T.I. Speaks On New Solo Album

With close to a month before Atlanta rap giant T.I. is expected to turn himself into authorities to serve a one year bid behind bars for federal gun charges, he has already started work on a new record.

Following up the platinum-plus Paper Trail, Tip’s next disc is tentatively scheduled to hit shelves in 2010. According to MTV News the ATLien has already recorded 20 tracks in preparation for his new project. While he picked up the pen for Paper Trail, Tip says he’s recording some tracks straight from his memory.

“I’m doing it half and half,” he told MTV of his writing process. “It depends on the type of record I’m doing. I have records now I did and I just went and did it like I used to, and I got some where I wrote it down. I’m not committing myself to one way or another. It’d have to be an infusion, just depending on what sort of album I want to make.” [Watch Below]

“Recording is never a problem for me,” he added. “I’m able to record any time. Through the best of times and through the worst of times, I’m still able to record. It may change the sort of song you do, but you never can tell. You never know until that moment gets there.”

In addition to his upcoming solo set, the Grand Hustle leader will also be re-releasing Paper Trail with five new songs, as well as other extra content. As of press time it is uncertain when either album will drop.

Tip has to report to jail by May 19. – Elan Mancini

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  • Tre

    Thats whats up. Now let the snitching tags begin!! I’m willing to be 70 percent of the dudes who get ready to write will call him a snitch. Watch

  • MG

    T.I. A Snitch. If Pimp C was Still Alive He’d Slap Da Sh!t Out Of You. Snitches Dont Make A Positive Impact On My Life!

    • romil

      no bichazness mg, fake internet thugz.

  • romil

    MG you need a role model!!!lol

  • romil

    T.I. A Snitch. If Pimp C was Still Alive He’d Slap Da Sh!t Out Of You. Snitches Dont Make A Positive Impact On My Life!

    Get a life and a role model

  • http://XXL CALHOUN


  • the real jay

    the next album will be a classic. i hope it’s a double album.

  • Beast McCoy

    I really hate when labels pull this re-release of a fairly recent album and add a 1-6 tracks to try and convince whomever hasn’t bought this album to do so. This is one more reason why I hate buying albums for 9.99 and up. Now I rather just buy all the good songs for 69 to 99 cents and save the cash I would have lost on buying the album or it’s re-release or just rip someone else’s copy.

    • mike

      His album is platnium plus and he wants to RE-release to and what 2-3 more songs? Christ, just do your stint time, relax and focus on a NEW album LATER. We will be fine with you gone for a minute!

  • fireforreal

    I think T.I. is adope mc and all but why doesn’t he say fuck all these interviews and just go and start his time ? He knows he has to go in by the end of may so why delay it just go get it done asap so you can come home and go back to making music and taking care of your family.Stop stalling Tip you knew a year ago you was gonna have to go in. And know I don’t think he’s a snitch he’s just some one who has bread and Mtv to help him get a reduced sentence from what a regular guy would have got in this situation.

  • Superstar Extraordinaire

    I’m waiting on the B.o.B joint…when is grand hustle gonna put this dude out??? His who the fuck is B.o.B mixtape is the shit

  • What the ?

    Of course he’s a snitch fuck nuts, is that still a question in the air ? thought it was common sense ?

    Anyway, just what hip-hop needs another rushed album slapped together in a month before a bid ? more hype than actual hard work to create a masterpiece. It’ll sell though, all the hoes anticipating his year in the box should be enough ? fuck this garbage blueprint hip-pop nonsense, make some real heart hip-hop again for once, take the time to paint a picture not like a elaphant with a pant brush splashing whatever particals hit the canvas. Fuck it, idiots will always be idiots. Yes I’m a hater, and what ? is it cool to be pro positive nowadays ? Yeah, well, oh well.



  • Devon

    I it will sum dummies that will go buy that re release shit because that nigga said so I didnt buy the first copy and I dam show aint buying the next bullshit or the slapped togehter album go to jail and get it over wit this nigga proably want serve the whole yr anyway I might just take this bitch nigga and hit him from the back like the bitch he is you feel me


    Man everyone has something to say!!! Understand one thing!! It is RAP MUSIC!!

    That’s all it is!!! Rap Music!!

  • REAL TALK 09

    Can’t wait fo da new album…Fuck Yall Haterz!…..Anit No such thang as a secret snitch..Dumb Asses!..keep ya head up TIP!…..Hip Hop Will Miss U!

    • LB

      Man, straight up bruh. the ESSENCE of Hip Hop will be missin this artist for at least a hot year. He’s one of the few thoroughbreds that came out in the last 10 years. Watch my nig…while TIP is gone this year, along with a few others, the game is gonna see even more Froot Loop, gimmicky artists lookin to get some of that action.

  • ddollars

    Yo first and foremost some of ya dudes are a fuckin stupid. Half you dudes never even been in situations this nicca been in, shyt 99% of ya never touched a gun. And nothing is wrong wit that be yaself fam! niccas is so busy tryin to be what these niccas rappin bout fuckin dumbies. Music is like movies….Entertainment…beleive nothing you hear and a quarter of what u see.

  • LB

    Man it’s some straight up characters postin on this site all the damn time; spreadin BS like it’s real talk or somethin.

  • niggafrommemphis

    i still like t.i,but the “it ain’t tricking if you got it”line is gonna hunt his ass,wtf was he thinking?