Prodigy Reacts To Michael Jackson’s Death From Behind Bars

Prodigy, one half of Infamous rap duo Mobb Depp, recently spoke with to give his thoughts on Michael Jackson’s passing.

P, who is currently serving time behind bars for a gun conviction, apparently had a chance to catch Sunday night’s (June 28) BET Awards – a show that quickly became a MJ tribute with several artists, including host Jamie Foxx, paying respect to the late King of Pop. “Shout out to Jamie Foxx, he did a good job with the BET Awards,” P said.

One of the remarks Foxx made in particular struck a chord with the Queens rapper. “He said everybody used to dress like Michael Jackson when they was a little kid,” Prodigy noted, bringing up the time that Jay-Z exposed a photo of him as a child dressed up like MJ, in order to discredit the MC. “You know I like that part ’cause certain niggas ‘Oh yeah Prodigy had the ‘Beat It’ jacket on when he was eight years old,’ like tryna discredit me like there’s something wrong with that. Nah ain’t nothing wrong with that and everybody knows and it’s sad that Michael Jackson had to die but now everybody’s professing ‘oh I loved Michael Jackson when I was little too.’ Oh now it’s okay.”

“Rest in peace, Michael Jackson,” he added. “Cause I damn sure thought I was Michael when I was a little kid. I wanted to be Michael Jackson, I wanted to be a celebrity like Michael. He did a lotta things I ain’t agree with later on in life but overall that was a good muthafucka right there. That was an excellent person, with his music and what he contributed to the music world. Perfect, excellent.” –Max G with reporting by Clover Hope

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  • yaboyd101

    shout out to my boy p behind bars mobb deep def the greatest duo ever clipes who? good interveiw

    • http://xxl Born


  • jburg

    I never understood that either. Niggas clowned Prodigy for that, but they did the same shit. Good point.

  • Tony Grand$

    Mark my words, these liquid denim dudes are going to bring back the MJ jackets.

    Doesn’t Kanye already sport a glittery glove?

    Who remembers the MJ dolls (action figures), in all his different outfits?

    • oskamadison

      Word bond, I had the MJ poster from the Billie Jean video. Hell, I even wanted a Jheri curl back in the day, lol. I’m SOOOOOOOO glad I didn’t. :)

  • stobo646

    word no1 fuckin wit the mobb az nas ? ghost rae ? styles jada ? nah i think mobb deep got that shit hands down check the catalog

  • Tony Grand$

    Mark my words, these liquid denim dudes are going to bring back the MJ jackets.

    Doesn’t Kanye already sport a glittery glove?

    Who remembers the MJ dolls (ummm, action figures), in all his different outfits?

    • El Tico Loco

      Please don’t let that idea grow inside the minds of the grown crack babies, bad enough tigh jeans are considered hot, just don’t start makin shorts that way or highwaters to show the socks.

    • HNIC

      I remember that, man. I had one, plus a Bruce Lee “Action Figures”, when I was like 5 or 6 years old. If I had kept them, by now, they probably would’ve been worth some bread on E-Bay, especially now.

      • Tony Grand$

        Hell yeah, I’m sure some super geek ass dude is on E-Bay right now cleaning up.

        Them buttons, halloween costumes, lunch boxes.

  • Sway-z

    Word, EVERYBODY at some point wanted to be like Michael Jackson, period, especially if you 35 & under, and you was alive when he was really doing it

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  • Rx

    I think it’s funny how these same niggaz that wanted to be like him was nowhere in sight at his court cases and when he was going through all kinds of shit. I don’t want no love from a nigga just cut the check nigga. Mike learned that a little too late.

  • Beast McCoy

    P, was right because back in the day the two coolest mofos were Mike & Prince and Mike trumped Prince as a kid because Mike could dance and sing and had the craziest videos. Everybody wanted to be like mike back then and no one was ashame to declare their love for the man. And 25 years later, we saw him go through alot but I can’t lie he was incredible to my generation because he really did change the idea and concept of a superstar. Very few people have that kind of global recognition and love besides him, Muhammad Ali and a slim group of others.

  • $ykotic

    Free Prodigy! Good read P!

