NEWS: “Best I Ever Had” Lead Speaks on Being Drake’s Main Squeeze

As Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” continues to climb the Billboard Hot 100 chart, anticipation for the song’s video is reaching an all time high.

As previously reported, Drizzy recently shot a video for his smash single directed by Kanye West. Though the video features appearances by Lil Wayne, Common, Trey Songz and Fabolous, model Shakur is likely to steal the show as one of the video’s leading ladies. Handpicked by Mr. West himself, Shakur, who is also an aspiring actress and artist who works closely with Black Eyed Peas frontman,, spoke to about getting the part.

“Kanye had call me,” Shakur told XXL. “And he told me he was about to shoot the video for ‘Best I Ever Had.’ I was like, ‘That’s cool.’ He was telling me about the treatment, I was like, ‘that’s real dope.’ He said, ‘Yeah, as a matter of fact, you’d be real dope for it.’ I said, ‘Oh yeah, that’s what’s up.’ Cause you know I’m an aspiring actress, I’ve been studying theatrics under a private coach and I’m also an artist, so he was like, “Yeah, it’d be a good look for you.”

Though she shared the lead with several models, Shakur not only got to share extensive camera time with Drake, but improvise with the actor-turned-rapper, as well. In addition to a Degrassi theme, the video reportedly features an all female basketball game featuring some of Drizzy’s love interests. Shakur stars as one of the squad’s team captains. While she remained tight-lipped about any additional details, Shakur is confident the video will live up to the expectations.

“It’s really about to be huge and I need to be part of something big this year,” she explained. “For hip-hop this year, it’s really gonna be huge.”

Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” video is rumored to be premiering next week. Stay tuned for more on the video and Shakur -Bruce Moses with reporting by Carl Chery

Shakur and Drake on "Best I Ever Had" set

Shakur and Drake on the set of "Best I Ever Had."

Shakur on set

Shakur on set

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  • BeerGangsta

    Dam I can’t wait until I get Rich! When you got your money right. You Get the Heffers with the big azz and pretty face. Drake they are giving you a lot of props right know. RIP Michael Jackson!!

    • makaveli1671

      Wow! What’s next a story on what type of garbage bags drake use? I mean goddamn! The bitch is nice but come on with all this tabloid gossipy bitch shit fuck!….Yall straight runnin out of shit to post so yall put this meaningless shit up….Tomorrow’s post:In other news allegedly one of drakes balls is bigger than the other one…..a source close to a source(weezy) who used to work at the source was overheard discussing this news wit the nigga behind him in a line at the unemployment office…lol Get the fuck outta here

  • mashaun

    damn she thick if she can sing mite can do something

  • Pierzy

    No doubt she’s bad but how is this news?

    • $ykotic

      “Kanye had call me,”


      @ nessness138/XXL staff/Carl Chery



      • EReal

        Yo Drake looks straight touchdown. Word to ronnie mex!

  • Capo Status

    Ummmm yea you ever heard that saying “a deer trapped in headlights” i mean her maximus is poppin but so are her eyeballs not hatin I’m just saying good googly moogly

  • Da Kid

    and so the hype continues.

  • adrian smith

    sad day for music fans the day music died mj aka king of pop michael jackson rest in piece r.i.p lluv goes out to his family and fans c ya at the crossroads

  • latino heat

    co-sign Pierzy. shes bad but shouldn’t this be in the Eye Candy section, cause it’s certainly not news.
    on a another note, dosen’t every video chick think she’s gonna be a actor or rapper / singer. then once they do a few videos we never see them again with the exception of a few. why do they all have to say the same shit after they do a couple videos? nobody believes you.

  • latino heat

    one more thing, has anybody ever actually seen the show Degrassi? i never heard of the shit till i heard of Drake.

    • MAC 10

      its this bitch-ass show that was on nickelodeon that was for teens. yup. thats how gangsta this dude is. unbelievable

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Dude that ass is killer, love that shit on skinny chicks, she can sit that thing on my face anytime. lol

    • 14snipez

      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Co-fuckin sign god damn shorty iz a bad bitch sexy az all hell n yes if she wanted to sit that soft lushious ass on my face i would be laid back before she finished her sentence.

  • AvengerXL

    Why is it that all of the mediocre talents get all of the hot broads. I guess it is universal balance.

  • AvengerX

    more Degrassit love at XXL remember when they were saying Asher Roth was the next big thing.

  • The_Truth

    ***Not a sngle thread for Michael Jackson. . .guess XXL is “too-gangsta” for that.


  • DaBigBoy

    God Damn look on that azzzzzz. What latina??? She be???

  • Baltimore

    Fckkkk XXL ,,,,nothing on MJ???? who cares about the lead in Drakes video,,,,MICHAEL JACKSON DIED!

  • giantstepp

    Shes bad…and Drake got the ass face (no facial hair)

  • texasmade

    she aight my girl is better


    she’s definitely a baaad bitch. & co-sign Pierzy: how is this news?

    OG Matt Herbz… where u @ bruh?

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  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    damn thats the best they could come up for a lead girl? that sucks! i mean she definitely can get the meat hockey treatment but damn if I had drake buzz you gotta get me a supreme piece of trim (yeah… trim!) word to og matt herbZ! this is ya round the way bodega jump off.this what you get when you let space boot wearin’ metrosexuals do ya shit.

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    fix this damn comment section! I’m finna fire wanna you niggas!

