Young Jeezy Associate/CTE Rapper Confirmed As Stabbing Victim At DJ Trauma Party

It has been confirmed that Atlanta based rapper B.A.M.A., a recent signee to Young Jeezy’s CTE label, was one of the two men that was stabbed at a party for Hot 107.9 radio personality DJ Trauma earlier this morning.

TMZ reports that B.A.M.A. (born Antonio Henry) is currently recovering from a stab wound to the face at Grady Memorial Hospital in the ATL. The graveness of his injuries are unknown as of press time.

As previously reported a fight broke out at the Luckie Food Lounge in downtown Atlanta around 2:30 a.m. during a party celebrating Trauma’s 10 year anniversary at the station. The altercation, which reportedly included 10 men, is rumored to have erupted between Jeezy’s CTE camp and DJ Drama Aphilliates crew. The Snowman has told various media outlets that he was not involved in a fight and Drama declined to comment.

Trauma spoke to XXL this afternoon and the co-founder of The World Famous Superfriends DJ Crew said he did not witness the brawl. “I didn’t know what had happened, because we were all upstairs in the VIP – Me, Estelle, Luda[cris] and [Young] Jeezy – and I was talking to Jeezy and I was like we about to go downstairs, and perform,” he shared. “So I grabbed Jeremih, Estelle and my artist Verse Simmons and we went downstairs and we started performing. And just doing what we do. He was doing ‘Birthday Sex’ and [Lil] Scrappy was performing and all of a sudden I was like damn were is everybody else at. And a couple of minutes later some people were like ‘they were fighting upstairs.’”

Authorities have failed to arrest anyone in the incident and the name of the other stabbing victim has yet to be released.

B.A.M.A. signed to CTE earlier this year. He recently released his debut mixtape Street Idol with DJ Scream. – Elan Mancini

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  • EReal

    Damn Dram got back!

    Straight young bucked jeezey’s homeboy to the FACEEEEEE.


    • EReal

      YO GRAND$

      How teh ghey is Jeezy’s goatee?

      • Tony Grand$

        Jeezy always looked kind of like he wears mascara to me [||]. Like he should be a deoderant model, or one of those guys in the before-shot of a hair restoration commercial.

        Damn, I couldn’t imagine getting stabbed in the face. That shit is like shooting a dude in the stomach with a .22. Painful AND incredibly disrespectul.

        Real shit though, this is far beyond “rap beef”. I know cats have problems with one another, but this has no place in the culture right now. & just think, retaliation is immenent.

        • General

          This is gonna simmer down for a minute, but retalitation is not imminent it is guaranteed, just at a later date…

        • Tony Grand$

          @ Gen

          Imminent=pending, eventual, unavoidable, guaranteed.

        • General

          Shit you obviously don’t pay attention to the culture these days, cuz when cats use the word imminent, today that only means most likely, Websters don’t know everything

        • EReal



        • Tony Grand$

          @ Gen

          Sorry bruh, I use words according to their definition. The last thing I do regularly is what most cats do. I apologize to y’all who don’t have a grasp on the language.

          “Most cats” are wrong, & the “culture” is rife with incorrect grammar & mis-pronounced words. That doesn’t make it right.

          Your right though, Websters doesn’t know everything. Its just a simple book called a dictionary that people use to define terms of the english language as it was meant to be spoken, as opposed to the lazy terminology people have adopted out of apparent necessity.

          You know, lack of competence.

        • EReal


          l m a o!

        • Tony Grand$


        • General

          Wow thanks for the grammar lesson Professor Tony, it must drive you crazy listening to hip-hop or being amongst us less educated folks (and by less educated I mean in your mind) on this site. The fact is terms evolve all throughout history in the english as well as every other language and this does not occur due to laziness it occurs as an adaption to current times and cultures…

          Perhaps if you noticed the immenint has been used so many times in the past almost 8 years in regards to imminent attacks “on America”, shit doesn’t happen, just like Dr. Dre’s Detox release is imminent, shit doesn’t happen, over the last several years the word imminent has been thrown at us so many times for things that are going to happen, but usually are only most likely to happen or not at all, which is why I chose the word guarantee instead. Now while you may question my intellect and feel superior with grasp of the composition of the language beyond everyone here, sometimes you just need to check yourself instead of trying to be superior

        • lolo

          how the fuck does jeezy look like he’s wearing mascara? fuck outta here. Did he apply it the way you normally do on your face tony grand you fucking fagot.

