With less than two months before he has to turn himself in to serve a one year and a day jail sentence on federal gun charges; T.I says he wants to spend his remaining days of freedom with his family.

In an interview with MTV News the Atlanta-bred rap superstar admitted that he hasn’t had a chance to clock enough hours with his loved ones over the last year. "I work so much, so I'd just like the time to kick it with them," he told MTV’s Sway. "The kids, the old lady, my cousins, my brother, just with my family. Maybe take a vacation, maybe something for Mother's Day. I don't know, man. I might be able to make one more birthday party.”

While he will most likely only have to serve ten months behind bars, his absence is a big concern to his family, who will be forced to adjust. "Well, you know we still got more work to do," he explained. "At the end of the day I'm not going to be gone long enough to have any long-lasting effects. Of course, the initial emotion will be one of somber grief. But by the time they get over it, I'll be getting home. Compared to how bad it could have been, I think I made out all right."

Although in previous interviews Tip revealed that he doesn’t want his children or his friends to visit once he’s locked up, he apparently requested to be in confinement near Atlanta if possible. Tip is expected to report to jail by May 19. – Evanka Williamson