Sticky Fingaz Accidentally Shoots Friend, No Charges Filed

Onyx rapper Sticky Fingaz has gotten one of his notorious fingers in a real sticky situation.

According to TMZ, the Queens-bred MC accidentally shot his friend Luce Canon in the leg with his baby Desert Eagle firearm last week. The celebrity gossip site reports that the bullet is still lodged in Luce’s skin and has shattered a bone in his shin.

Despite having to have surgery he did not press charges against his friend. Sticky is legally licensed to own a gun.

In related news, as recently reported , Sticky’s directorial debut, the hip-hop musical, A Day In The Life, is coming to stores on July 7. The flick which stars Mekhi Phifer (E.R.) and Omar Epps (House M.D.), as well as Fredro Starr, Treach, Ray J, and Michael K. Williams and Hassan Johnson of The Wire is completely told in rap form.- Max G

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  • Capostatus

    Thais is the way we walk in New York. This real shit happenin in my city. Fuck thr South.

    • EReal

      real DUMB shit.

    • Swagga Like Ric Flair

      Dissin the south cause one of your dumbass artists shot themselves. Yall New yorkers need to just keep guns out yalls hands. First Plax and now this… yea yall are so gangsta pluggin each other on accident and everything. talk to me when your city can actually take the game from atlanta cause it aint happenin any time soon.

    • texasmade

      you have to be the dumbest alive period

      • 619

        Shootin’ your boys on accident is real shit in your city? hahahaha. Fake ass thugs. If you think that’s real, I would hate to see what happens to you in the West.

    • ACE HU$TLA

      real “Sticcy” fingaz

    • anutha_level

      then why don’t YOU keep it ‘real’ and just shoot YOURSELF….asshole

      • 619

        Why does this only happen in N.Y. First Irv Gotti’s brother, next Plaxico, now Sticky’s boy.

    • http://xxlmag jb

      Dont respond to dudes like him! He only post stupid shit like that 2 get attention. He probably not even from NY.

  • Pierzy

    Nice choice of photo

    • Ghost

      My sentiments exactly…to hell with journalistic integrity and neutralism!

  • Capostatus

    This is the way we walk in New York. This real shit happenin in my city. Fuck the South.

  • Jamal7Mile

    A Desert Eagle would rip your leg off. Luckily(?) that was a “baby” D.E. I’ve never even seen/heard of a baby Desert Eagle.

    • pudgie

      Its the same shit only its a smaller model

    • http://xxl gside

      Same caliber bullet just smaller gun dum ass.

      • Jamal7Mile

        You need to check that “dum” ass talk gayside. I don’t ever remember disrespecting you small fry so check that shit. I couldn’t give a lesser FUCK what caliber it is, and didn’t ask anybody to tell me. I fuckin’ HATE guns, aiight?

        The name’s Jamal…

        • http://xxl gside

          nigga what ! You talking shit and were from the same city Im no small fry In my hood You bitch ass nigga Bring you bitch ass to the eastside with that fake shit and I will show you difference between a baby desert eagle and a grown up matter fact Im going, to be on 7mile today were you at.

        • anutha_level

          did this nigga really say small fry?


          oh sure…you are certainly “hood” aren’t u?

        • Jamal7Mile

          “were you at???” I’ll be doing things that grown-ups do. E-thugging won’t be one of those things… there’s no money in it.

          “hood”? Even better. Educated.

          So now you catching feelings, huh? I’ll ask again… who disrespected who first?

        • http://xxl gside

          Eastside Mack and charmers I”ll be on the conner at 4:00 and fuck you money lil nigga. The thing about you you rep the “D” wrong you try to act like your a street dude when it’s convent then when you get call on it your a school guy which is it you can’t be both . Don’t talk about shit you don’t know like when you you said he was lucky it wasn’t an big D.E. his leg would be gone not knowing it’s the same gun. Then in the same breath you hate guns but you know so much but you don’t now shit stay in your lane little nigga .I don’t hate guns carry mine with me everywhere I go metal detectors I don’t go could caught a body yesterday morning from dum nigga try to sell me weed my shit stay in arm reach at all times so talk what you know. Nigga from have died blood sweat and tear for our Rep not going to let no bitch ass nigga fuck that up .Then your a friendly moutherfucker dick riding these nigga on the board nobody say what’s up to you you the dude at the movie’s that that hangs in the restroom and ask nigga to sake there dick after the piss you freindly nigga now were you at.