        • Tony Grand$

          Never said I was superior, but you “corrected” me than turned around & used the word “guarantee”, which is in contrast of itself.

          “but retalitation is not imminent it is guaranteed, just at a later date…”

          Imminent means guaranteed. So I don’t understand how you tell me I’m wrong AND say the dictionary doesn’t know everything, yet you’re accidentally using the word in the proper context.

          As far as imminent being loosely used, that’s not my problem. According to what I know, & was taught in school, I used it right. I know that to be true.

          Checking myself is an option when I’m wrong, however I’m not in this case. Research the word.

          You shouldn’t believe everything you hear other people say. Maybe they said Detox was imminent because “they” want people to hold on to hope. Maybe they said Terror Attacks are imminent because its usually propoganda to keep the people on their toes & stir commotion, like the Government often does.

          Its not a matter of what I do/say, its the fact that I don’t use loose terms, because it cuts down on conflict & complication.

        • General

          Again professor, I don’t need to “research” the word. I know exactly what is it’s intended meaning, but as I explained whether correct or not the word has evolved in our culture.

          And believe me I don’t believe half of what anyone says or what I hear, nor should you believe the hype of yourself half as much as you do.

          I think maybe you have watched too much Bill O’Reilly in your life with the way you construct your argument, which is for to make a false assumption about someone’s point of view and then to try to degrade or insult them immediately afterwards. Good luck with that. I could probably type your next response for you because they are all so predictable.

          And if you want to cut down on conflict and complication as you claim then I would suggest not trying to insult the intelligence of those you are discussing a topic with.


      I did that shit! Jeezy hasn’t been paying his hood taxes to the Crips in LA so we had to spank him GOOD!

    • mo

      B.A.M.A? Oh you mean thaaaaaaat bamma! All of these atl clowns are garbage they can’t fight or rap.

      • 619

        I don’t understand how being shot with a 22 is disrespectful and painful. I had a homeboy that got shot in the stomach with a 22. He walked that shit off and never even made a hospital visit. Just make a mafucker look like they got a second belly button hahahaha. Understand, 22′s don’t do nothin’ unless it’s right up on a mafucker.

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  • me

    i guess theres no more trap or die

  • me

    i guess they were taking straight shots to the head FUCK SOME JUICEMAN

  • Juiceman

    Wit stupid fruity crazy swag jumpin in yo lady!


  • Juiceman


  • Master Cheef

    the “before shot” of a hair restoration commercial?

    jeez, that’s fuckin hilarious.

  • Master CHeef

    or should that be
    “the BEFORE-SHOT of a hair restoration commercial?”

    jeez, that’s fucking hilarious.

  • BeerGangsta

    Have you dam Rappers heard of Envy,Jealous,Hate. When I become a Millionaire! I will not be around crowds. When they poe they hate you. They don’t know how to make money. This shit give the KKK something to laugh about again. OBama can’t save ya’ll. It’s all on God. OBama don’t have jobs. God got jobs. Get the shit right dam it!

  • geico lizard

    This is 2009 and niggas are still stabbing??? Step your violence game up nigga. Donte’ Stallworth used a bentley.

    • HERM

      Haha! cold man.

  • geico lizard


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  • that nigga

    This is 2009 and niggas are still stabbing??? Step your violence game up nigga. Donte’ Stallworth used a bentley.

  • EmCDL

    Damn niccas going outta control over stupid shit….pride getting the best of them I suppose.


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  • newyawka631


  • weapon

    You know everytime gucci & jeezy beef it’s always jeezy’s crew that come up short. Gucci already popped 1 dude & now dis nigga gets stabbed in the face. Some nuggaz don’t know how 2 let go.