    @ Grand$

    It’s too late. Wait until around funeral time. The next wave…

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  • Nate

    Yup, hundreds of thousands or even millions of kids entertained their parents by dressing up with the jacket, clothes, hair, or dancing style of MJ in the 80′s.

    • Cassandra

      I want to say that, that was a good statement made. I know when I was little I had the jackie Mike wore in Beat It, and Thriller. And yes I dressed up like Mike and my moms made me dance for all her friends. But I loved it. Mike was and is THE BEST THAT EVER DIDI IT! No one can do it like Mike. He will always be in my childhood memories………….I LOVE U MJ, MAY U REST IN PEACE!!!!!!!!

  • DC MOE


  • King4adday

    Rip jacko ,big up to the big homie P. Keep your head up homie,big up to Queens

  • Karim


  • motown

    where it go down

    ooh the dancing won me alotta talent shows for 5$ remember those dance contest

  • Gorrilah

    P is got a good point there.Just cause niggas started acting like ganstas likely then they forget who they idolized back in their younger days.Dr Dre one time had a curl back then and it was Michael’s influence.Almost 90% of kids back in the 80′s liked Michael and thats a fact.U see thats the problem with the rap game now and sales dropping cause niggas are lying behind the mic.I guess Gayzee never liked Michael back then maybe he liked Prince.U just cant diss someone cause he idolized Michael when they were young.Even Pac was influenced by Michael when he was young.Michael is a genius and he will remain like that forever.Take the Thriller album sales and then compare them with your favourites rappers and I bet they will never come close to Michael sales.U motherfuckers are full of shit and I bet u the rap game will never be the same.Get on the mic and spit the truth.Nobody wants to hear how tough your childhood was or how many bitches u fucked or how much ice u rock.Michael had a tough abusive childhood and u never had him saying that on the records and I think he had a difficult childhood than the rest of u motherfuckers.I bet Gayzee couldn’t do the moon-walk thing when he was younger.Motherfuckers.RIP Michael Jackson.

  • Dark Prophet

    Michael misunderstood his comeback..He did made up a comeback (his music is selling like crazy right now and again gets the respect from fans) and his show was named “This is it”.

    Listen to Cilvarings-Forever Michael…RIP.

  • Empress G

    Prodigy (Tchaka Johnson) shoulda been in that BET tribute because his grandmother Bernice Johnson (one of the most famous African American female dance entrapreneurs)taught MJ’s teacher Michael Peters, supplied ,most of the dancers for Thriller, Beat It, and more, AND MJ even came to one of the concerts her dance school held at Lincoln Center in NYC – I know I was there – MJ came on stage carrying Emmanuel Lewis and waving. Diana Ross’ daughter Nicole was in my dance class, and Ben Vereen was a student at the dance school, too. P has mad history in music and dance thanks to his grandmother and grandfather. He jus needs to stay his ass outta jail so he can make some good music again, like the classic album “The Infamous”. We all loved MJ as kids and as adults, whatchoo do as a child should not reflect on your character as an adult. Jay was low for posting an old dance school pic of Chak (I got that dance school journal and he has more pics in it in his MJ gear), then Jay gonna perform at MJ’s tribute, so why is MJ cool now to dress like at the age of 40+ but wasn’t when Chak was a kid in the 80′s and everyone was wearingg the gear?

  • 何健(Shanghai,China)

    惊悉摇滚天王Michael Jackson刚刚逝世,令全球粉丝悲痛万分。那是一个时代的结束,宛若上世纪猫王离世!不过值得庆幸的是Michael不像Myspace那样来大陆卖身(我这次仍然未指邓文迪);Jackson也不学Yahoo那样到内地做共匪的干儿子!——摘自《何健语录》欢迎转载,谢谢支持!

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  • KG


    Well said homie. Well said.

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  • Александр

    “этот вне конкуренции”

  • alli13941

    Its really disappointing that Jay-z would tease someone about dressing like Michael Jackson. Jay-z has never and would never be half what MJ is. Jay-z is famous within limits, my mother nor grand-mothter know who he is, but everyone I know from all generations know Michael Jackson because of his immense talent and impact. Of course in Michael’s death Jay-z’s saying nice things about MJ. What a fraud!