting hit by a mac truck/ ur n0t a rapper kall y0u kevin james Ur an act0r
    da acts up u threw a bad bluff n0b0dy feelin u n y0Ur raps suck/N Ur B0YFRIENDS gonna swiss cheese my white tee ?
    im Dwayne wade bring heat t0 ya seed/
    have u say 0h n0t my baby as y0u dr0p t0 y0Ur knees

    • PerfectPoints357

      Like i said funny nah i take that back you funnny as hell. Yeah you need to call on Grand and’em to rescue you cause you dead in tha water dude. I just wanted to see what you was about cause you was cosignin so hard for NY but i see that was a waste. Im off no need to respond Imbecile oh i mean impecable. LMAO clown

    • $ykotic

      “watch dis NEW YAWKA get $YK0TIC n Dr0p IMPECABLE knowledge…”

      WOOOOOOOO! I just saw that!

      I’m unbiased!

      PP357 You’re coming up short! Go in!

      Real talk y’all n*ggas leave Grand$ alone. He’s eating y’all food.

  • heartpurple


    u just couldnt leave well enough alone now the shots im throwin from the throne a be swellin up your dome/

    lil nigga your not a felon ur a clone and you prolly home alone rubbin your hand cross ur bone/

    you prolly jerk off to my paragraphs you and that busta newyawka is just a pair of fags/

    in front of the screen i just sit there and laugh im throwin uppercuts along wit a pair of jabs/

    call me the leon spinks of the ink the mike tyson of the writin the riddick bowe of the flow/

    and boy you just a feather weight leave ya brain raw wit a chain saw like leatherface/

    chop ya body up put ya ass in a leather case pastor tellin ya mom now hes in a better place/

    he who hesitates be the one whose soul levitates im forever great this nigga is forever fake/

    never did i go AWOL but i more ruthless than eazy e and adolph put a hole in one nigga and i dont play golf/

    and his rhymes like his dick so i guess he’ll stay soft crime pays off thats why i made off like madoff/

    and if you from new york why you reppin the heat so i hope all the knick fans leave you wet in the street/

    explode ya head when my gat spewing leave 33 in ya back like the jersey of pat ewing/

    niggaz asking what this impecable cat doing why would he go at the best this is eulogy now this niggaz soul at rest

  • impecable

    im p0st my resp0nse 0n the
    Jeremih Projected to Outsell Maino & Ace Hood

  • heartpurple

    dont be scared post it right under mine. what you dont want niggaz to see how i did you

    • impecable

      @ purpleheart

      every b0dy wanna shine jus 4 the record/
      but they dont got the mind the grind the prize / there b0rderline pathetic
      sit recline on crime have my y0ung b0yz ride by n wet itt
      n fire the nine u spit fire i extinguish
      they disorganize ima king i walk in da room all rise
      u walk in we remain sitten n
      the only experice u g0t in ya life iz being a p00r / u pr0lly sucked dick 4 a bus ticket
      we cheif up m0re pies den ya favorite pizziaria
      yes we delivierlike a maj0r league pitchur
      bandana ova my face kn0ck at da d00r we here t0 kill ya
      u present ya self like ya fearless n tuff, when thats clearly a bluff
      wen ur really seeking attention kuz ya self a steim was sh00t d0wn since u was a infeint
      n since den ya m0mz was a kn0w slut
      i just thought u sh0uld kn0w n0w ur all gr0wn up
      i c it ur already weak n defeated tryin t0 hide it but every 1 sees it
      the realness is incoherent in ya lyrics

  • FLiP iS Shady

    Slaughterhouse should without a doubt be on the cover….def the sickest rap group formed since the WU nobody can fuck with these guys lyrically….slaughterhouse is the truth saving hip hop one bar at a time

  • impecable

    @ purpleheart

    every b0dy wanna shyne jus 4 the record/
    but they dont got the mind the grind the prize there b0rderline pathetic
    sit recline on crime have my y0ung b0yz ride by n wet itt
    fire the nine u spit fire i extinguish
    they disorganize ima king i walk in da room all rise
    u walk in we remain sitten
    the only experience u g0t in ya life iz being a bum / u pr0lly sucked dick 4 a bus ticket
    we cheif up m0re pies den ya favorite pizzeria
    n yes we deliver like a major league pitcher bandana ova my face kn0ck at da d00r we here t0 kill ya
    u present ya self like ya fearless n tuff, when thats clearly a bluff
    wen ur really seeking attention kuz ya self a steam was sh00t d0wn since u was a infant
    since den ya m0mz was a kn0w slut
    i just thought u sh0uld kn0w n0w ur all gr0wn up
    i c it ur already weak n defeated tryin t0 hide it but every 1 sees it
    the realness is incoherent in ya lyrics

  • Big Slim

    Funny biz iz, the super internet gangstas who pop on and say “first” on everything to feel like they fit in all showed up first and said that “Slaughterhouse is full of corn balls” xxl better not put them on the cover, but everyone else on here is like “hell ya do it for hip-hop”. They should be on the cover. Slaughterhouse will give us some real biz to listen to and they are far from being cornballs. Tell you what, i am Slaughterhouse as is most people whom like real music. I would love to shiv these nerdy ass xxl fanatics between their 3rd and 4th rib. Do us all a favor and kill yourselves.

  • The harder the MC the gayer he is

    Crooked I is gay,that is why he signed under Shadys label,You gotta admire his fine taste in scarfs! LOL