Scott Storch Accused Of Bentley Theft

Reclusive super-producer Scott Storch showed up in court recently over a grand theft auto charge, reports TMZ.

The former hitmaker, who has been all over the news as of late due to his financial problems, plead not guilty last Friday (April 10) in Broward County Court.

Allegedly, Storch was supposed to return a leased Bentley seven months ago, but failed to do so causing the company to press charges.

Coincidentally TMZ has learned that the Bentley that Lil Kim got repossessed last year was a gift from the “Candy Shop” producer, her former boyfriend. – Elan Mancini

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  • corlione39


    • ole dirty marmot

      Why would anyone kidnap Fonzworth Bentley?

      • mjr11


  • Pierzy

    Karma’s a bitch…

    • Max Profit

      Danm! How do you buy a gift for someone and then it gets repossessed? Why would he lease whips he could have bought for cash!!!
      Looks like he started smelling his own shit. lol!

  • orangejuicejones

    First Jew I ever heard of with poor money management skills…

    • venemez

      HAAAA!!! gud 1

    • LB

      Shiit…First high profile white boy (who’s not a career criminal) I ever heard of to get booked on some shit like grand theft.

      • El Tico Loco

        I always wanted to say that but didn’t see that it was my place for that comment.


  • The_Truth

    ***LMAO! One weird looking hoogie. . .

  • Michelle S.


    He better hop on the Dancing W/ The Stars train quick.

  • dusty boy

    LOL!!! orangejuicejones!! You a foo playa!!!

  • Monty B.

    The Herb looks like he’s been on a Meth binge for the past 4 months…

  • John Cauner

    Look at those eyes, lol. What a way to go out, out like a sucka.



  • Mutada al sader the king

    Naw Scott actually looks a whole lot better than he did , he was thin and frail not to long ago from all the cocaine and what not. Looks like he may have slowed down some. I like storchs music , he could have kept doing the Dre type tracks, but instead he created his own sound with Lean Back and the rest that kind of sounded like that.

    Yea when Game comes calling he’ll do the Dre type stuff, but at least he was able to change his sound and come up with his OWN shit,.

    Unlike Danja Handz who continues to sound exactly like Timbaland and is about 2 second from being played out.

    Yea he helped Dre establish his sound on the Chronic 2K, but I respect the fact that he was able to switch it up. So I hope the dude gets his head out of his ass.

  • Beast McCoy

    All he had to do is return the car. Denial is a Bitch who will ride you well. Sometimes I have to wonder do these cats forget that once you pay for or lease something you have to maintain it. It’s like me when a Credit Card company sent me approval notice for 200,000 dollar credit line and I don’t even make close to a quarter of that in a year. You can guess how fast I tore that shit in half and why? BECAUSE I KNOW I can’t afford to jeopardize my financial stability. I mean damn I have a hard time paying back 500 dollars much less 400 times that. Scott really needs to take a Big Boy Pill, quit the bullshit and stop trying to be a superballer and just make music.

  • Tony Grand$

    You have to wonder what happened? I think @ some studio session, a dude passed him a dust blunt & he took it to the neck………ain’t been the same since. & I’m pretty sure that @ least one nigga told him not to be fucking with DMX like that.

    Now look @ him. That flick says a thousand words…..

    He looks like he is/was/should be on an episode of “Cops: Miami”.

    • Pierzy

      Like those dudes on the La-Z-Boy in their boxers and wife beater while their babies scream in the next room…

      • Tony Grand$

        Lit Marlboro burning in the ashtray, TV blaring loud as shit, two cops standing over him; smallest one with the Tazer infra-red aimed at a pectoral beer stain, random mutts roaming in & out of the room & all he keeps saying is, “I know my goddamned rights!”

  • latino heat

    i see why he used to ALWAYS have them sun glasses on. dude was loaded.



  • maCaso

    Scott Storch is white??? Hahaha

  • King Joffy Joe

    I knew that was gonna happen. This nigga is like the only one in the music biz to have a Bugatti and that shit cost 1.5 mil. easy, so, him having this problem is no surprise to me. But, on another note, Lil Kim was fuckin’ him too? DAMN!!!!

  • El Tico Loco

    Bad credit, back child support, a rap sheet, behind on the car note, bout to lose the house.

    I bet Stevie (Wonder) thinks Storch is Black.

  • Holla Mann

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    • Tony Grand$

      Has anyone checked out that Holla Mann^?

  • dwi

    hahahahaha thats hilarious!! what a fool!

  • cold

    make another beat dummy

  • LB

    It’s amazing how the critics are layin off this guy. If this was a brotha, the overall tone about this post would be over critical; ya know, ‘How stupid he is,’ ‘How much of a spoiled dumb fuck he is,’ etc., etc. Just sayin, from readin other posts on the same subject matter (but of a lesser degree) extensively.


    Damn they even took back his sunglasses!

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