        • DETROIT

          gside, you’re a clown. get off this mans dick!

          “I”ll be on the conner at 4:00″

          LMFAO, if he were to come holla @ you, how would you guys recognize eachother? you gon send a pic to his cell phone? grow up lil hommie! what if he met you and you killed him? that would be premeditated murder based on the shit you said on this site. THAT’S LIFE IN JAIL LIL NIGGA, YOU READY FOR THAT? quit frontin and enjoy the convo on the site, save that gangsta shit for x-box live, lol!

        • Jamal7Mile

          gside, when have I EVER said I was a street dude? Where are you getting this from? I REPRESENT Detroit and I REPRESENT Hip Hop, and I do both quite well. I’m not ashamed of my education!!! Are you serious??? How old are you?

          I’m repping what’s good about Detroit! You should, too. I come to this Hip Hop forum to discuss, share experiences, crack jokes about, teach and learn about HIP HOP!! I don’t care what hood NOBODY’s from.

          Do you even read my posts all the way through? Not that I care, but you sound like you got me confused with somebody else.

        • http://xxl gside

          Detroit as far as you go fuck you nigga I’m a man of my word you ever here the saying all a man has in this world is his word , you don’t know shit about that because you never ever be the man your mamma was plus nigga I don’t plan on going to jail anyway. As for 7 mile I know your not a street dude and trust me that a good thing but what you are or what you trying to be is a Journalist my beef with the media is misinformation over opinionated in steed of just giving the facts I hate to say but from time to time you do both instead of just stating the facts you sensationalize shit to promote yourself no need for that the white mans way and that why shit fuck up, just do a good job and you will get what coming to you .Detroit I face life before it ain’t nothing to a “G” .

        • DETROIT

          LOL….nigga you need to do life in a 3rd grade class room! CLOWN

        • http://xxl gside

          See nigga you got yourself in some shit don’t try to lol see you must be an orphan , because nobody taught you shit like mind your on fucking business. There were no male role models cause you act like a bitch. Nigga you can meet me on Mack and Charmares since you protected nigga’s you must be gay they way you jump in there. So you talking shit to me you weren’t in the conversation that what bitches do . Real talk I had that murder 2 hanging over my head what about you ain’t been in no street when your life is on the line your family life on the line not your play fam I mean your Mom’s sister’s bother ever thing you love so you can’t tell me shit bitch ass nigga . I speak what I know and shut the fuck up and listen when I don’t know. I know it’s a lot of fake nigga on the web but out of a million people somebody telling the truth you be the judge of that and mind your business bitch.

        • DETROIT

          1. no real nigga would list his charges online.

          2. you don’t get life for murder 2 in michigan.

          3. you can’t spell.

          4. you didn’t get conviceted, so obviously you didn’t do it, either way, who gives a shit.

          5. I’M GETTIN MONEY NIGGA!

          6. nigga, you can’t even spell, you’re no threat to anyone, except the english language!

        • http://xxl gside

          1 That right I beat bitch ass nigga what you beat beside you dick. 2. You won’t get life but the judge can give you 35 years or more and that’s a life time and you get bail so my money had to be right . 3 Fuck how I speel you understand “Ever Word”. 4. I’m going to tell you like the Depty told me just becuase you beat don’t mean you didn’t do it.5 I’m getting Money that’s what them hoe’s say after getting fuck by 10 to money nigga just getting money don’t mean shit how you get your money and are you helping anyone if not this the “D” you know what’s going happen , your bitch ass is going get Rob .”knew you did’nt have no male role models” 6 Fuck you too I got you mad lol to that.

