Young Money CEO Cortez Bryant Speaks on Drake’s Distribution Deal

In one of hip-hop’s most drawn-out bidding wars, Drake has finally inked a deal with Universal Republic, according to Young Money’s Cortez Bryant.

Bryant says the Toronto rapper was already signed to Young Money Entertainment, but signed his distribution deal on Sunday.“[We were looking for] all the creative control and all the say-so over the project,” said Bryant, “the person who gave us the sweetest deal.”

Drake, who Bryant says is ecstatic about the signing, will appear on one of two follow-up singles to Young Money’s hit “Every Girl,” slated to drop in the next two weeks.

Drake’s debut album, Thank Me Later, has no release date, but Bryant says the Young Money group album is expected to drop late this year, on the same day as Lil Wayne’s The Rebirth.

Aside from becoming 2009’s most buzzed new artist after releasing his So Far Gone mixtape, Drake has gained fans in fellow rappers.

Jay-Z will reportedly feature the newcomer on his first single for his forthcoming album, Blueprint 3. And Nas recently sang Drake’s praises in an interview with the Omaha World-Herald. “He’s here to show anybody who questions him that he’ll get at you,” Nas said of Drizzy. “He’s like fresh water right now on dry land.”

Drake goes on tour next month along with Weezy, Soulja Boy, and Young Jeezy for the Young Money Presents: America’s Most Wanted Music Festival. The first concert stop is July 27, in Scranton, PA. –John Kennedy

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    Well im looking forward to the album and i knew it would be Universal in the end.

  • Enlightened

    Really Nas? Is he really here to show that?
    Do these niggas get advertising dollars sent into their bank accounts for tickling other niggas nuts?
    What has this nigga actually done? Seriously?



    • Sleepy Wonder

      LOL! God Damn It Nas, Not You Too! Drake Could Get A Co-Sign From Jesus Christ Himself, I Still Wouldn’t Fuck Wit Dude (No Homo)

  • http://thisis50.,com Drake_Killah

    This nigga needs to go away! I’m tired of hearing about his buzz. He’s wack and his shows are wack. Those hand movements are gay!

    Wheelchair Jimmy! Go back to Degrassi!

    • Sean Wayne

      I like drake and hes got a good buzz going for him. I use to be his dj and now he doesnt kno anybody. Its all good tho now that he signed they’re going to pimp him and rob him of his creative control. hes got some nice bars n hooks 5 mixtapes and no albums. I hope his album is a goood as his hype

  • PerfectPoints357

    ^^^^^^ Co-sign dude is headed down a rough road if he cant live up to all the hype. If his career is anything like his BET awards perfomance he could be sittin next to Kells fuckin round with them lil kids and shit. Aside from being on TV what has this cat really done i can name off the top of my head five cats who were unsigned who go in just as hard as dude does. Jus my .02 though im sure he has built a solid fan base among the younger crowd watch out Soulja Boy!!!!!!

  • Katt

    Fact: Niggas that don’t like Drake, don’t have sex.

    Myth: Lil’ Wayne is the reason for Drake’s success.

    …c’mon hip hop fans, “so far gone” is constructed for the listener who demands more from their favorite artest than the amount of money they make. Instead of being gelous that you girl knows all the words, listen to “say what’s real” closely.

    -your welcome

  • Rob the Music Ed

    Remember there was A LOT of Nas hype after his cameos on “Live At the BBQ” and “Back to the Grill.” Imagine if fans would’ve tore Nas down before he got to even release Illmatic?

    • Enlightened

      Rob stop it!
      Maybe on some New York shit.
      But there was no internet so it’s not close to the same thing.
      I’m from the Midwest and I didn’t hear of Nas until I heard “It Ain’t Hard to Tell.”

    • Sleepy Wonder

      Nas’ Verse From “Live At The BBQ” > Drake’s Career


    @Enlightened,am thinking this is the new marketing gimmic this TI’S are building up….

  • Detroit P

    Smh at niggas who constantly click on Drake articles just to hate(and yes I’m using that word correctly)…if you don’t like it, you don’t like it, move on…I rarely click on a 50 cent article and if I do, I never comment..I think he’s wack now, so i move on, I don’t need to sit around talking shit about the guy in hopes that others will start to hate him.

    • Katt

      Co sign Detroit P

  • Mutada al sader the king q

    @Katt, you killed that one. lol

    I’m looking forward to the album, ya’ll heard his verse on the new Marry Joint? One of the best R&B, hip hop ->features- Coherent..lyrics, not a bunch of bullshit rambling. Similar to what Fag-you-luss, use to do.

    No one is saying he has the cure for herpes simplex 2 in his lyrics, but I like what the kid is doing.

  • zee

    I don’t know, something isn’t there with this guy. everything is so phony and contrived. He’s got radio songs, but I have no interest in him as a person and that radio shit wears thin fast.

  • BeerGangsta

    More Dake. I see you are getting a good buzz in the game. If you any sense you should go Independent. More money in your pocket.

  • brand-new

    @katt. untrue fam, i get pussy on the regular, but i’m not digging drake’s shit. i thought uptown was the best i heard so far, i bought the mixtape listened to it twice and wasn’t impressed. i gave it to my girl and now she has a new favorite cd,lol

    • RDS

      “B*tches’ll buy it for the picture and niggaz’ll buy it to and say they got it for they sister.”

      No disrespect to your girl of course, but that line came to mind immediately. That said, I’ve been listening to Drake since the Replacement Girl video. He has his hits and he has his misses, but I can think of nobody with his charisma right now to not only stand up, but actually stand out in a see of sound-a-likes and wannabees. I say give the kid a chance.

