Jadakiss Debuts At No. 3, Sells Over 134K In First Week

Jay to the Mwah done did it. The Yonkers MC surpassed expectations on his first week on the Billboard 200 sales chart with his Def Jam debut, The Last Kiss.

The rapper’s first solo set since 2004’s Kiss Of Death, reached the no. 3 position behind countrified acts Miley Cyrus and the Rascal Flats. Breezing past the 100,000 projections, Kiss officially pushed 134,520 copies of his CD according to Nielsen’s SoundScan. Boasting features from his Lox brethren, Mary J. Blige, Ne-Yo, Nas, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Raekwon and Ghostface, among others.

The next hip-hop release is Flo Rida all the way down at the no. 17 spot. R.O.O.T.S, the muscle-bound rapper’s sophomore release fell nine places down this week, scooping up 31,740 sales numbers. In his second week, Rida has sold a total of 87,100 copies.

UGK, who lead the rap pack last week, dropped from no. 6 to no. 20 this week. The group’s final LP, UGK 4 Life, pushed an additional 26,300 discs this week, making its two-week tally 102,900.

Def Jam crooner The-Dream slipped seven spots to no. 25 this sales cycle. The singer’s latest CD, Love Vs Money, bagged up 23,750 more discs this week, making his his total stand at 295,240.

At no. 30 is Atlanta rap giant T.I. The soon-to-be-incarcerated rapper continues to keep registers ringing, selling 19,490 copies of Paper Trail this week. After about seven months the disc has an overall sales number of 1,877,550.

Sliding all the way to no. 48 is Bow Wow’s New Jack City Part II. After debuting at no. 16 last week, the young MC managed to score 12,940 more albums sold this week, making his second week total 43,890.

In his first week, New York rapper Mims, landed at the no. 53 spot. The “This Is Why I’m Hot” MC sold 12,400 copies of his sophomore disc Guilt. – Elan Mancini

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  • Pierzy

    My dude $ykotic called it – the formula worked!

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      ‘Kissanova does it!

      Fellas hide your girls…..

      Somebody better tell Bow Wizzle to start taking some notes. & not from FloRida Evans, either.

      • Pierzy

        Yo Tony, when he calls himself Kissanova on his next album, he better shout me out!

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          Nah, he’s going to Yonkers it out & just go with ‘Nova, & start doing duets with out of work R&B dudes.

          Mario, Mark Curry, Tank, Joe, Anthony Hamilton, etc….

        • Pierzy

          Oh boy…I can’t wait for that LOX-New Edition collabo album!

          It’ll be right up with the Asher Roth featuring XXL staffers CD. Ouch.

        • http://www.xxlmag.com DT the Kingpen

          Hey Pierzy, don’t make us do that idea homie…hahah

        • Pierzy

          Haha…okay, I’ll hang back…

    • $ykotic

      *hope not duplicate post*

      He almost doubled my 78k! That formula worked for Flo-Rida LAST year.

      Mims know to do. Dream needs a mirror right now. Where Jones @? That bad huh?

  • maCaso

    Didn’t think he’d sell more than 100k! Good job Kiss!!!

  • DV8

    Oh Yeah he movin units. I peeped some cats last night buying some copies at the record store. Glad to see a real MC make some noise in the sales department.

  • CapoStatus

    I definitely saw this coming..good job Kiss
    now we need the LOX album..also i just want to add The Last Kiss was the first album i bought since GRODT..so Kiss selling over 100k means alot to someone like me..don know

  • Worley

    Congrats Jada.

  • Dante

    Congrats Jada. 134K people bought your garbage ass album.

  • http://na tony

    I am glad J kiss sold good first week. J kiss is underrated. Good Rapper that makes sense all the time. Made 50 shit aprons on the song checkmate! J kiss is all lyrical. The album will go Gold. I hope it go platium. Keep doing your dam thing. Peace from BeerGangsta! I will by the Album. Hip Hop fans should buy the Album. South love J kiss! Peace!

  • OG Matt Herbz

    So Jim Jones aka Smegma dropped all the way the fuck off the list or what? Congrats, though, Jada, that’s a respectable entry these days.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Damn Jada you killin it son! Way past my expectations for real! And I still haven’t copped it yet!

    Now get ya boys Styles P and Sheek and get to work on that LOX album dawg! Hip Hop needs it!