        • Jamal7Mile

          CO-SIGN!! A few more, gside…

          7. Calm the fuck down, LOL!

          8. EVERYBODY in Tha D knows a murderer! So whatcha sayin’?

          9. E-Thugs, E-Beef = WACK!! You from Detroit, you should know better.

          10. After you get past #7, answer me this question I’ve already ask… HOW OLD ARE YOU? Don’t lie either, I’m 35.

          11. REAL TALK, stop putting so much personal info online.

          12. I’M GETTING MONEY NIGGA!!

        • Jamal7Mile

          *should read CO-SIGN DETROIT*

          Where’s that gside nigga at? It ain’t but a few questions nigga! AGAIN (X3) How old are you nigga???

        • Tony Grand$

          Thanks for that fellas….


        • Jamal7Mile

          You’re always welcome, Tony, LOL!!

          Where that lil nigga go? I was about to erase that mofo’s name off of!! Just like you did the last dude, ummm, whatsamacallit (exactly).

  • DV8


    Look he still has the gun!!!!!!

    • that nigga

      Is not, and totally agree with Ereal and anutha_level.

  • Gerv

    No props for being careless wit a gun he could have killed ol boy.

  • http://xxlmag jb

    dats y people get hit wit strays cuz dumb niggas like this dont know how to handle guns. SMH

  • Gerv

    That nigga just look dumb!

  • RL

    Sticky’s stupid.

  • Tony Grand$


    • $ykotic


      I was going there too!

      But at least he’s smart enough to have the ratchet licensed!

      • EReal

        You KNOW this wasn’t an accident.

      • Jamal7Mile

        Tony and $yk!!! What are you two Cali mofo’s doing up this early? I thought everyone in Cali would still be in bed trying to sleep off that State-wide big ass Laker party last night. Maaaaan, last night CALI WAS ACTIVE!!!

        • $ykotic

          J what it do!

          Watching all the firearm training ads on this page! lol

          But I’m breaking night right now. The party was crazy last nite!

          Sticky getting his Cheney on…

        • Tony Grand$

          Lol @ “Stick Cheney”

          @ 7Mile, whadup fam?!

          I stays with the rooster’s schedule. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a- you get it.

          @ Ereal


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  • Curtis75Black

    “So so, so so, so so Throw ya gunz in the air !!/ and Buck Buck like ya just don’t care !!” Follow your lyrics Nigga. At least he’s licenced though.

    • Jamal7Mile

      He won’t be licensed for long, Curtis. If you pulled some shit like that here in Michigan, you can kiss that license good-bye. Accident or not.

      Of course, unless you’re the ex-V.P. or some shit like that.

  • El Tico Loco

    <<<<What’s up with the firearms training course adds ya’ll too funny.

    soo so so so soo!

  • chillin mayne

    capo think before u put ur unthought thoughts out in the public..”this is the way we walk in new york. this real shit happening in my city. fuck the south”….was wat u posted twice to b xact to make sure ur idiotic statement was viewed…if shootin yo homie in da leg is how it happens in new york, den u shouldnt b cursin the south u should b cursin yo area…and im sick of dudes glorifyin that way of life..”this is the way we walk”….like shootin ya boy is sumtin to be proud of..

  • Curtis75Black

    @ Jamal
    True enough. I don’t know. But don’t it seem like everytime our emcees get caught out there on some BS, they never have a license !! Drivers or gun, not even insurance looking like L.O.N.S. in “Who’s The Man” trying to stash shit. All you do is read the article and wonder ” What the fuck are you thinking ?” You would think they’ll have their shit together LEGALLY. I hope his friend is gonna be alright though. Getting shot anywhere on your body ain’t fun.

  • newyawka631


    • Key-Ye

      u forgot a word. Gritty Grimey new yawk DUMB SHIT, word. Niggas is dumb! thinkin this shit cool lol what r u like 15? anyone who reads this post then thinks “oh he gangsta” is a dumb ass and needs to shoot hisself in the head. one less dumb ass on the street. lmaooo @ capo

  • yoprince

    is xxl becoming the onion?? the firearms training ad?? and wtf is a ‘baby D.E.??’

