Tru Life Arrested In Stabbing Incident

Former Roc-La-Familia rapper Tru Life and his brother were arrested for fatally stabbing a man during a scuffle in a Manhattan lobby, according to authorities.

The brawl, which resulted in Christopher Guerrero’s death and left another man in critical condition, took place on June 15, New York’s Daily News reports. Tru Life—born Roberto Guzman Rosado, Jr.—was taken under police custody three days ago, on charges of murder, assault and weapons possession. His brother, Marcus Rosado, surrendered to authorities yesterday (June 24).

Police sources said the stabbings were the aftermath of an earlier, ongoing altercation that took place at Club Pasha, on West 46th street.

The 33-year-old MC and his brother are accused of chasing Grey, 30, and Christopher Guerrero, 20, into a Midtown Manhattan lobby at 9:30 a.m., and stabbing Guerrero in the stomach and Grey in the chest.

A regular Twitter user, Tru Life’s account (THEREALTRULIFE) hasn’t been updated since June 14, one day before the fight.

The L.E.S. rapper has a history of disputes in the hip-hop realm. QDIII’s 2003 DVD, Beef, documented a violent encounter Tru and his entourage had with Mobb Deep’s camp, spurred by Prodigy reusing his guest verse from the then-unsigned artist’s song.

In 2007, Tru Life was embroiled in a war of words with The Diplomats. It was rumored that he punched Cam’ron outside of a New York City nightclub.

Tru was signed to Roc-La-Familia by Jay-Z, back in 2005. As stated by terms in his contract, Tru told that he was paid $300,000 to part ways with Def Jam in 2007.

He dropped two mixtapes while signed—2005’s The New New York: The Movement, and 2007’s Tru York. –John Kennedy

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  • $ykotic


    • EReal

      Sounds like he ratted on his brother.

      Hey dumbasses, lobbies have cameras. lol.

      Keep ya butthole tight!

      • One900Romello

        Project Lobby homie LOL

        • EReal

          Project Lobby in Midtown? LMAO.

      • chino

        its sad that we had someone like trulife representing l.e.s

  • brand-new

    this dude is goin right back to milk carton status! his tru-york mixtape is slept on though…

  • $ykotic

    Thanks XXL. Now let’s get it in…

    Let’s remember that Murder 1 in NYC is mandatory LIFE.

    Why do these cats who have opportunities in life continue to throw it away?

  • latino heat

    fuck this clown. is Michael Jackson really dead? TMZ says he is.

    • DV8

      yeah I believe MJ has passed on.

      This dude Tru Life is 33 years old still running the streets getting involved in bullshit? Dumb mofo

      leans back and turns “I Dont Do Much” way, way, way, the fuck up….word to Paris Pershun (or how ever you spell it)

  • $ykotic

    CNN says coma.

    • EReal

      Nope, he’s dead.

      CBS News just verified.

      Too much Jesus Juice!

  • $ykotic

    Yeah it’s official.

    Now that was a hard working artist. We will never see another like him.

    Amamzing how he was the first to go out of ALL of them. Even Mom & Pop.

    • DetroitDraper

      That is an intrigue-ing thought. Isnt ma and pop like 90?


    Tru Life, u keep doin dumb shit & this is where it’ll get u. hold ya head.

    *trying to hold in tears* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! SMH…

    R.I.P. Michael Jackson aka The King of Pop

  • yaboyd101

    when keeping it real goes wrong these to wanna be thugs max b and tru life wanna be so hard and want to potray that thug image so bad now look their lifes are over HEY TRU LIFE GUESS WHAT HOMIE? ya doing real life now i hope you come to my mod faggot

  • brand-new

    wow…..m.j and farrah fawcet in the same day……r.i.p. to both

  • Tony Grand$

    & to think, all that champagne cereal, 10 black cars money could’ve been spent on a good attorney.

    Let’s see the butler bring that.

    Hold your head dude, true life is about to begin.

    • BIGNAT

      grand you beat me to posting “true life is about to begin”. that statement right there is so true for this clown.

      • $ykotic

        An ironic moniker. Priceless.

        XXL can we get a MJ thread so we can do this right?