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Damn, you know it’s hard as hell to criticize a girl with a bubble like that. That thing got me sprung through the screen, word to mutha! Drake’s a fool if he’s letting that thing go. That’s an ass you latch a grip onto the first time you see it and don’t let go until you die of old age… DAMN…I bet her poo-poo smells like vanilla spice or watermelon bubble gum or something…that azz can do no wrong…

    But I gots to do this:

    “Cause you know I’m an aspiring actress, I’ve been studying theatrics under a private coach and I’m also an artist”

    A “private coach”, in this case, means that the guy she’s currently fucking has found out that the easiest way into her pants was to front like he’s an acting coach.

    Probably a Drake-type nigga.

    But, whatever your game is, playa, keep it up ’cause it’s working.

    What the fuck is an aspiring actress, though? If you can act, then you get put on through auditions. If you got a sweet ass, bouncy tits and no other skill set, you just play the video vixen role and “aspire” to be a real actress. Peep the way she has the same basic expression in all the pictures. Now, I’m not saying honey is good for nothing. I can name a couple things I KNOW she’d be good at by just looking at her pictures. But making real art? Eh…tell her to call me for the audition, I’ll get up in her gut…I mean, I’ll make the final cut.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    p.s. Y’all know I’m just playing…I front like I’m deep about this shit, but I’d break something off in that girl, no doubt.

  • El Tico Loco

    Michael Jackson dies and the best you do is make an article about some bugeyed white girl with a pass for a latina type tan and a big bubble? (not the bad part). But I guess this is part of your new Drake dickridin campaign. I bet he gets a cover in about 2 issues. This is slow news type of news and is not a slow news day.

  • sp3

    shes got big tits too for that frame. take off that bra and the bazookas come out. i had a chick from trinidad that had her body.

  • Savage

    Where in the hell did she come from? She is so gorgeous and exotic. Drake is the man. He needs to wife her up real quick! Can’t wait to see her in action in the video. Kanye, u made a GREAT choice!! Her look is unique, I aint neva seen someone that look like her. When does the magazine come out?

  • http://xxlmag TJCOMBO

    y is everybody all over drakes nuts jus cuz hes a rapper. hes bin on degrassi since 02 and now ppl wanna look at him. ive bin wathin him since degrassi came on. i even remember wen rick shot him in the back putting him in a wheelchair. did yall think drake was hard then? this niggas nice, but he aint no jay or nas. and hes not the only nigga from canada that can rap. all i hear is drake this and drake that, mainly b/c he does so many songs with wayne and everybody is always on wayne’s gay nuts. wat about kardianl offishal hes from canada, and so is jd era, colin munroe and much more. im not hatin on the nigga, i like his songs, mainly his underground songs. but i jus think ppl need to stop hypn this man up so much. wat if he blows up and hes wack? watchall gonna say then?

  • tru predator

    drake is garbage.dude looks like ginuwine tryin to rap,and sucks to say the least.i cant understand why all the buzz about someone so weak.

  • $ykotic


    I just heard a clip were this dude said he has a “team” of b*tches that he’s “coaching”.


    He probably saw this and rendered this broad irrelevant!


  • Cole

    Damn, I can’t believe niggaz on here hatin on a female! Thats some bitchassness for real. Get a fuckin life. I swear thats whats wrong with people today. They can never congratulate when someone is doin good, they can only hate! Thats cuz they probably sittin somewhere miserable. I told my girl she needs to step her game up after I saw this shorty. Got damn! What a beauty for real. She got swag! My girl was on her more then me. Man, if i could bring her home to moms! I need that magazine asap!! Shit i need 5 copies.

  • UptownN.O.

    The good thing about Drake is that he is putting an end to this “street credibility” shit. First Kanye came and got props as a rapper without “street credibility” and now a guy that is softer than Kanye is getting props. I ain’t mad at him though if he can spit. Just post some of his songs so I can judge his flow and not his personal life. I’d rather listen to a childhood actor that is creative than a neighborhood crack seller that can’t rap a lick like Gucci Mane. And I’m from the South (6th and Dryades, Uptown, N.O.) so ain’t no coastal bias. Just let this Drake dude music speak before yall speak and make songs that’s relevant to the masses. This reminds me of how they pushed Jay-Z when Biggie died. But then again Jigga Man had “street cred”.

  • T Lee

    Nigga scared to touch her ain’t he?!

  • one

    Don’t want to sound like i am hating but you people follow the hype of anything. This song is simple, and unremarkable but yet it has 10 million views and they guys supposedly supposed to save hip hop. wake up if we don’t challenge artist to make better music they never will and the radio will continuously play this garbage. ps. It sounds like a watered down musiq soulchild ft. a fake ass weezy. the beat sounds like your average fruity loops amateur loop.

  • spade

    yo whoever said that degrassi was on nickelodeon was a dumbass it was on THE N not nick u retard.

  • EmCDL

    Damn…homegirl look magically delicious

  • AvengerXL

    I listened to this guys mixtape 3 times while driving around the city this weekend and I still don’t see why he is getting all this attention. Plus who cares who he is dropping it off in. Yeah the chick has a banging body and a bright future as the trophy spouse of some ball player or hollywood d-lister since rappers stock is going down lately unless you have connections like drake( you know major buzz with minor effort).



  • Savage

    No way playa. That ass is soft and delicious and real! Look how big her titties are. Her frame is off the chain. I wanna lick her. I bet she real sweet too! Im dreamin bout her tonight. I wanna get one in! How u pull her Drake??

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  • louie

    shes hot, woulda liked to seen jessenia vice google her, i know i did once i seen her on the tyra show with kim kardashian , crowned queen of the kims

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