Onyx rapper Sticky Fingaz has gotten one of his notorious fingers in a real sticky situation.

According to TMZ, the Queens-bred MC accidentally shot his friend Luce Canon in the leg with his baby Desert Eagle firearm last week. The celebrity gossip site reports that the bullet is still lodged in Luce’s skin and has shattered a bone in his shin.

Despite having to have surgery he did not press charges against his friend. Sticky is legally licensed to own a gun.

In related news, as XXLMag.com recently reported , Sticky’s directorial debut, the hip-hop musical, A Day In The Life, is coming to stores on July 7. The flick which stars Mekhi Phifer (E.R.) and Omar Epps (House M.D.), as well as Fredro Starr, Treach, Ray J, and Michael K. Williams and Hassan Johnson of The Wire is completely told in rap form.- Max G