      LMFAO!!! @ Grand$ ^^ true life is about to begin.

      ^^priceless… where u come up w/ dis shit yo?

      ? che-bea-bea? wtf?

  • newyawka631


  • Master Cheef

    That punch to the eye is why cam stays in hiding to this day. Dude don’t even show up to his own shows anymore.

  • Kay

    Damn, I know this is a hip-hop site, but any rapper out there has been influenced by the King Michael Jackson. There should be a thread for him.

  • Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    nigga a fool for this one why the fuck he do such dumb shit 33 years old and still trynna run in the streets kinda sad but atleast noew he gon get true life,heard he was a roc-a-fella,now he gon get rocked by a fella

  • http://xxl All Dae

    It’s a shame cause Tru Life got a bit of a buzz to start over with the milk carton incident.
    2 bad he didn’t capitalize on his opportunities. He been with Roc A Fella for a minute and has only managed to go deeper into the streets. I thought homie learned from beefing with Mobb Deep.

    • chitchat

      Damn, that’s messed up. I thought he sincerely regretted that Mobb Deep stuff. I guess he was just on probation or smthg tho.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Damn, I gave everybody the heads up yesterday about Tru Life………what am I, the Rodney Dangerfield of this shit??!!! SMH…

  • BeerGangsta

    You live by the Gun you go to Hell by the Gun! I like how Tru Life made Mobb Deep take there clothes off. When he was robbing them. LOL!!

  • i am legend

    if somebody disrespect u or ur family u goin handle ur biz whether u a entertainer or not u goin do what u got 2 a street dude goin b a street dude, money or not.

  • impecable

    free tru life

  • iliveonce1

    don’t he have a son or child…..what’s reall y gangsta is when a man raises and takes care of his kid. This event is stupid!!!

    rest in peace Michael jackson!!

  • enzo life

    tru life always looking like a bum with that played out new york fitted hat every time i see him

  • NDS

    First of all nobody knows if he innocent or guilty, 2nd nobody knows what the circumstances around the incident are.
    Tru a real dude with a promising career, I hope if he’s innocent he gets off
    hold ya head tru

  • a working chef

    Dumb, very dumb, 33 years of age and Smith Boys still think is cool to continue trying being hard. Didn’t they used to get their ass kicked by HTC. Anywayz, papa, get used to Rikers & upstate, that’s where you will be for a long time. The young kid might’ve been at fault but beatem don’t go and killem. Tru York, Tru Court via Rikers Bus…………..

  • Efromdabronx

    My man Black is healing up in the hospital,ATL got murdered for nuthing and the youtube gangsta got caught.WHO GAINS FROM ALL THIS? Not the family members who struggled so hard to raise us wild kids growing up in the Lower East Side.They was at the Puerto Rican Day Parade after party at the club,went to see Slater after he was shot(which by the way is not down with Tru Life) and they waited like dickheads till 9am to catch em.U know Tru and his crew were high and liquored up.Y dont they fight like men…hand to hand combat? This and all the other gimmicks like this ISNT HIP HOP CULTURE!Dudes in jail are gonna have a feast on Pocahontas with that pretty to You all.

  • L.A.KaliRican

    Dude shoulda stayed in Oklahoma

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  • chino

    i went to school with tru and his brothers they thought they were tuff when they were all together ….. when you catch them solo it was a different story i lived in the same projects 180 south street i am 31 and been out of the pjs since i was 18 every time i went to visit my mom i use to see those clowns up to the same thing and you figure they got some money they would move and change there ways but i guess not they get more stupid now look….what we have representing l.e.s..thats sad bro 4 real

  • Chelsea Houses

    ” EReal says:

    Project Lobby in Midtown? LMAO.”

    Uhmm, have you ever been to New York City? There are projects in Chelsea, Midtown (Hells Kitchen) & the Upper West Side, as well as other areas that you might describe as being “white”. From an anthropological/urban sociological perspective, the demographics and urban landscape of Manhattan is fascinating, and not at all like most cities in America and certainly not like its rustbelt neighbors.

  • money boyz tv

    dam atl our mangaer getting killed by true life

  • sos

    free tru life