T.I. Reveals How He Wants To Spend His Last Days Before Lockup

With less than two months before he has to turn himself in to serve a one year and a day jail sentence on federal gun charges; T.I says he wants to spend his remaining days of freedom with his family.

In an interview with MTV News the Atlanta-bred rap superstar admitted that he hasn’t had a chance to clock enough hours with his loved ones over the last year. “I work so much, so I’d just like the time to kick it with them,” he told MTV’s Sway. “The kids, the old lady, my cousins, my brother, just with my family. Maybe take a vacation, maybe something for Mother’s Day. I don’t know, man. I might be able to make one more birthday party.”

While he will most likely only have to serve ten months behind bars, his absence is a big concern to his family, who will be forced to adjust. “Well, you know we still got more work to do,” he explained. “At the end of the day I’m not going to be gone long enough to have any long-lasting effects. Of course, the initial emotion will be one of somber grief. But by the time they get over it, I’ll be getting home. Compared to how bad it could have been, I think I made out all right.”

Although in previous interviews Tip revealed that he doesn’t want his children or his friends to visit once he’s locked up, he apparently requested to be in confinement near Atlanta if possible. Tip is expected to report to jail by May 19. – Evanka Williamson

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  • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

    “Compared to how bad it could have been, I think I made out all right.”

    GOAT understatement

    • $ykotic

      Mexx stay on point!

      Stay up Tip. He gonna be a problem when he touch down.

  • DownSouth

    Once he does his lil time, he will be back on the grind and I’m pretty sure he won’t let it happen again.


  • MC

    He reports the day slim shady drops. looks like we wont get to see the goat sell 1.5 first week.

  • Nate

    10 months in a non-max pen. Poor baby…
    So much better than that 84 months a real dude would get for the same offence.

    He wants confinement to write and protect himself.. P-boy… doesn’t want to come in contact with anyone he may have ratted out..
    but as he says he couldn’t have snitched on anyone if nobody knows who, right???….

    • calimovement


      Your bitch ass wont last a day in the pen talking like a bitch on the internet

      He going to be in general population faggot. not that your bitch ass even knows how tough it can be in solitary…

  • diggsy

    T.I. is the modern day Pac. Let the hate begin…

  • tommy gunz

    man t.i. is so real, he’d never snitch, man he’s street, he’s gangsta too…you want a hundred squares? they just came off the g.o.a.t…i mean boat…man t.i. always speaks the truth…if he said it -its real..extra real real real real talk yall

    • http://yahoo.com Lil Monski

      real talk i’m a ti fan i’ve just about every album he made but this video make me think way different of him. it’s kinda long but anybody who’s on here sayin’ how real he is need to watch this.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    Yeah, he’s going to be fine. My uncle just got home from 6 1/2 yrs fed time. His shell shock lasted two days. I’m expecting a call anyday now that he’s back “@ home”.
    I feel him on no friend/family visits. I don’t think any man wants his family to see him @ his lowest possible point (jail, hospital, etc).

    If this nigga ever gets arrested again for some unnecessary idiocy though, I’m calling “bullshit”. I don’t appreciate rich niggas “wasting” my hard barely-earned tax dollars. Word to Bernie Madoff.

  • El Tico Loco

    Do ya’ll think he’s gonna wild out when he comes home? Or maybe this really have him as shook as he’s been looking on his public appearances. Cuz IMO he’s been looking very uncomfortable in front of cameras. Could it be that he’s serious?

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      He seems focused to me. He’s got to see the severity of the shit. It’s only logical. If he’s on his “grown man shit” like he appears to be, he’s not taking this as a joke.

  • kEITH

    do some more shows tip

  • giantstepp

    I expect the typical prison jokes/rumors etc., but Tip gonna be fine. I personally believe that he is a real dude and real reconize real, right? He won’t have any problems. He carries himself like a man, and men respect men. That principal is the same on the streets or locked down. Yeah, it’s always 1 or 2 fools looking to exercise foolary, but for the most part, when you stand on your own, walk and talk like a man, it demands respect.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      ^Real conversation right there, nephew.

      • http://www.Siege777.blogspot.com L-Y, NawfWestSide

        I second that, bro.

  • gkid12345

    Theres a HUGE DIFFERENCE between T.i and Tupac Shakur. Tupac lived almost as though he had nothing to lose. T.I will come home and act the same, tupac came out and was going wild cuz he was alone

  • The Fattest Skinny Man

    im sick and tired of niggas sayin actin like they wouldn’t take confinement over being with the population. Shit i know I would, imgaine havin to be constantly with people who just dont give a fuck, step it up. its okay cuz some of you same bitch asses put up a front now and will be beggin for it later. If you don’t, I can recommend not droppin the soap.

  • bayn8v

    TIP ain’t going to be in confinement…General population.

  • http://www.myspace.com/Lyrik07 L-Y, NawfWestSide

    Pimp said it best, In Texas, GP iz safer than confinement with the ****** guards. The first, 2nd, third etc. times i had a gun pulled on me were all by a “Curly Head”. Overall tho’, Tip gon be good, and hopefully Grand Hustle drop Killer Mike and Eightball & MJG sooner than later, triLL taLk – FrontLine – http://www.Siege777.blogspot.com

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