  • Federal Ranga

    Damn, Sticky… Let’s see what develops here… could be funny…

    We find Luce Canon & Sticky chillin in the studio having lunch… all is well until…

    Luce Canon: (stops eating) Yo, Stick. I was watchin MANswers the other day. Said the best place to take a bullet is in the arm…
    Sticky: (looks up in disbelief) Word? Son, thats bullshit. Gotta be the leg, b?
    LC: Naw, kid. Arm. Its dat science shit. What you stupid or something?
    SF: (frustrated) Yo, dont call me stupid, son… Leg.
    LC: Whatever, stupid. Arm all day, b…

    (Silence as Luce continues eating)

    SF: (raises eyebrow feeling disrespected) WELL, LEG THIS NIGGA!(Pulls out the baby D.E. and shoots Luce in the leg)
    LC: AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! SHIT, WTF IS WRONG WIT U, NIGGA… (going into shock…) My leg, b! Look at my fuckin LEG!
    SF: (confused) Damn, b. Yeah, son, (walking off to find a TV) you really shoulda took that in the arm, dun. Ayo, what channel is MANswers on?

    Am I the only person wondering where Paris is? Maybe he ain’t pay his cable bill…

    • $ykotic

      That’s PARIS.

  • Phlip

    Next week, the friend will be apologizing, like Dick Cheney’s homeboy did when he shot him.

  • BeerGangsta

    Dam you got 3 good movies coming out this summer. I will check them out. Dam shooting your homeboy in the leg accidentally. Don’t play with dam guns there are only for self defense. Grow Up!!

  • Azhar

    If it was indeed an accident and sticky is payin for the medical expenses….way to keep 100 witcha mans (no homo)by not pressing charges…roll up!

  • http://xxl gside

    How does this nigga stay working . You look up ever time sticky got a job talk about rescission proof .

  • menaceman305

    Capostatus says:

    Thais is the way we walk in New York. This real shit happenin in my city. Fuck thr South.

    This dummy thinks that it’s gangsta to shoot his friend “BY MISTAKE”??? lmao

    NY just lost if this dude was serious.

    Dade County Stand The Fuck Up!!! The SOUTH is in the building!!! (and we aint shootin our friends…especially by MISTAKE…lol)

    • $ykotic

      That dude is speaking for himself. Not NY.

      95% of the people that talk like that have never been to the South. Or have no connects.

      • LB

        Agree…dude is a fuckin lame. And a coward; if you gone “seriously” diss niggaz, especially with that coastal BS, at least tell’m where you gone be at so you can man up to your words. Don’t use the Net as a filter between you and potential chance to back up your tough talk.

  • corlione39


  • Tony Grand$

    Sticky Fingaz + Remy Ma= Hip Hop’s next “power” couple.

    Is it just me, or is the irony of his homie being named Luce Canon fucking hilarious. God bless him & all, but lmao…..

    How about Targit Praktiss?

    • anutha_level


      damn T, i think you might be on to something with that hip hop power couple sheit. didn’t see that one coming….good shit

  • Apollo

    He’s gonna have to edit ” a day in the life ” now… i mean there has to be a rap line about this something like… i thought he was my friend but he didn’t pay me, so i shot his ass like my name was dick Cheney too bad that i wasn’t aiming cause my deagle blew off his maffucking leg, when i was aimin at his maffukin head, i stood there while he bled told him to say it was a mistake or next time he’s dead.


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    FUKN HILARIOUS! (except for the fact that a nigga got shot) dese comments got me ROFL!!! & the picture of dis nigga up top^^^ too funny.

  • Teddy

    i hope this isn’t their idea of marketing the movie cos the incident seems to be suspiciously close to the release of his movie shout out to fab

  • Tony Grand$

    BTW, where’d y’all get that pic?

    I bet it was a leftover promo shot from that show “Platinum”.

    I’m not the only dude who saw it…….

  • Вега

    вы смотрели как, Железнодорожник победил Спартак ?! был классный матч ! :D