      And Uptown is my shit.

  • El Tico Loco

    Something is up with this cat; I’m tellin ya’ll, my girl likes his music (my bad song)but her gaydar went off John Legend/Kanye/Neyo style when it comes to this kid. I understand what Katt is sayin about the whole “if you don’t like Drake you don’t have sex” thing, hell I heard the same argument about Nelly too, but I don’t see anybody checkin for him anymore, but even he had a street buzz at one time, this dude (Drake) is a straight industry fabrication, no signs of struggle just boom he may not be all white but Vanilla Ice came out of nowhere too and had a little flow and a big buzz before his album dropped and niggaz were defending him the same way too, like they say ” if you don’t learn from history …”

  • Katt

    Lol respect to “Breand-new”

  • brand-new

    i gave drake a chance and it just wasn’t clicking for me, some artists put out music that only reaches certain audience’s, guess i’m not in that audience, i can’t force myself to like his shit. no hate, dude got talent, i have no dought that he’s gonna sell records, the question is how will he fare in the future once the buzz is, “so far gone”.

  • brand-new

    same to you katt

  • gkid12345

    Drake signs to Universal, what a shocker! This guys buzz is so fake its pathetic. Best I ever had has a lot of money behind it which is why its getting all this play on radio. That whole “bidding war” was just so Universal could hype up their artist. Didn’t he just say he wasn’t signed to Young Money and now his rep says he been signed to Young Money? Come on

  • Katt

    @Brand-new. Let’s be honest though. This is hip hop, no one stays hot forever (see: Jay z, 50 cent, Eminem, Snoop, No Limit, DMX, Rakim, KRS1, Tribe called quest…I can do this all day)
    hell, if not for the untimely deaths of Pac and BIG, they at some point would get old too. Hip hop is a young boys game


    Drake is sick but i think Wayne/Young Money is holding him back. Young Money is the the most shit label a rapper could be on.

  • TheWiseOne


    Why do you call Young Money “the most shit” lave a rapper could be on?

    Just curious.

    Please state facts that back up this claim not just some whiny, weak shit.

    Young Money is a new label that has a slate of artists scheduled to release (Drake, MackMaine, Nicki Manaj). They have not dropped a flop yet, because they’ve yet to drop an album. Its predescessor (Cash Money) is an underground legend. Just what are you basing this on? Your hate for Weezy?

  • brand-new

    @katt, hip-hop is a young boys game?? tell that to jay-z.

  • Yung von

    Drake is hot he is kinda like T-pain but no autotune(T-Pain Can Rap Better) But Niggas Who Dont LIke DRake Dont Like Real Music yall dem niggas who like souja boy an nigga wit no lyrics at all but dats yall garbage niggas Young Money all day

  • Bhmebelcomua

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    • Enlightened


  • williec

    im pretty sure the first stop on the tour is july 23 in Dallas tho

  • tonoyr

    that metrosexual guy drake is just as corny as that wayne dwarf

  • Nas Interview

    Q. So who is that guy for you? Who are you listening to?

    A. Drake and always Scarface.

    Q. Why?

    A. Drake is new. (He’s a rapper from Toronto.) He’s here to show anybody who questions him that he’ll get at you. He’s like fresh water right now on dry land. Scarface is the realist rapper. He’s the most musically serious, besides Kanye (West), right now. What Scarface says in his rhymes is real. You can’t get away from (Lil) Wayne right now. So that’s what I’m listening to. I’m waiting on Dr. Dre’s album.

  • jetsz-taylorGANG

    man i think he sucks for a protege cause currensy was more better in my opinion and he doesn’t really seem a rapper to me and check out wiz khalifa- name on a cloud/wussup and ALSO WIZ AND CURRENSY MIXTAPE —-> how fly 3 songz leaked
    car service
    all the songz are weed songz maine

    • Curren$yBringingRapBack

      Wiz and Curren$y are on point right now..they bringin real hip-hop back…i aint hating on drake..he gettin paid..nothing wrong wit that..i like some old weezy shit.but lately his music is leading me to fuck wit wiz and currency a little more..they just got mad swagg

  • Bruce Leroy

    Looks like 50 called it!! Universal WAS behind working that song, they wanted to show him what they could do for his music.

  • DeJaNupe

    I mean, he’s nice, I’ll give it to him…. he has good flow and all but yall act like he’s hip hop’s savior or something… Which he’s not… but yes, he is a breathe of fresh air from what’s out now… but how can you say that when he’s about to tour with soulja boy?

  • TwisT

    dammit wheelchair jimmy

    as a nigga who’s job is to co-sign bullshit ALOT…i can professionally say that co-signing on bullshit doesnt make it better…it just makes it more acceptable for fools…seriously. that dude is weak

  • R.I.G.I.D

    Sing or spit nigga, Fucking METROSEXUAL, I don’t like this cat!

  • Mr. Obituary

    I find it confusing that people that always complain about how new dudes have no talent diss on the new guys before they have a chance to prove themselves in the mainstream. Here’s a thought: if you don’t like Drake, don’t listen. If you do, then do! Point blank. If you don’t have a deal or co-signs from greats like Nas, please keep your hating to yourselves. He ain’t even had a chance yet. This is why rap isn’t garnered towards the hood anymore, because they don’t give guys a chance. News flash, Jay-Z and Nas and the veterans won’t be around forever. Who would you want to leave rap to, someone talented like Drake, or Soulja Boy?

  • Александр

    Кстати как отметили Хеллоуин? :)

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