  • big skiz

    this album is tight jada has a better flow than most of these rappers and cops out here puttin out music. i just copped it on itunes shit is worth the money. if you havent got it go get it best album out this year so far.

    p.s. fuk rick ross. real c.o.’s dont even respect you

  • DUDE


  • big skiz

    this album is tight jada has a better flow than most of these rappers and cops out here puttin out music. i just copped it on itunes shit is worth the money. if you havent got it go get it best album out this year so far.

    p.s. fuk rick ross. real c.o.’s dont even respect you……………..

  • big skiz

    this album is tight jada has a better flow than most of these rappers and cops out here puttin outs music. i just copped it on itunes shit is worth the money. if you havent got it go get it best album out this year so far.

    p.s. fuk rick ross. real c.o.’s dont even respect you……………..

  • yoprince

    boy was i wrong.. hey hip hop does the right thing sometimes.. not sure if the album is any good cause i haven’t listened to it, but based off talent alone, JADA deserves these numbers.

  • Jame

    It says a lot when Jada moves 134K and Flo Rida, who is banged on every station and in iTunes Top 10 consistently falls that far in a week. Congrats Jada.

    That’s what the F we want.

    Everyone who can’t hold an album – don’t make one. Flo Rida pushed 636K of Right Round in a week. It will take him forever to see that number in album sales with his new one at the pace he’s going.

    Interested to see what Ross and Roth move.

    More interested to see what Em moves considering this is his first time out with a bad economy.

    • mike

      I admit, i’m a bit sirprized that he moved alot more units than i predicted. Good for him although I’ts no 300-500 units in first week–sorry but being truthful, weak economy or not, if your a fan of one’s music and you have enough mooney for nikes but not for your rapper’s cd?

      As for Flo rida…i really haven’t heard his music so i can’t explain his success..period.

      Ross will sell 500-700 units first week. It pains me to say but he has good traction now. And Roth, we’ll see…

      Em or shady or punisher will kick ass if the music is near perfect.

      • King B

        You mean 500-700 copies or 500,000-700,000 copies? I hope you don’t think he’s actually goin to sell that much even with the beef with 50 he still wont sell much

  • dwi

    finally, something is right about hip hop!! jada sells more than flo rida!

    • mike

      I will co-sign that. Although I said I couldn’t explain Rida’s sucess, I’m guessing its from alot of ring-tone/auto tune garbage that certain kids eat up cause they wouldn’t know real hiphop if it hit em with a run-dmc shovel!

  • dwi

    kiss deserves this !!

  • Prince of Malibu

    and the Rocafella Dynasty continues…

    • Arcey

      that has nothing to do with the Dynasty, it’s been dead since both sides are bitches!

  • benny blanco

    say what you want about the album the shits pretty dope to me nothin mind blowin, but its good for Hip Hop that Jada is outsellin all these dudes, hes an actual spitter i’m very proud of him as soon as i get some money I’m buying his shit

  • giantstepp

    Good Look Kiss!

  • Nefarious

    @ mike. If I had to decide on cd or retro kicks .. I’m picking the kicks.
    but thats just me.

    I called at least 130K for Kiss, so maybe my ninja can clear another 100K by next week.. hmmm

  • http://XXL CALHOUN

    Congrats “Kiss”.Nigga is in my top 10.

  • http://myspace.com/pedrohighlyrated Pedro

    This is good. Although I didnt really liked the album. This is good news. Jada still has his loyal fans.

  • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

    damn. this nigga just went triple jimmy.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Good for the boy, thats damn near R&B numbers. To bad the album was ASS!!!!!! But I fux with Kiss. I was thinking 28k tops, so hey..

  • Anti-Mainstream

    Why are so many people hatin on this album? It was pretty solid!

  • King Joffy Joe

    Thank God! That just goes to show you that REAL hip-hop ain’t dead.

  • jester

    kiss jst proved lyrics have gotta place on the charts… fuck all these ringtone retards!

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  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    The number are right on point. The album is good because its like a blend of the past the present and the future. He always was lyrical but he’s talkin about what is going on right now plus the beats are somewhat futuristic. xxl mag need to report on the futuristic movement asap. I can’t believe the haters who hate “southern” music and dislike jadakiss blend of souther beats over good lyrics. I mean what do you want str8 drums str8 gun talk str8 scientific flow???

  • matty21

    haa ant no1 fckin wit da king btch…he gon’ blow up all over again, bigger den ever, when he get out too…it won’t stop

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