Jim Jones has pleaded not guilty to charges of misdemeanor battery, stemming from an incident involving the rapper’s entourage in Panama City during MTV’s Spring Break last month.

Victim Damion Johns claims Jones “struck him in the lip with a closed first” after he continued to pursue a photo opp with the rapper despite the request being rebuffed initially.

“The kid kept calling him out," said eyewitness Donny Smith, who filmed the altercation on his iPhone. "[Jones] told him a few times, ‘You'd better just shut up, man. Let it go.' Then somebody in the group cold-clocked the kid, sucker punched him."

"Jim didn't do nothing, just told the kid to back away," Smith said. "He wasn't in the fight at all, never threw a punch."

The video shows two large men in white t-shirts scuffling with a much smaller man, Johns, with Jones appearing to walk away from the fracas, then returning to break it up.

"I think you can clearly see (Jones) was pulling people away," Hoot Crawford, Jones’attorney, said. - Devin Chanda