Shooting Incident Follows Chicago Drake Concert

A shooting occurred following a Drake concert in downtown Chicago on Saturday (May 16), injuring a 21-year-old.

The concert began at 11:30 p.m. at the House of Blues, with the incident coming as the crowd of more than 1,000 people emptied out of the venue around 4 a.m.

The victim was listed as being in stable condition following the incident. No one has been arrested in connection with the case, which was among at least 11 shootings in Chicago on Saturday. As of press time no motive has been suspected and Drake has not issued a statement.

Drake’s next tour stop is in Delaware on Wednesday, May 20). - Devin Chanda

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  • $ykotic


    • Pierzy

      Morning $yk…

      This won’t help his climb


      That was me!! I was just eating my Double Stacc From Wendy’s telling old turf war stories to about 20 Blacc Stones when IC this bitch ass HOMO PICTURE takin Drake standing outside. As I was pointing my AK I slip on some strawberry shake sauce and the gun shoots off key! I was so pissed my LA GEARS let me down! I later go to the FOLKS gang hub to collect my annual $12 extortion payment bitch ass Larry Hoover owed me, I see Rocsi and Terrence there! I say Terrence whats up with that shit you was poppin about my moms Lemon Cake, he says, “I ate 3 slices!” I immediatly smacc the shit outta him and Rocsi pulls out her .40 cal! I run for my life and she shoots one of the lights outta my LA GEARS! SHe got a $23 contract out on my life in Barbados!! ECG-UNIT CRIP 4 LIFE SPIDER LOC 4 LIFE!!

  • $ykotic

    11 shootings? Wow…

    • Tony Grand$

      Yeah, they’re out there doing L.A. Numbers. Smh. My wife’s best friend’s brother got killed Saturday. Madness.

      The real story should’ve been that, “11 shootings in Chicago on Saturday”. Why is the “media” attempting to associate the incident with a rap dude? Wrong place, wrong time; Sheer happenstance.

      • Sean Dubb

        This a Hip Hop mag site. Of course it’s gonna be connected to rap.

      • $ykotic

        Word. Like cupcake Drake is responsible…

    • makaveli1671

      You best believe on any hot weekend in the CHI if you going to do anything that involves a large gathering of people you better plan on leaving before that shit lets out! Niggaz dont know how to act in hot weather here cause we only get about 2 and a half months of above 75 degree weather in the “summer” lol. Thats fucked up cause it wasnt even warm sat. Last year it was like 30 somethin shootings in the first warm weekend…So if u niggaz c me at the club on the weekend know that I’m close to the “radiator” fuck what ya heard

    • makaveli1671

      Man you cant even go fishing in the CHI without the banger on you…..a nigga might try and run the 2minute drill on you for your worms!…lol I’m moving to decatur where its greater…I need a vacation from this shit!

  • The_Truth

    ***What more needs to be said?




  • Teddy


  • Smokey

    Any publicity is good publicity.. this only increases his buzz factor.. As if ghostwriting for Wayne isnt enough. If you like that real street music check this..

  • Tony Grand$

    Damn, Rap is out of control……


    Yo The 80′s R Here…Follow Me On Twitter For More..

  • Federal Ranga

    Yup… I called it. Ya’ll niggaz didn’t believe me. HAHAAAAAAAAA!!!

  • Sherm

    Would have never happened if Drake didn’t hit the stage two and a half hours late. His performance only lasted 20 minutes…and they were shooting at 4 AM. FAIL.


    Chicago is nuts, most dangerous city in a america!

  • Tony Grand$

    *on a lighter note……

    “Wheelchair Jimmy” got the gangsters going craaazy!

  • too late

    I blame drake for any ish that went down afta that concert unlike what the repot says drake had people waiting 5+ hours for him to hit the stage..doors opened at 11:30 he didn’ get there until 3:15 and people were waiting since 10..there was no “my bad I’m late y’all or anything”..what do expect happend with a sold out venue..frustated people..something was bound to pop off..oh and there was a fight inside the concert as he performed best I ever had..drake is hot but he needs to treat his fans better…

  • EmCDL

    Damn…can’t we all just get along?

  • BeerGangsta

    Fuckers don’t know how 2 act. You can’t go no where and have a good time no more. Black Fuckers always trying to prove a point. God got good news for ya’ll haters. Keep it up and you will be in Hell. I am Black this is not a Racist act.

    • Tony Grand$

      “Black Fuckers always trying to prove a point”

      Damn diet ton-I mean Beergangsta, that’s an unfairly blanketed statement. A little harsh, no?

      There’s always a lot of racial over tune in your comments. You claim you’re Black, but you don’t sound too enthusiastic about it. Is it that people don’t like you? Perhaps you don’t like yourself.

      I’m no Help Line worker, but I’d say that you should probably just jump off of a bridge or something similar to one, in terms of legitimately compromising your mortality.

      That way, having such a miserable, agonizing existence will no longer be a concern of yours. & us “black fuckers” can strive & achieve without being forced to step around someone so clearly stagnated by reality as yourself.

      Just something to think about. Oh, & I am Black, this is not a hateful act.

      • $ykotic

        “black f**kers?” “beergangsta?”

        diet you from the ‘burbs? Only brother there?

        Pierzy sounds more hood than you. Step your intel up.

      • $ykotic


        Check this out! Someone dropped this on WSHH:


        Is this what they really think?

        • Tony Grand$

          @ $yk

          Smh. Hip Hop is becoming an episode of BeBe’s kids. Hip Hop ain’t “for the kids”. That’s what Sesame Street is for. Music doesn’t get too much more “adult contemporary” than Hip Hop. Idiot kids…..

        • $ykotic

          These young heads don’t even have a clue.

          Statements like this show the regression of hiphop culture. Because I hear this one a lot. Can’t understand how/why this new generation disrespects the elders so much.

          I know greed for money plays a big part in it, but damn this is bad.

        • Tony Grand$


          Didn’t post my original. So I’ll just say, Word…..

        • $ykotic

          It’s all good. Check out the Max B post on WSHH and check all of the regional racist comments!

          Ishh is bad Grand$…

  • bulletproof

    I heard on Hot 97 that Drake will be in NYC on the tuesday after Memorial Day with Soul Mafia but I can’t find it on his site… anyone know bout that 1?

  • 619

    Homicide totals and rates in major cities in our country really aren’t all that bad, if you look at what is going on in other non-war countries.

    • 619

      Try going across the border, it’s hell over there.

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  • ivywifey

    Was anyone there? Did anyone see the fight that occurred outside the HOB with the cops?

  • Chi_Jumpman

    what happened at that Drake concert that had people so pissed was that the concert was supposed start at 1130 which means he was supposed to be performing at that time but Drake was at the Green Dolphin lounge in chicago and didnt want to leave for whatever reason and wound up goin to the house of blues around 3A.M. im guessing and only performed for 45 minutes i know i would have been mad to had i paid for my ticket waited all that time and only got to hear him perform for 45 minutes i know people paid mad money for those tix cause the house of blues isnt cheap and i know all of this beacuse my cousin went and was at both venues and saw drake at the gren dolphin but left to see him perform at the house of blues

  • ceezy4sheezy

    wow at them associating the shooting at the drake concert they forgot to mention that sly polaroid and them goon squad niggaz was up there too but yeah chi is a dangerous city right now last year chicago beat la and new york on murders that gun ban up here means nothing cause niggas out here keep bangers

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  • Trinidad Gady

    This is actually one of the greater content articles of things that I have continue reading this topic these days. Superb work.