Mos Def Makes Noisy T-Shirt

While some rappers wear their hearts on their sleeve, Mos wants you to wear his art on your sleeve.

U.K. newspaper The Guardian reports that the Brooklyn rapper/actor has become the first artist to endorse LNA Clothing company’s “Original Music Tee.” The shirt will feature an image of Mos’ latest album, The Ecstatic on the front, as well as a tracklisting in the back but more importantly, the tag will have a url to download an mp3 version of the album.

The shirt will cost $39 as compared to the $8.99 price tag on Amazon.

The Ecstatic, Mos’ fourth solo studio album since 2006’s True Magic, made its debut on the Billboard 200 sales chart earlier today. Landing at the no. 9 spot, it managed to sell 39,000 after seven days in stores.

The shirt will be available on July 7. – Max G

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  • Ozz


  • $ykotic

    Ha Ha! Guess this wasn’t important.

    I’d prefer a button up though.

  • EReal

    I’d rather rock a priatebay tee.

  • Sleepy Wonder

    I’d Rather Buy The CD.

    • EReal

      Damn well lend me some money if you got enough to spend it on shit you can get for free.

      I only buy cds at shows.

  • Tony Grand$

    July 7? Cool.

    I’ll just got to the store & memorize the URL.

    But, Mos is ill, though. Nothing personal homie….

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  • KingTime

    “good post”